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Following her announcement over the weekend that she will run for the Senate at the Federal Election in 2016, Pauline Hanson has released the One Nation manifesto on Faecbook, gathering more than 18,000 likes and 25,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

Ms Hanson has declared she will seek to stop mosques, Sharia law and Muslim refugees, and Halal certification if elected at the next Federal election.

“A vote for me at the next Federal Election will be your insurance, the major parties will have absolute opposition to any more Mosques, Sharia Law, Halal Certification & Muslim Refugees. NO MORE!” she wrote on the Pauline Hanson Pease Explain Facebook page, along with this image:

Ms Hanson told Daily Mail Australia, “Over a million people have seen it (the manifesto) and it’s the way Australians are feeling, it’s commonplace, it’s the way Australians feel.”

She added that it was not just the shooting of Curtis Cheng in Parramatta that sparked her slogan.

“There’s been quite a few, including the stabbing (last year) of the police officers (by Melbourne teenager Numan Haider) and I cannot see the government doing anything to eradicate it,’ she said.

“The kit they are putting in the schools about identifying those who could be radicalised is not going to work, I fear for teachers’ safety.

“I want a royal commission into Islam, we have a right as Australians to have peace of mind”.

Ms Hanson says her decision to return to politics was prompted by her disappointment at the current crop of politicians.

“I’m very disillusioned by it and I honestly believe I can make a difference. I’m sick and tired of all the corruption and lies and there is too much interest in overseas interest.

“We have got too many gutless politicians who are backing away from having this debate, because they are worried about their seats particularly in western suburbs of Sydney where they are dominated by Muslims.

“I’m up against a system and all political parties preference me last because I am the last person they want there in parliament, it’s going to be hard but I am getting a lot of support.”

As you can see in the Facebook post below, comments are varied, but are largely supportive of the manifesto.

A vote for me at the next Federal Election will be your insurance, the major parties will have absolute opposition to…

Posted by Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain on Monday, October 5, 2015

What do you make of Pauline Hanson’s manifesto? Does it surprise you she has this level of support? Do you think she’ll make it to the Senate?



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  1. That is it? That is not policy and she has Buckley’s chance of achieving it, that would take more than one politician to achieve, it would taking the backing of the whole Parliament. I would not be voting for her if she was in my electorate but each to their own

    14 REPLY
    • I would not be voting for her either, there is to much hatred and bigotry in this country now but she is elected she could sit near Cory Bernadi and they could drown is racism together

    • Libbi Elliot Rozzy Battles you have been warned about your comments below. Please do not argue, let us know if anyone is out of line

    • before anyone jumps in I know why I was warned, someone made a nasty comment directed at me and I responded instead of reporting it

    • I don’t actually think it’s racism when she wants integration! After all the Italians Chinese and Vietnamese have successfully integrated without demanding that we all change our way of life to suit them. is it so much to ask that we expect them to become Australians first and foremost?

    • I have no idea Avi Graham , she is not someone I would vote for and those issues are not policies

    • Rozzy Battles ,What is it called when Christians are hated and despised by Muslims and others ? They can claim racial hatred.We should just suck it up and smile ?

      1 REPLY
      • How about the muslim refugee threw the christian to the sea on their way to italy( christian country)

    • Cilla Brown No we do not have to suck it up as you say, but surely we can find a better way to approach this issue don’t you think? Perhaps we could try kindness and understanding and tolerance of each other’s customs and live harmoniously in this beautiful country. We have sooooo much to learn and appreciate from each other that will no doubt, enrich our lives!

      1 REPLY
      • Yes we have a beautiful country, and they come from basket case countries, the problem is they do not want to integrate and live like we do, but want their own laws and customs even if they clash with our laws that have to be respected, female circumcision, underage marriage, sharia law. So basically what they want is to turn this beautiful country into the basket case they ran from

  2. Pauline have u got anyone standing in Victoria (especially Melbourne)?? cause I will glady help out anyway I can…

  3. People bag her. Ok, she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she speaks her mind, something the rest of the clowns are to scared to do. I support her 100%.

    16 REPLY
    • she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. they are your words and yet you would vote for her? where is the policy on health and Education? Where is the policy about infustucture and pensions and unemployment? and the many other issues we have in this country? There are none !! Anyone voting for that is voting for racism and this country can’t run on that, the economy is already beginning to flatline

      1 REPLY
      • For heaven’s sake, Rozzy, look up the One Nation Party policies before you say she hasn’t any.

    • Common sense is a bitch Noel, shame you were never born with much

      1 REPLY
      • No, it’s actually a shame some people can only respond to an argument with an insult! Thank goodness so many other people writing here are being constructive, whether they agree with Pauline or not. It’s usually the ones with no ideas of their own who have to sink to insults!

        1 REPLY
        • Yep, the quickest way to divert a debate is to respond with a personal insult. Better still, call the person a racist – that always works

    • Margrit Cleall The Liberals have more doubled the deficit, unemployment is at a 20 years high and it will become higher when the 13,000 new immigrants that the Liberal Government is bring in to the country at the end of the year and higher again when the car industry ends. You need to worry about what this Government you voted for is doing to destroy Australia

    • Life would be very interesting if both Pauline and Jaquie Lambie got into the senate, and they say we need more women!!!!!

    • Apart from anything else, where does “she’s not the smartest tool in the box” come from? She didn’t understand something and asked someone to explain. In my book that’s the opposite of stupid. She was seeking knowledge.

    • Rozzy Battles – are you still listening to propaganda ? – I’d much rather the government I voted for stay in power forever, than EVER, EVER, EVER, vote for the corrupt ALP/UNION coalition scum that sent our country into debt for years to come!

    • Rozzy Battles Don’t worry marvellous malcolm has ALL the answers for you and all aussies. He told us so when he stabbed our elected PM in the back.

      1 REPLY
      • That’s Karma, Rosemary. Don’t you remember when Tony Abbott stabbed Pauline Hanson in the back?

  4. Go Pauline. Voted for you last time will do the same next time. Sick of the fools we have now.

    1 REPLY
    • “not the sharpest tool in the shed”? Have you noticed most multi-millionaires and billionaires don’t have “plumbs in their mouths” or speak with verbosity and eloquence ( acquired or not) ? Malcolm Turnbull is full of words and buzz terminology, yet says very little. Pauline is honest in her opinions and delivers with clarity, without verbosity, buzz words and to be blunt, bullshit.

  5. Vote 1 Pauline Hansen.

    1 REPLY
    • France banned the burka, but we stand no chance to ever do that because the level of the debate here is in the gutter…. It was not banned for security, it was not banned for religious raison, and the burka itself was not singled out…. What is illegal, is to cover your face in public… With anything, including a burka…. Why? Because it is our human right to see who we share public space with, and it is our human right to see people faces for communication… long as we keep the debate at the level Pauline wants to keep it, based on hate, misinformation and religious bigotry, we will not progress.

  6. At last a strong alternative to the weak-kneed parties in government today. Keep the bastards honest Pauline.

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