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The big three commercial TV networks brought out the big guns in their quest for ratings supremacy last night – the nail guns on two channels verses the cooking blow torch on the other.

It was Reno Rumble on Nine, House Rules on Seven and Masterchef on Ten – all airing in the prime time slot of 7.30 pm.

Personally, I couldn’t go past House Rules based purely on how much I loved the show last year. Who could forget the recycled barn doors on the butler’s pantry and shouldn’t a butler’s pantry have a sink? In House Rules, six couples from around Australia hand over the keys to their homes and leave their opponents to transform every room in their house in just seven days.

Over on Channel Nine’s Reno Rumble it was ‘The Blue Tongues’ against ‘The Redbacks’ – renovating two houses each week for two worthy families both living on the same street. But here’s the twist – Nine’s newbie pits former contestants of the rival House Rules against former contestants of the network’s own reality renovation show The Block. 

If bricks and mortar aren’t your thing and you’re not worn out from all that cooking on My Kitchen Rules, there was the 2015 premiere of Masterchef on Ten where our best home chefs battle it out for the title of Australia’s next Masterchef.

The TV network executives will be anxiously awaiting the ratings results after last night’s three-way standoff at 7.30 pm.


Tell us, which show won the battle for your tv remote control last night?  Did you pick one tv channel and stick with it or flick around and sample a bit from each of the new programs?

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  1. I turned the TV off and read a book after the news and rerun of Dr Who.

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  2. Over the reno TV shows…..they have been overdone and it becomes same old same old…..I watched something I had taped previously…

  3. I’m done with reality tv. It seems less and less about reality and more about editing and personalities to create controversy.

  4. I watched something I had recorded. So over the advts and the staged reality shows. Really used to enjoy them so much but no more for me. We got the a small foxtel package this year as we have never had paid tv before it does give us more choice.

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