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He’s known for his words of wisdom and Pope Francis’ most recent speech about the older population is no exception. He addressed the US Congress and spoke passionately about what over 60s have to offer the world.

When the Pope speaks, people listen, so here’s hoping his words will resonate with world leaders, and not only because he is an over 60 himself, but because he truly believes in the abilities of all that society has pushed aside.

“I would … like to enter into dialogue with the many elderly persons who are a storehouse of wisdom forged by experience, and who seek in many ways, especially through volunteer work, to share their stories and their insights,” he said, reports Huffington Post.

“I know that many of them are retired, but still active; they keep working to build up this land.”

He urged young people to avoid being led astray by “facile proposals” and spoke of how they could face difficult situations as the result of immaturity on the part of adults.

“I wish to dialogue with all of you, and I would like to do so through the historical memory of your people,” the Pope said.

It’s not the first time Pope Francis has spoken out about the need for young people to respect and revere their elders.

Back in March he warned it was “easy to put our consciences to sleep’ and not visit parents for months at a time”.

He said seeing the elderly only as a burden was “ugly” and “a sin”.

He also warned that if younger people do not treat the elderly well that  “we won’t be treated well either” when the time comes.

“The biblical commandment that requires us to honor our parents, understood broadly, reminds us of the honor we must show to all elderly people,” the Pope said.

He called on palliative care operators to maintain this respect and to remember “it is this capacity for service to the life and dignity of the sick, even when they are old, that is the measure of the true progress of medicine, and of all society”.

“We, older people, can remind ambitious young people that a life without love is barren. We can tell fearful young people that worrying about the future can be overcome. We can teach young people who are in love with themselves too much that there is more joy in giving than receiving,” he earlier this year in St Peter’s Square, reports the Catholic Herald.


What do you think? Do young people today respect their elders and are they prepared to listen and learn from them?

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  1. Wise words. All people are entitled to respect regardless of age. It is ok to say I am old and I deserve respect but we must also be worthy of that respect. I respect a lot of young people out in the community. Some of them are doing great work and are wonderful human beings worthy of respect. I don’t think we should lump people into generations. I have seen a number of elderly people over the years who have the ‘entitlement gene’. The way they behave no one can respect them. My motto is treat people as you find them. Age does not come into it.

  2. Is there a moderator with this site?

    5 REPLY
    • I have no problem with someone having a different opinion but I do expect them to present that opinion respectfully and rationally.

    • if you mean Peter Benn he is not saying anything against facebook terms of service, he is not swearing ect. not saying I agree with him but just giving you the facts..perhaps you meant someone else and the comment is gone

  3. You and I may not agree with Peter Benn’s terminology, but I agree with the spirit of his message, not only that the Pope was involved in covering up the activities of bad priests, but that Roman Catholic Church has been the cause of so much death and heartbreak throughout history that it grates on me to hear him speak. I am not just holding to account the RCC, but all religions. They can say what they like, but I truly believe it’s all about power, and controlled the masses.

  4. Went to a Catholic school way back in the 40’s and 50’s the nuns and priests were the cruelest people I have known. Left kids by the thousands damaged for life. So I see for me personally there is no “hope in the pope”

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