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Considering what has happened in the past when Shane Warne is on his mobile phone it comes as a shock as his latest snafu caused him to say he’s “Never been so angry in all my life”.

One of Australia’s most famous cricket players maybe should have called “tea” while playing in the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas.  The place in the tournament cost Shane a cool $10,000 USD to play.

Things started well for Shane as he raked in the chips.

Then it began to go downhill fast as Shane live tweeted his decent.

Finally, Shane went bust and did not take the loss well.

Not one to take the loss on the chin, Warne was quick to follow up with this tweet.

Shane couldn’t have been much fun to be around during the remainder of the day because he seemed like he couldn’t let it go. Tweeting out later in the evening.

It’s ok, Warnie. If you’re in need of a dollar there’s always next season of I’m A Celebrity.

Would you have reacted the same way? Should he have gambled that much if he wasn’t able to take the loss?

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  1. Get the diamond sparkler back from Liz ……………….. should help a bit . ….. stop your fake hair falling out

  2. Proves that gambling is a fool’s activity!

  3. would be nice to be able to have that sort of money to lose

  4. would be nice to be able to have that sort of money to lose

  5. I guess you shouldn’t gamble in the first place Shane. Crikey that’s a deposit on a home.
    Someone’s life could change forever.

    I think you’d be best to return to ‘grass roots’ attitude?
    Remrember where you came from financially.

  6. And he has a charity foundation. Where is the money going? Shane Warne & Charity, that’s an oxy moron.

    1 REPLY
    • He only lost 10,000, the rest was winnings. It happens to other people in other forms of gambling all the time. Thats why its called gambling one pair of any size is often beaten when you have 10 players on the table. you have to read the play. No one bets 84000 on hand unless he has better than one pair.

  7. Why do the media give this dumb wit air time and print space

  8. He could always start another ‘Warne Foundation’ and milk that!!!

  9. Time to grow up and stop acting like a spoilt brat ,set an example to your children ,act like a responsible father

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