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In July, 60s screen siren Brigitte Bardot wrote an open letter to the Australian Government about their treatment of ‘native animals’, i.e. two million feral cats and their plan to cull them.

She has argued that the money that will be spent on killing the animals would be more beneficial if it was used to spade the cats, not kill them.

The two million cats in question are just a fraction of the actual problem – there’s allegedly 20 million cats across Australia, killing native wildlife.

At the time, Environment Minister Greg Hunt said, “They are tsunamis of violence and death for Australia’s native species”.

“This animal genocide is inhumane and ridiculous. In addition to being cruel, killing these cats is absolutely useless since the rest of them will keep breeding,” she said.

“Your country is sullied by the blood of millions of innocent animals, so please, don’t add cats to this morbid record”.

Now, in a response to the 81-year-old, as well as 80s singer Morrissey, the Australian Government have said



In letters revealed to Guardian Australia, threatened species commissioner, Gregory Andrews told the celebrities: “I would like to commend you for your commitment to, and advocacy for, animals and their welfare.

“We don’t want to lose any more species like these,” he wrote. “It is with this sentiment in mind that the Australian government has taken a stance on feral cats; for the protection of our native species that belong here”.

Feral cats are the single biggest threat to our small mammals, birds, lizards and other wildlife as one cat kills at least five animals per day.

The government plans to reduce this number by 2 million by 2020 through trapping, shooting and a new poison bait.

Andrews told Guardian Australia: “I never thought I’d write to Brigitte Bardot. It’s an unusual situation. I’m glad people like them care about animal welfare and I care deeply about animal welfare too.

“The threat to our wildlife are clear and feral cats are top of the list. We don’t hate cats but we don’t have a choice. We will do this as humanely as possible and we will reduce the net suffering of animals in Australia”.

And in the interest of those who feel the cull could be done inhumanely, Andrews assures you that the RSPCA will be involved every step of the way.

In terms of neutering 20 million cats, it is just not feasible. “Also, we’d be releasing a predator that will kill five animals a day for the rest of its life. It’s not justifiable. We can’t accept feral cats as part of the Australian ecology because if we do then we accept the extinction of bilbies, bandicoots and numbats.

“I sleep very well at night knowing what we are doing. Australians support this. Brigitte Bardot and Morrissey have a lack of understanding of Australia and what we are losing. They aren’t Australians, they aren’t experiencing the extinction crisis we have here”, Andrews concluded.


Tell us, whose side are you on? Do Brigitte Bardot and Morrissey have a point or are the Australian Government doing the right thing?


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  1. Stupid woman doesn’t care about the native animals that the feral cats have destroyed!

    3 REPLY
    • she’s not stupid, just emotional about her passion. We have no choice but to kill them there are just to many to do anything else with, and even killing 2 million a year it will still take 1000 years to get rid of them.

    • I can tell she is animal lover and that is not a bad thing but if she lived in this country she would understand that if we allow these feral cats to roam free that we risk losing the many unique animals we have here, many have already become extinct

  2. The ultimate cost to Australia if we do nothing will be to have no native animals and a country full of feral cats. These cats have been roaming Australia even before Cook landed, the Dutch released some into the bush and they have become so large that outback Aboriginals hunt the and eat them

    2 REPLY
  3. On this the Government is correct – sadly the native animals are at risk if nothing is done.

  4. kill all the bloody cats

    10 REPLY
    • feral cats , cats gone wild in the bush killing anything and everything.and yes i have had cats so dont presume.

    • Feral cats should all be killed and all cat owners should be made to have their cats spayed and kept inside.

      1 REPLY
      • ‘Spay’ – past tense ‘spayed’ – not ‘spade”. Sorry, off point I know, but every now and then I can’t help myself.

        1 REPLY
        • Sorry, not you Elizabeth – meant for the other relevant posts.

    • Rex you are mistaking ,I have two feral,cats that I tamed up ,I got the desexed and their needles and you can’t get such loving cats and so appreciated animals! So don’t tell me about feral cats it’s man who dumps them ,in the first place?

      1 REPLY
      • Well said Marie- its irresponsible people who contribute to feral cats- they have no option but to fend for themselves.

  5. I think she needs to mind her own business, if the Government was to spade them then they would still be able to kill our beautiful wildlife and that shouldn’t be an option.

  6. It’s a scandal that there are STILL feral cats (not to mention dogs, goats, pigs, buffalo, brumbies, rabbits, cane toads, camels, deer etc.) They should have been culled or eliminated long ago. Get on with it before more of our wildlife goes extinct.
    The mandatory desexing of pets Australia-wide would be another good move.

  7. Such a beautiful soul! I have two feral cats that I have tamed up,and you can’t get more loving and greatful cats you have ever owned mine follow me all around the farm!

  8. Our land has been a wildlife refuge for decades. A person in the next road used to rescue animals; cats, dogs, horses. She was not wealthy and did not have any of the animals neutered. The cats bred as cats are prone to do and before we knew it we were being over run. We’d regularly find the remains of some bird or animal and several of our chickens were found with their heads chewed off. We found mother cats in our garage with litters of kittens (more than once). It was left to us to trap and dispose of the cats. A horrible task but it was either them or the wildlife.

  9. Bridgette should come here and see for herself all the beautiful wildlife we lose every day to the feral cats. These cats are from our non caring people who no longer want their “pets” and just release them!

  10. Another thing she doesn’t realise is the horrible existance these feral animals have to endure in any case. It is actually humane to put them out of their misery.

  11. another stupid person who thinks the whole world revolves inside their apartment i dont think there would be many aussies that would agree with her but you never know

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