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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will no doubt have heard all the opposing opinions on Aussie AFL player Adam Goodes, and whether or not the boos he receives at each game are directed at him because he’s Aboriginal, or because people just don’t like him.

It’s caused heated debate across the country, and has resulted in Adam taking indefinite leave from the game.

But no matter where you stand on the issue, there’s no denying that Adam Goodes has been singled out before because of his race. There’s also no denying that he has a right to say what he has said.

So today we’ve decided to look at the most important opinions on the debate. They might just change your perspective.


Charlie Pickering

Charlie Pickering, Australian comedian and journalist, is now the host of his own show, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering on the ABC, and he did a fantastic segment on Wednesday night. After seeing what commentators thought of the controversy, he spoke to Tom Gleeson, who said that it was easy to distinguish what the crowd was booing about, whether it was racially motivated, because they just don’t like Adam Goodes, or because he stages free kicks. It was amusing to see Charlie confuse each identical boo and guess what it meant – showing that it’s not possible for anyone to say what the boos were meant to mean.

This segment was brilliantly done, and you can watch it below.


Nigel Scullion


Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion has slammed crowds who boo at the Brownlow medalist, whilst acknowledging that not all audience members who boo Adam Goodes are doing it to be intentionally racist. “He is a fine Australian, he’s a fine sportsman and to be treated the way he’s being treated by crowds, what has he done to deserve that is the question,” Scullion said, according to ABC.

Scullion also criticised people who say “I don’t like how he plays”, remarking that “sorry, just doesn’t cut it”.


Mia Freedman

The Mamamia founder and social commentator has voiced her outraged across her channels, with a particularly poignant piece about the “ugly debate” that has taken shape around Adam Goodes.

She said, “This is a story about racism and bullying and the absolute worst of people trying to hide behind sport as an excuse to be appalling and drive a good man from the field. And then? When they’re called out? They blame Adam Goodes. They say his behaviour is what caused people to boo him. Even though there’s no other player in AFL history who has had to endure such relentless and persistant booing that he’s been forced to stop playing.

Those who claim Adam Goodes is “playing the race card” simply want him to remain passive and silent. They want him to shut up and stop complaining. Stop complaining about being called names. Stop complaining about the problems indigenous people face in Australia. Stop calling out racism and stop fighting back in the face of it.

The “race card” argument is lazy, dismissive and manipulative. It is deceptively powerful in the way it diverts attention from racists and deflects blame onto its victims. Accusing someone of ‘playing a card’ or urging them to ‘stop playing the victim’ when they call out racism, sexism or homophobia is aimed purely at gagging victims. It’s extreme passive aggression. It seeks to stop people from naming discriminatory behaviour and it’s always used by people who know nothing of discrimination”.


James Packer

The billionaire business says he is backing Adam Goodes with his full support and that Australia needed to hold a referendum to show its commitment to reconciliation.

“To hear people booing him is something that I’m ashamed of as an Australian.

“This issue is above politics and it sits at the core of what Australia was, is, and has the potential to be.

“I believe Australia cannot be truly reconciled without recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders at the forefront of this country’s public life.

“He’s a great Australian. He won Australian of the Year, I think he’s an amazing role model.


Mystery ranter

And perhaps the most interesting comments came from an anonymous man on a Facebook page, known only as ‘That guy who rants’.

His ‘rant’ on Adam Goodes has now gone viral in Australia, with thousands of shares, likes and comments. You can read it in full here.

He said, “Here we have one of the greatest champions of this quintessentially Australian sport, twice the recipient of its highest honour, and once the recipient of one of the nation’s highest honours, being subjected week after week to the hateful heckling of hideous throngs of footy-goers. And why? Well, that depends on whom you ask.

The wrongs that the white Australian has committed to its indigenous ancestors are many and harrowing. Those wrongs are also something that the white Australian public takes great discomfort in acknowledging. And this is where Adam Goodes danced himself into their bad graces.

I’ve lived in Australia for ten years now as an American expat. One thing I’ve learned about my adopted home is its problem with racism is similar in many ways to America’s problem with guns: it is so endemic and culturally ingrained, that its perpetrators and propagators can’t even see that it’s a problem. This is the root of the Adam Goodes controversy.

It is a fact that Adam Goodes gets booed horrendously at football games because of his race. It is also a fact that many people out there who boo Adam Goodes are not doing it with the intention of racially vilifying him. While these two facts seem diametrically opposed, they can coexist. However, the people booing at these football games need to understand that, irrespective of their intentions, they are contributing to racial vilification nonetheless.

Australia, you have a problem with racism. A big one. And it runs deep. The problem with racists is that they genuinely don’t believe themselves to be racists.

Some people may genuinely boo Goodes for reasons other than his race. Some may find it part of the fun of being in the crowd and joining in a movement against a star player of an opposing team. But those people must acknowledge that, regardless of their intent, they are propagating an act that is rooted in the racial vilification of another human being. It’s not okay. It’s not all in good fun. It’s not part of the game. And yes, you are contributing to racism”.


Tell us, do you agree with what has been said in these opinion pieces? Why or why not?

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  1. It is utterly irrelevant as to why Adam Goodes is being booed, the issue is that there is no place for booing in sport. I really feel for him, no one deserves to be treated that way.

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    • I agree, but it’s taken on a life of its own now and as long as it keeps getting fuelled, it won’t stop any time soon.

    • Stella booing has been going on since the begining of time. Its never been much of a problem until Adam Goodes started whining about it. He needs to grow some balls and just play footy the way he does because he is good at it

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      • Jenny to me whilst I don’t like the fact that he is booed it is not that which really upsets me. It is the vile, degrading and totally racist things that are shouted amid the booing which I have heard and I have had no doubt Adam has heard too.
        The people who should grow some balls as you put it are people who are standing next to the morons who are mouthing this stuff they should point these scum out to security or police.

    • Even if one agreed with your comment, Jenny Campbell, which I certainly do not, it’s gone way beyond the joke. It’s the booers who need to grow up by shutting up. From what I’ve seen, the majority of Australians are on his side.

    • Rubbish Stella, that’s part of crowd engagement, good or bad, it’s here to stay. But hey, let’s not upset the sensitives of umpires & players as well – that would never do.

    • THE statement “There is no place in sport for Booing” has got me scratching my Head in total disbelief. I booed the ref after he disallowed a try last night, and it was just me sitting in my lounge room watching the Tigers.

    • If I were Adam Goodes, rather than get upset at the booing crowd,I would go out there on the ground and take a bow. I wouldn’t give the booing crowd the satisfaction of seeing me get upset at their behaviour.

      2 REPLY
      • Good idea, Sophie. If he stopped and took a bow and grinned (even if it killed him to grin) the people who are booing would get sick of it.

      • As new Australians we were teased 60 years ago, grow up and stop making mountains out of molehills. We are just fuelling racism

    • No booing in sport it’s been going for years he is just blowing it out of proportion There are other migrants play footy and they fit in very well why not Adam I am so over this aboriginal stuff it’s just becoming a joke

    • Seriously….. You can not make people like you, no matter what. You cannot control others mindset you have no control over that what so ever

    • Booing has been around for yonks. Remember the old western movies at the cinema where you boo-ed the baddies and cheered the goodies as they galloped across the screen on their trusty steeds. Adam wants to try being a Goodie instead of a baddie.

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      • Like that one Maggie. I was at that game and we booed him not because he was Aborginal but because we knew we could put him off his game .Like what fans do all over the country when they come up against a good opponent

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    • Oh Stella please booing has been in sport since tge year dot. Gee this generation are such babies and so weak.

      1 REPLY
      • Yes Anne I agree wholeheartedly. Way too sensitive and full of their own importance !!!

    • You should have watched the cricket last night, there was lots of booing!

      1 REPLY
      • Exactly! Goodes is just looking for attention…he has done that and found out that maybe he doesn’t like it

    • At no time did I suggest not allowing cheering or booing, Trish. It’s this ‘chinese whisper’ type of dialogue that have also led to the claims made regarding what Goodes has supposedly said. When in most cases it’s not what he said at all. Please don’t ridicule me as well.

    • I don’t normally boo and am not a fan of booing but it should not be stopped because of Adam Goodes … He has a case to answer ….

    • It is racist, it’s not racist, he brought it on himself, he should harden up, blah blah blah. None of that matters. The man has said he has had enough! What is it we are waiting to happen? For goodness sake, where is our humanity? Is that what we want for our children and grandchildren – to keep hectoring when someone says enough?

    • My gosh booing been going on for years oh please he needs to get over himself. Australian of the year show a bit of humility and when the girl called him an ape the rubbish he went on about in public could he not have just shown bit maturity and spoke to young girl next day act like an adult Adam not a sooky child.

  2. Heckling is just another word for bullying in a herd mentality. Booing is taking the bullying to another level. What will come next? Stone throwing? Lock them all up for abuse, I say!

    9 REPLY
    • Booing/heckling is a way to show disapproval or to put the opposition off. Yes it may be a form of bullying but good players take strength from this. To me, using the word racist is bullying as it tries to belittle people without substance.

    • Lock them all up, there would be no one to watch the game if you did that – ridiculous.

    • Boo to you Beverley Asmus Sorry but that really is the dumbest statement. Booing and cheering is what supporters of teams and individual players is all about. Maybe you would be happy if all sport was banned. Maybe they can ban politics too because there is this 65yo woman who lives in my house who boos politicians as well as sportmen and women and referees.

    • This is different. It’s mob mentality and it is relentless. There is a big difference in what you are talking about Trish and what Adam Goodes is having to endure. Where is your humanity?

    • Thank you, Fay Haynes. Where indeed is the humanity? Or even the old Aussie way of giving people a ‘fair go! ‘ Enough is enough!

    • Well there are lots of aboriginal players and only Adam gets booed it has nothing to do with racism he is just a bully and he thinks the whole world revolves around him so I think he needs to do what he does best play footy and stop antagonising people

    • Just saying in case you were believing I was serious, my advice to ‘lock them all up’ was of course tongue in cheek. I wasn’t performing my customary celebration dance that consists of me twirling and jumping and shaking my arms until my bracelets jingle, so hold off your booing. Unless you are actually ghosts trying to scare me!

    • Yes, Pat. He should only do what he does best, play footy. How dare he step out of his box. Let’s blame the victim! Lots of other people do it and get away with it, so why shouldn’t you? You disgust me!

  3. Racism is a two-edged sword. Goodes performance of an aboriginal war-dance in front of a mainly white audience was a racist act intended to ‘stick it to them’. So he deserves the booing. As a footballer he is supreme and deserves respect but as a role model he has a lot to learn.

    15 REPLY
    • Mainly white crowd? Australian we are all Australians. He did a traditional dance in the Indeginious round. There is nothing wrong with that.

    • I am white and probably a lot whiter than you colour wise, I stay out of the sun, I thought the war dance was fantastic, I don’t think we see enough of Aboriginal dancing, I always enjoy watching it, surely that can’t have provoked this hateful reaction

    • If he and the WHOLE Aboriginal playing community had gone to the AFL and asked to display their War Dance in Indigenous Round, and perform it before the game we would not be where we are now… was because he did it towards the opposition crowd, it was seen as aggression and insightful, this is the reason they Boo him mostly….I can see why people think it is Racist but I don’t think that they realised at the time it would cause this much hystiria, he has also said things that have also caused people to dislike him too. I think enough is enough time to put it to bed and move on for the sake of our great game.

    • I dont follow football. But I saw Adam Goodes doing his dance after getting a goal, on the news. It was great. Should be more of it. If we had a New Zealand Maori doing a war dance, would people be making such a fuss about it. Have we got any other players that feel the need to dance after a goal, that have ancestors from other countries, or are migrants. Let them dance.

    • So it’s okay for the Kiwis to perform the Haka before each event, but not alright for Adam to perform a dance routine which young indigenous footballers created?

    • As has been said before, the Haka is done in front of the opposing team st the beginning of the game , if goods did it with the rest of the team at the beginning of the game then it would not have been seen like they have seen it to be now.

    • Robyn Walker I never said doing his war dance was racist. I said that I can see why people think booing him for it was racist.

    • The problem with that is that the whole team is not aboriginal and therefor can not all due the ‘war dance’ at the beginning. Everyone get over the war dance, get over the racist comment made by the girl 2 FUCKING YEARS AGO. I wasn’t impressed by his AOTY speech but we can’t tell him to leave the past in the past and move on if we’re throwing the past at him as well. Don’t get me wrong I personally think he’s a wanker and would boo him if I were at a game, when he made a move against my team I didn’t agree with, but booing him for the sake of booing him? If your going to do that, do it as he runs on and get on with watching the sport. I boo Tamao and Gallen EVERY TIME they run on because their both absolute PIGS. Not a racism issue at all…

    • Pauline Clarke NZ teams direct their Haka to the opposition team, not the spectators, it is a challenge to the opposition team to play the game hard but fair.

    • He was celebrating scoring. He did a traditional dance move other players pump air do flips pump their hands to attract a reaction. If the media didn’t make such a big thing this would just fade

    • Janet Smith.. Robyn Walker…Dianne Perry….Pauline Clarke..Jo-ann Ward… The Haka has been done in NZ for hundreds of years, Goodes dance was not a traditional dance. Goodes revealed his inspiration behind the war cry was an Aboriginal representative youth side made up of teenagers from across Australia, the Flying Boomerangs.

      “It’s something these kids came up with for us to all embrace, and hopefully one day you might see us do the war cry at an AFL game, but from the reaction last night, it looks like that might be a fair way away,” Goodes said.

  4. I do not support racism, but I feel to a degree Adam has brought the crowd reaction on himself. Booing is the only way the crowd show disapproval of an umpires decision or the way a player is acting. Yes booing can be bullying as it is intimidating….but so has Adam’s war dance been…he directs it at the crowd in an intimidating manner. Are the crowd booing Adam directly or the war dance? Any act against white Australians doesn’t count. To gain harmony you need to live and let live. Adam needs to give a little as well as the crowd to stop directing booing at him, if he wishes to continue with his war dance, I don’t think he should direct it at the crowd.

    25 REPLY
    • I read the article Janette, did it change my mind, not completely. It is simply my opinion.

    • And you have Roger? Give me a break! This issue is totally out of proportion! Like Judy, I believe Adam has bought it on himself, picking on a 13 YEAR OLD girl, doing a WAR dance directly at spectators, etc. ( Wonder what you would say if I did a war dance at indigenous people?). ALL footballers have been booed but only Adam is objecting. Time for him just to grow up.
      Adam should show leadership and put a stop to indigenous people being racist…yes I’ve been called whitie, and much worse.
      And Janette…don’t be so patronising! Yes we have read the article but in Australia we still have the freedom to think for ourselves and freedom of speech. Time for you to have a good look at yourself in the mirror!

      1 REPLY
    • He talked to the girl afterwards asked the press to leave her alone and she was13 not 6 old enough to know not to be racist the dance was a dance in indigenous week think you might be the one that needs to look in the mirror

    • We don’t actually have freedom of speech. It’s not in our constitution. According to our government We do however have the freedom to be a bigot.

    • Neil, I doubt if you’re capable of rational thought, judging by the pathetic excuse of the incident of the 13 year old.
      You can’t even get that story straight.
      You’ve twisted it so your warped mind can turn things upside down, then suddenly, it’s all Adam Goodes fault, and he traumatised an innocent little girl.
      All wrong of course, but a bigot never lets the facts spoil a good excuse.

    • Did I read that there are 71 Indigenous players in first grade? Only one of them gets booed. Why is that?

    • Anyone who takes n the crowd or gets contraversial on the field will cop flack…eg ackermanis,Gallen, cherry Evans for reneging. If you put yourself out there and stir up the crowd, they will react. I remember the blues origin players copping it for their hand grenade antics

    • NEIL! Did you know that the worst possible insult you can say to a indigenous person is to call them a ape? (Monkey gorilla? The 13 year old girl did not scream this at him once but!! Many many times! Yes Adam did point at her however it was the media who showed her face everywhere not Adam when he found out how old ahe was he rang and spoke to her ahe apoligised to him for being racist! And he did not want her charged! However she has never heard from Collibgwood even though Eddy Maguire promised he would support her when Adam requested it! In regard to the dance which was a celebration a idigenous celebration that Adam, & a few other players made with a group at work shop with teenage indigenous youths. If you have a look at the film clips there were swans fans in the crowd as well. Do you find the haka offensive? Does it intimidate you when players have to face the NZ teams while they mime slitting their throats? A spear is also very important in Aboriginal culture! Guess what a imaginary spear won’t hurt you! Did you know that racism and bullying and also vilification is illegal in every Australian Workplace! The AFL game is Adam Goodes work place! And the fact that this booing has been going on game after game for 12 months makes it racist! And bullying! And vilification – while yes we do have the right to freedom of speech do we have the right to teach our grandkids that this behavior is ok? Because it definitely is not! #racismstopswithme

    • Yes Jen he talked to the press…really, he whinged to the press, he ALWAYS whinges to the press. HE is not above criticism for the way he behaves.
      Lin Jessop you are right, why is this so….perhaps he should stop being racist himself and stop being such a princess and the crowd will leave him alone…
      I don’t believe that this is racist…if he was white and carried on like he does he would still get booed but no one would give a crap!!!

    • A quick “boo” to any player who does something unacceptable is fine, but constant booing to one person is not. That 13 year old girl knew exactly what she was saying, possibly hearing it from her parents or other adults, but at 13 she is not a child (not these days anyway). Racism is prevalent in Australia on both sides (black or white) but it doesn’t affect the “white man” so much mentally. In South Africa the whites think they have ‘a covenant with God to reign supreme’. Think other countries may think this too, so they can take things on the chin more readily.

    • I am of aboriginal decent. If you look up the word bullying you can interpret it to calling someone racist as a form of bullying also. I got bullied at school quite severely that I didn’t want to go to school. I never called what they did as racist. I wanted to achieve in life so I confronted them. I actually did an aboriginal war dance infront of them and they laughed. I kept doing it and eventually others started cheering. Eventually the cheering overtook the laughing. I had a good school life after that and I achieved my goals. My war dance became a regular occurrence. There is still some who laugh but I don’t care. To me Adam Goodes needs to man up and face the booing and he may earn respect.

    • I don’t know about war dance. It seems to me he is just to full of his own importance. Childish behavior on his part. If you dish it out you have to learn how to take it. You reap what you see.

    • I’d hope the next time a white AFL player gets boo’d the reaction across the country would be as intense as now ….

    • Not hard to pick the angry old bigots on these posts, they are in complete denial. If you cant see how its not racist you are a racist pure and simple, there is a undercurrent of racism going on for a long time now and these types of things bring it out in everyone. When will Australia grow up. And all this innocent 13 year old little girl is puerile dribble, my children knew when they were 6 or 7 what racism meant because I taught them, and this absolute rubbish saying that she didn’t know what it meant is just that. Bigots always have some. Sad to say this government endorses this garbage, just appeasing the red neck patriotic jingoistic bogans really !

    • What is wrong with the Aboriginal dance? I do not find it offensive. Are we going to stop the Kiwis from doing the Harka prior to playing rugby every game. I think those who find the dance offensive are the over-sensitive ones!

    • This booing is not about a one-off occurrence but about the constant booing of one man. Some can take it, others can’t. Until you walk in their shoes you won’t know how it feels or how you would react. Easy to judge when it’s not happening to you. Hard to prove if it’s totally racially motivated on this occasion…..some of it definitely is. Racism is still most prevalent in Australia.

  5. I am with the guy who rants. Simple and to the point analysis.

  6. Firstly, I have a son who played footy as well still playing cricket and came from a family who loved the game, but I can’t stand it and don’t watch it at all but I have been listening on the news and all I can say is I don’t like racism of any sort, I was not bought up in that kind of environment , I have no tolerance for it or anyone who is racist, if racism is involved with this heckling I think it is a bloody disgrace.

  7. Get back on the field Adam and play the game that has given you a wonderful lifestyle and privileges you have earned by your football brilliance. Am not personally a Goodes fan but I love AFL am. Tigers member and just want all this to stop. Put your talent to good use put your team before yourself and play the damn game

  8. What is happening to Adam Goodes is very reminiscent of the schoolyard pack mentality, whereby if a person reacts to taunting, then the pack, sensing vulnerability, pounces and the taunting escalates.
    Although extremely difficult to put into practice, and the taunting is very hurtful, if initially it is ignored, the pack soon loses interest when it sees that the taunts have no impact and the taunting stops. Unfortunately this has reached a stage where the morons will continue to boo, as they have found the soft spot and continue to peck at it like crows on an injured animal.

    8 REPLY
    • This from of bullying has been, and is recognised as ‘mobbing’, Peter. Unfortunately, the pack often doesn’t lose interest when it is ignored. They just up the ante until their victim is broken. I fear Goodes is very close to broken and we need to help and support this man.

    • Wel Peter, how come the other 70 Indigenous players dont get booed like Goodes? School pack mentality was bullying in the extreme. I was bullied and was so because I was small and skinny and could not defend myself. This circus with Goodes is entirely different, He is a man with a huge chip on his shoulder and he is getting exactly what he asks for. Don’t feel sorry for him Peter, he is tool. Rita Panahi summed it up perfectly in her classical piece of jouranism in the Herald Sun July 29th. Have read of it Petey boy.

    • Neil Williams, maybe you were seen as having a chip on your shoulder. Maybe the fact that you were small and skinny and could not defend yourself had nothing to do with it. I’m sure there are members of your school pack that would argue that was the case. They weren’t being bullies. You were just pulling the victim card?

    • Peter now tell me what about the bulling Goodes did to a 13 year old girl two years ago in front of tge whole of Australia and part of tge rest of tge world. He is a grown man ìn the public eye who knows what to expect is paid enough to know this and yet
      He persisted in holding this 13 year old child up to shame because she likened him to another hairy being .

    • Anne, perhaps Adam Goodes overreacted to the “ape” incident. However, when asked if he wanted to press charges he said “no”. He and the girl have sorted the matter out between themselves and both have apologised to each other, so I guess it’s just the public who still hold a grudge.
      It seems from comments on this and other stories that some people are wanting the reintroduction of public crucifixions.

    • Neil Williams, guess what? Because of my ethnic background, in my childhood I was bullied as well! But after a little while I discovered that if you laugh with them and make jokes about the names they call you, they lose interest. Why? Because they think that their taunting is having no effect. You see, bullies are not so bright and the same can be said for the morons who continue to boo Adam Goodes.

      1 REPLY
  9. Media and AFL have blown this all out of proportion,

    14 REPLY
    • I’m aboriginal Lesley and I take your comment as offensive. Stop segregating people because of their comments.

    • Well said Lesley Scott, the truth hurts as you can see on these posts. Why is it that all the deniers and bigots suddenly have Aboriginal blood in them. Wha a load of rubbish !!

    • I notice that the ones who are hurling the most abuse at posters on Facebook are the ones screaming bullying and racism. Sounds like trying to bully people into your point of view. We live in a democracy people. If people don’t like Goodes they have the right to express it without the Facebook bullies abuse.

    • I am white and I feel disgusted with a lot of my fellow Aussies. No, not the ones who boo Adam Goodes for his lack of sportsmanship, but the so-called “experts” who are so quick to point out the alleged racism of their “ignorant” fellow Aussies. Getting up on their soapbox of their “superior morality” gives them a sense of being more moral and more special than the rest of us. These are the people who see “racism” everywhere they look. All in all, these people are the true agents of division in our culture, and I am ashamed of them. I love the aboriginal people and I want us all to live together as Australians, not as “us” and “them”, which is why I boo Adam Goodes and the other race-baiters.

    • Caryn Spriggs you ought to walk a mile in their shoes and see if the racism is “alleged” because as the white mother of aboriginal children I can assure you that its not.

    • Oh yes she does Merran … Robyn is correct. You may not want to acknowledge it but it does exist.

  10. This has dominated our news channels for a week while a 13 yo girl was raped and handed round her fathers friends to be repeatly raped by them hardly rated a mentioned where the outrage for this young girl Australian media outlets need to get some perspective on what is really important

    9 REPLY
    • This is a sensitive issue, the girl is only a child. Why bring her more shame by parading her story in the media? Those responsible will be dealt with by the laws of our country which legislates for us all, thank God, no matter what colour of our skin.

    • It is a dreadful story, Maria, and it is being reported. However, the news isn’t there to report only the worst story of the week. Its job is to report many stories.

    • Exactly right! Night after night the Adam Goodes story has been in our faces, but only one night concerning that poor abused child

    • Another shameful act!!! What is wrong with these monsters? How dare they assume the right to abuse this poor little girl… Another reason to feel ashamed to be Australian …stop this abuse on Australian women…every day we hear stories of abuse, rape, abduction and murder! Enough!!

    • The attitude is oh she is only a little girl so it does not matter. Look around 9 year old girls are being married off to old men in Australua and the world every day and we all do nothing about it. Father’s protect your daughters and love them so thry will come to you when the need you. In the meantime this so called news worthy rubbish about Goodes get over it and get a backbone.

    • I’m with you on this. Her life is ruined. Adams is not. He will go on playing football and earning lots of money for it. Where will she end up???? We will never know. I pray in JESUS name that all that has been taken from her be restored 10 fold. Bless you young lady

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