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Journalist, author and former rugby player Peter FitzSimons has dedicated huge amounts to time to capturing some of Australia’s most profound moments. From Kokoda to Tobruk, from Gallipoli, to the backyard of his childhood in Peats Ridge, New South Wales – “Fitzy” is deeply passionate about Australian history and culture.

But there’s one thing he wants to change and he says we don’t have to wait to do it.

Mr FitzSimons has just been appointed chairman of the Australian Republic Movement and will launch a high-profile campaign to reopen debate about Australia becoming a republic.

He says the biggest obstacle is the not the Queen or the Monarchists but the Prime Minister. He also believes we don’t need to wait for a change of monarch, as Malcolm Turnbull has previously suggested.

“I do believe that the Prime Minister will be in all likelihood our last monarchist Prime Minister,” Mr FitzSimons told The Australian Financial Review.

Mr FitzSimons will lead the push for a republic by 2020. He says we don’t have to give up the royal family all together, we just need to remove them from our system of government.

“The French stormed the Bastille, the Americans had a war of Independence. We don’t have to have a war, we just have to overcome the cult of celebrity and stop believing everything about England is better than us.

“Those who wish to follow all the in and outs of Buckingham Palace can still do exactly that and the Royals might even still visit us. It is just the ludicrousness of having them as part of our governmental system,” he said.

“My personal view is for the minimalist option, keep the current system where the PM chooses the Governor General, just simply don’t ask an Englishwoman in Buckingham Palace, ‘is this OK with you?’.”

In 1999, the referendum for a republic was defeated.

On September 9, the Queen will become the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

Where do you stand on the debate? Should Australian become a republic or should we leave well enough alone?

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  1. onya Pete… but at the moment i think there are bigger fish to fry …. at the rate we are going we will never be a republic … whilst pollies sit on there arses and do nothing about the CULT called islam

  2. I think he is WAY off the mark….just look at the turn out when any Royals are here!!! There are millions of us that do not want a Repubic….please someone tell me what will it change??? I for one will stand up to anyone that this is not what the majority of Australians want!!! Oh and by the way, why does the Republic leaders ALWAYS have to be a STAR, do they think this is going to make us change our minds….I think not.

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    • people line the streets to see Rock Stars too but that does not mean we want them as head of the country

    • I am pretty sure if you asked the majority of them, they do want them to continue as the head of the country.

    • That is why it should be put to a referendum, there are more than just a couple of million in this country, there are 23 million and no where near 23 million are on the streets when they come here

    • I think New Zealand should become a Republic as well for the same resonse we don’t need to be tied to Britian ahy longer

    • The sooner the better. Time to cut ties with England. And Judith, becoming a republic has a lot more to do than dispossing of Elizabeth as head of staste. Oh and by the way, I don’t consider Fitzsimons a ‘star’. The previous chairman was the former premier of Western Australia.

    • Yes it should be put to a referendum but in the economic problems we are having now and needing to tighten our belts and everybody screaming about spending… you realise that a referendum would cost billions of dollars and you think this would be good at the moment me thinks not. If they go to six states and there are 2 million people lining the streets to see them that then adds up to 12 million doesn’t it. Ok Victoria that is your opinion and it is not mine, he is a star as he is on TV, in interviews, ex Rugby player, in magazines etc. I do not care that the last one was a politician. Ok WHAT more would it offer than just disposing of Queen Elizabeth, please enlighten me to it. I do not want a republic and I am entitled to say so and I am not the only one.

    • They had enough money to call these Royal witchunts and fly in helicopters and take $90,000 European tours, then have enough money to call a referendum

    • Oh well Rozzy you are up with it all aren’t you!!! So when they say they are going to cut pensions, welfare, education and hospitals it is ok then to say we spent billions on a referendum that half the population didn’t want. Um yeah right.

    • They won’t be cutting Pensions Judith Forbes because they won’t get it past the senate..stop fear mongering, and Rozzy is right, if they have enough money to rort for themselves, then they have enough money to do something for calling a referendum..but it will never happen while the Abbott is in power, he is to busy being the big man and giving out knighthoods

    • I have never seen millions of people on the street when they come to town. After all the negative comments you have all put on this page about Charles and Camelia they will be lucky to have one hundred people lining the street. But wait, silly me, they aren’t as pretty as William and Kate. Also one question. I thought her name was Catherine. Why is she called Kate. It should be Cate

    • I am not scare mongering at all thank you….everytime they say they are going to cut this or that you all start screaming and carrying on lie pork chops….if we have a referendum on anything it will cost billions of dollars we do not have them to waste on it…..and any of the rorts you were going on about those that were rorts were paid back those that are entitlements do not have to be paid back.

    • Judith Forbes. Where does it say in her contract that she can hire a helicopter and go to liberal party fundraisers anywhere in the country whenever she feels like it. She is the Speaker only because she sits in a safe seat and has been in politics for about fifty years. Abbott did not trust her enough to to give her a portfolio so it was a trade off that she got the speaker job. At least J Bishop has a brain and looks ok in front of a camera

    • It is time, why should we stick to a system that is so so out of date having to ask Mum if we can do something. It is time that we are not seen by the rest of the world as a British colony. But I suppose with our current gov. Who we cannot trust they should ask mummy before doing anything.

    • Billions!!!! Have you any idea how much a normal election costs???? The cost what ever it is, is too much for us to waste at the moment or even over the next 5 years. Ask the electoral office they will tell you how much it will cost.

    • Wendy Biden Chap who looks after these things said, she is not wrong technically , depends on your interpretation as most things in Parliament rulings are that way. It came out about Taxpayers paying for ALL labor to go to conference , it can be taken 2 ways also. Now we hear what Labor have spent AND how many have Chartered flights , Seems all are pretty equal , figures show each politician costs the taxpayers $2.3 million . ALL have expenses of around mid $300k, plus salary. Seems Labor used the VIP RAAF jet to travel to Canberra every week , Ordinary travel not good enough for them. Sick of hearing about the virtuous Labor Ministers , who it turns out are as bad and some worse than Bronwyn as her costs over previous years have been very reasonable, T Burke lied for 5 years, 15 MISTAKES, just repaid 15 amounts , He has a CHARTER bill of $360k , most not accounted for. HIS answer he only spends time with his children every 4 months or so, Don’t know about that ,always in West at some Muslim church or school. . EXPENSES $316k which is the average for running an office. B Carr almost $400k for one trip, his wife $120k for her one trip.

    • Exactly nothing new, so why does the media go on about it…….it happens with every parliament regardless of who it is. The entitlements are there, some make mistakes, some just use them and cover them up and lie about them, some repay every cent. Some like Mr. Shorten at the moment thinks B B has resign but he is entitled to his costs, it is called politics.

    • Abbott Bishop etc hounded Slipper out of parliament and out of his pension for $900. Why is it OK for Bishop to run up at least $100,000 and not get the same treatment? Consistency is not too much to ask for.

  3. Yes, we should have an Australian as head of state, simple as that.

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    • There is a danger that we would get a Bishop! Try to imagine that. We have to wait until all of that generation are long dead. Because we are showing every day, that conservatives are ruthless when it comes to power and what they will do to attain it.

    • Robina Unfortunately the politicians we chose are the same both sides of the house
      Look at how Shorten sold out the Union Members for his grab at power >
      Then look at the LNP and see a certain similarity.

    • It’s traditional that polititians always answer a question with a question and never speak the truth when a lie will suffice. I know what I’m talking about I leaned all the political tricks, being married to apolitical maniac for 68yrs.I wont say which side he was with,it’s enough to say all Parties are the same and none of them know what the people really want.

    • where on earth did you come up with that question Jan Skorich, where in my reply did I indicate that that was my thought?

    • I agree with Jan…we should have an Australian as Head of State…America has the right idea their “Leader”… MUST…be born in America…We need a “Leader” that is a born and reared Australian…not a Prime Minister who is an immigrant, born in England…

  4. Australia is a multi cultural country now and many of its citizens have no connection with GB ..time for a republic

  5. If he can convince Lisa Wilkinson to marry him, convincing Australians to vote for a republic will be easy.

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