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While clearing out a family home a few weeks ago, I obtained a Royal Doulton dinner set – with only one piece missing- that dated back to 1918. It was once my grandmother’s. It’s a beautiful set, the china is a soft cream with an intricate yellow and black floral design etched around the edges of the pieces. Royal Doulton has been in works since 1815 and the brand has become iconic for the beautiful, feminine, timeless and classic designs of tableware and serve-ware.

However, their newest collection is the complete opposite of their past and we wonder if they’re aiming it at younger people – rather than those who can afford and appreciate their pieces.

The collection is called “Street Art” and is the complete opposite to any design they’ve ever shared before.

What we once knew as Royal Doulton looked like…



Now looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.20.19 am Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.20.13 am Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.19.59 am Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.19.52 am


So tell us, what do you think of this big change? Can you image heading out to buy some of this new collection? Is it just the brand moving with the times and staying relevant? Or should they stick to the classic, timeless designs they’re known well for…?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…  


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  1. I do not like any of these designs. they look cheap and nasty. I have always loved Royal Doulton for its elegant designs, but these new ones could never be classed as elegant. Fifty years after my marriage, I still have the dinner set my parents gave us – a pale cream with gold leaf design. timeless and elegant.

  2. We have our favourites! These are for the next generation………….Personally, I think they are fantastic…………….Well done Royal Doulton!

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  3. Personally, l prefer the classic designs, they never date, do they? Like.a classic hair cut; the bob, different variations, but still in vouge after many, many years. Yet l’m sure there will many.people out there that will like the new designs!

  4. I feel the timeless elegance of past collections should continue, the new designs do absolutely nothing for me, I would never give them house room unlike the cup saucer plate sets of the past I have on display and in use!

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    • Sadly, It’s no longer made in England. Indonesia, China & Thailand are the places where it’s now made. Has now lost its traditional appeal.

  5. It would be a pleasure to cover them with food, but what a disappointment when you have eaten your way through it and exposed the design again! Never mind, I am reaching my ‘use-by’ date, and it is probably smart marketing for R.D. to aim at an upcoming group of buyers, rather than old fogeys like me.

  6. No, I like the old style China patterns.

  7. I truly could not put food on any of these
    Why the change when what was is so loved ?????

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