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It was a shock to all, including Tim Minchin, but the charity single “Come Home Cardinal Pell” has now skyrocketed to the top of the Australian iTunes charts. However not everyone is happy about it, or feels it is serving a purpose.

Jesuit priest and human rights lawyer Father Frank Brennan has accused Tim Minchin of endangering the integrity of the royal commission into sexual abuse.

The ABC reports the priest feels Minchin is turning the commission into a “laughing stock” and the release of the widely-praised tune runs the risk of derailing proceedings.

“I don’t think it’s altogether helped by having songs about a key witness, calling him scum, and a buffoon, and a coward and that sort of thing before the commission does its task,” Father Brennan told ABC’s the Drum program.

“Because if we turn it into a laughing stock, then the big losers … will be the victims themselves.”

Perhaps the survivors are more upset about the larger fact at hand: Cardinal Pell is not coming home to give evidence at the royal commission, instead citing illness and that he will be remaining in Rome.

Minchin is donating the proceeds of the song, to a GoFundMe page set up to send 15 representatives, including survivors, to Rome to witness Pell’s testimony in person.

It has now surpassed its target of $55,000 – it reached more than $145,000 by last night.

The video of Minchin singing “Go home Cardinal Pell, I’ve got a nice spot in hell, with your name on it, so I suggest you toughen up and go”, has had more than 400,000 views on Youtube.

The song peaked at number one on the Australian iTunes songs chart earlier on Wednesday.

Former New South Wales Labor premier and Catholic Kristina Keneally said the song moved her more than she realised initially.

“It spoke really deeply to the abject failure of the Catholic Church to deal with the child sexual abuse crisis,” Ms Keneally said.

“I have yet to see from the Vatican the type of frank, honest, acknowledgement of the damage that it has done and the recognition of the things that need to change in the Catholic Church to ensure this never happens again.”

Cardinal George Pell will appear via video link from Rome after the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse accepted a doctor’s report that said he would risk heart failure if he flew to Australia to testify.

Tell us, do you think the song is derailing the commission or is it just time Pell came home?


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  1. Is the money raised going to the victims?

    8 REPLY
  2. Tim Michin’s song has done more good for the victims that the Catholic Church has ever done. Already this brand new song has raised $120 thousand to help send the victims to Rome. The ONLY people who hurt the victims are these pedophile priests

    2 REPLY
    • Recognition and belief in the victims assures them that they are not alone. I think that this is more beneficial to the victims than even the outcome of any Commission!!!

    • I agree he did an excellent job of describing in words what the victims and the community feel is the right thing to do

  3. The Catholics are panicking, all these victims will arrive in Rome with the help of Tim Michin

    4 REPLY
    • The problem is, there is no way Pell will see them, he’ll be protected again.

      1 REPLY
      • There is a move ahead to get George Pell to give evidence in the Australian Embassy and that way victims will be able to see and hear him and he will have to face their pain and anger. Great song from Minchin, I woke up with the chorus on my mind. Would also like to point out the Pope said, last week, that priests did not have to report child abuse t the police. The Church forgets it is under secular law in Australia not church law. All they want to do is cover everything up.

    • I agree Victoria but if he doesn’t that will make the Catholic Church even look worse than it already does

    • Thhe priest in question might wish he’d never opened his mouth. He’s just brought attention to the song and made people madder

  4. Go to hell Cardinal Pell that is where you have placed The Catholics Churches victims.. hell on earth

  5. When numbers of the victims come out and say the Minchin song is hurting them I will take notice.

    14 REPLY
    • His opinion is completely unimportant. It would indicate though the the Church is beginning to feel just a little bit worried.

    • Marilyn Beck I feel sorry for all the fine Catholics and honest priests. I know they must be angry and confused by what the heirarchy of the church has allowed to happen, and their disgraceful behaviour towards the victims.

    • Nita Crompton I feel sorry for the Priests that are dedicated to the Parishes that they care for as there are some decent men and women in the catholic faith.

    • Heather Peterson – There are MANY decent . . . Unfortunately the problem has been not only the few rotten apples but the extent to which those rotten apples have been protected by the church hierarchy and the victims have been pushed aside.

    • Actually there’s hardly a parish that haven’t been affected in the world over time. Lots is covering up by so called priests. If you’re good but cover the perpetrators what does that make you.

    • Christina Smith I agree entirely. Anyone who knows of child abuse should report it. The church though has done all it can to cover up the abuse. It is a shameful indictment of the church.

  6. Absolute rubbish.these people need closure to this horrific crime.

    3 REPLY
    • Sorry, Anne, there is no closure for survivors of childhood sexual abuse but if we are lucky we learn to cope with it and live reasonable lives. If going to Rome and confronting Pell helps any ‘victim’ become a survivor then I support any means possible.

  7. I think this is brilliant, Tim Minchin is such a talent. I think he victims would be on his side cheering him on.

  8. That’s rubbish.. when the Catholic makes it difficult for survivors to be heard.. we have to find other ways to get our point across. I think Tim Michin is a brave man.. thank you Tim!

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