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Thousands of people who have followed the case of the killing of Allison Baden-Clay by her husband are relieved this morning to hear that that the case is not closed.

Having been convicted of the murder of his wife Gerard Baden-Clay won an appeal that would have his life sentence for murder reduced.

The Australian High Court has agreed to hear an appeal against the downgraded murder conviction of Brisbane wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay.

Gerard Baden-Clay was convicted by jury in 2014 of murdering Allison at their family home in Brookfield, in Brisbane’s west, in 2012 however it was downgraded to manslaughter in December 2015.

This downgrading would dramatically reduce the prison sentence Baden-Clay would have to serve.

It outraged Allison’s family and friends, and their supporters that included those concerned about the welfare and justice for victims of domestic violence.

The Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions’ appeal is against the downgrading of Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder conviction to manslaughter.
The Court of Appeal ruled to downgrade the conviction after his defence successfully argued that the murder of his wife Allison could have been unintentional.

The 2015 decision to downgrade Baden-Clay’s previous murder conviction to manslaughter caused community outrage and thousands gathered in protest for ‘Justice for Allison’ in Brisbane’s King George Square. An estimated 70,000 supporters signed a petition to have the Appeal Decision overturned.

The ABC reported that Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath broke the news to sitting MPs shortly after the decision was announced, but would not comment further as the matter was before the courts.

The Appeal will be heard by the full bench of The High Court.

Tell us, do you think that the verdict should be overturned? Should Gerard Baden-Clay be reconvicted of murder?

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  1. Yes. He should have. He obviously killed her for financial reasons and to be with his girlfriend. His children, Alison’s parents, family and friends all have to live without her in their lives, Alison probably went through a dreadful last few minutes of her life and he diesn’t deserve to be ever released from jail. He put his children through hell and lied to them to cover up his evil crime. I hope he is never released and that his children and Alison’s family can make a new and better life without jim.

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  2. should never be overturned,he gave no consideration to Alison or his family,all he was interested in was getting financial insurance from her,go have a new life with his tardy girlfriend,he should be punished to the full term for murder,
    Every one is suffering except him

  3. He was obviously guilty he disposed of her body and was having an affair

  4. He was obviously guilty he disposed of her body and was having an affair

  5. Any man who takes out a $900,000 insurance policy on his wife is showing his intentions !

  6. Hopefully once the High Court hears the appeal, regardless of the outcome this will be over, it must be hell for her kids!

  7. Of course he should be reconvicted of murder! He is an evil man, has shown no remorse and ruined. His children’s and Alison’s families lives. Let’s hope he gets what he deserves.

  8. Should be left in jail and the keys tossed away, scum bag

  9. Rot in hell I say , he murdered his wife took away the children’s mother and it was an accident . the justice system stinks No he should die in jail

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