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He became a grandfather two years ago and is set to become one a second time within months, but it seems that Prince Charles isn’t the hands-on granddad that we thought he might be. But it turns out…it isn’t really his fault!

According to reports from the Daily Mail, Prince Charles feels he is not a big enough part of little George’s life. Apparently, Will and Kate’s son has been spending a lot of time with Carole and Michael Middleton, and not a lot with the Prince of Wales. Is this a familiar situation in your life?

He’s called the heavy involvement the ‘March of the Middletons’ and has heartbreakingly told his friends that “‘They never let me see my grandson”.

A source has told the Daily Mail, “Carole has rather taken over, dictating when George naps, when and what he eats. All in all, behaving like she’s Queen Carole”.

There’s only been a few sightings of Charles with his little grandson and some think the reliance on the Middletons for grandparent duties is to ensure that George and the new baby don’t have a stiff and unhappy upbringing like he did.

There are also reports that Carole and Charles’ wife Camilla do not see eye to eye, so perhaps that is also to blame for why they aren’t first on call.

Do you have a similar situation with your in-laws? How often do you get to see your grandchildren? How is the time divided up amongst grandparents?

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  1. Of I had friends who repeated personal conversations they wouldn’t be my friends for long. When I hear Prince Charles himself make these complaints then I will believe them.

  2. Charles and Camilla’s past history does not make a good foundation for a healthy influence on George’s upbringing. His reference to Carole – , “Carole has rather taken over, dictating when George naps, when and what he eats. All in all, behaving like she’s Queen Carole” is so childish. It is only natural for Catherine to want her own Mother’s influence over that of a virtual ‘outsider’ Long time overdue to poor little Charles to grow up.

  3. It’s actually normal that grandchildren spend more time with their maternal grandparents as the Mum has the most to do with them in the early years. I do feel for Prince Charles as he did a really good job with his boys after Diana died

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    • Should have done it while she was alive. Instead of jumping the fence ,and for such a cow !!

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      • Right on Dorothy and hope Charlie never becomes king

    • Charles and Camilla will be very important to the children as they get older. At this stage in life it is natural for a young woman to turn to her own mother when she has very young children. Charles and Camilla will find their place as much loved family members too. Children don’t worry about who is a blood relative and who is a step parent. They will both be important in a different way as would have been Diana, had she lived and whoever she would have married.

  4. Poor little Charles has spat the dummy and thrown his toys out of the cot yet again just because he is not the favourite …. time to grow up!

  5. It’s the usual situation if you have sons. Mostly if the mothers parents are close by, they tend to have more involvement.

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    • Spot on Robyn. As the mother of 5 sons, I understand that. We just have to accept the reality. Mind you, I still have a very special relationship with all my grandchildren.

    • Yes absolutely agree Robyn , this is so normal (at least in my experience ) but it just makes the times we do see those grandchildren extra special.

    • So true I think in many cases. When all the grandparents are around two of my grandchildren , we may as well not be there , they wouldn’t know we were missing . . It does feel awful , but as my son pointed out ‘ they are just little kids ‘ and don’t realise how it affects us .
      Maybe they will know in years to come when it’s too late .

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