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Currently, the only legal way to buy a new car in Australia is to buy it from a car dealership, but that could all be set to change if a controversial Federal Government plan goes ahead.

Soon Australian buyers could be able to import their own cars from overseas once the automative industry here closes in 2017. But what is the catch and what benefit would we see?

According the ABC, thus far it simply looks like a generous Government plan to give consumers more choice about the cars they can buy, though it would need to be brand new and not second hand.

Jamie Briggs, the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development told the ABC the Government genuinely wanted Australians to buy the safest and best quality car at the cheapest possible price.

“The real issue here is: why regulate if you’re now part of a global regime?

“We allow people to purchase all sorts of goods from overseas on the internet.

“There seems no reason why we shouldn’t allow people to buy new cars from overseas markets if there’s an opportunity to do so”. Mr Briggs said.

If the new plan goes ahead, Aussies could buy direct from manufacturers overseas, just as long as the car had a global design and met safety standards – that includes purchasing a vehicle with right-hand drive. It sounds a little bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Mr Briggs also said this new Government measure would make luxury models more affordable.

So the consumers win, but who loses? Well, local dealers in Australia would lose, but buyers would also need to be careful as with any internationally sourced product, the warranty may not be valid in Australia.

“Clearly it’s a big purchase, a big risk for you to take. You’ll need to be careful in buying a product from overseas, but we don’t think these are insurmountable hurdles”, Mr Briggs said.

The Government is currently getting everything in order to make a decision by the end of the year.

So tell us today, should the car industry be deregulated? Would you buy a car overseas if it meant you could save money? 

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  1. There is always a loser with this Government when it comes to the Car Industry and unfortunately it is always Australian jobs that go, this will benefit the rich..according to Hockey the poor don’t drive cars..well they do !! but not new ones

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    • The move will make second-hand cars cheaper for the rest of us and provide more jobs in the repair industry fixing up crappy imports.

    • but at what cost ? More on Newstart? The car industry has raised concerns that allowing private imports could leave car buyers without basic consumer protections, including a new car warranty.
      Mr Briggs admitted there was an element of “buyer beware” in the proposed system.There are fears deregulating the market could put tens of thousands of jobs in the car dealership industry at risk.

    • What is Australia going to due with all the people losing there jobs more unemployed to pay and no tax to collect?.

  2. Are u sure this story shouldn’t have been out on April 1? Australian cars have become so expensive because of government regulations and safety requirements. Are we seriously going to allow any car into this country without any checks?

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  3. The purchase price from the overseas manufacturer might be amazing. The cost of shipping the vehicle, well, that wouldn’t be cheap. Then there is import duty and stamp,duty and all sorts of other taxes, all of which will surely rise if we fall for this one

    Then insurance costs. I wonder how much it would cost to insure it during shipping and handling. Again whatever it is, the dealerships would be getting a good rate. The individual, probably not so good, and once a few more of us start doing it. Well, that’ll go up too.

    And what about any mechanical or cosmetic defects with the vehicle. How would we get them sorted out. Currently we take the car back to the dealership, because they imported and sold us the car. If we’ve imported it ourselves, can’t see the dealership bending over backwards to help.

    On the subject of dealerships. I guess the government is really saying. Look, we’ve found another way of getting rid of more Aussie businesses and jobs.

  4. This Government just keeps them coming. I also thought it was a late April Fool’s post! Amazing how much energy and enthusiasm they can put into creating ways to make loopholes to advantage the top end. It would be great to have that same energy going into helping the battlers!

  5. If our goverment can make this work , why not look more closely to HOME and do something for the people and car industry of Australia. .

  6. Car types weren’t allowed to be imported because they didn’t meet unique ADRs. This was because they were deemed to be “unsafe” – but miraculously they will be safe when the calendar clicks over to 2017.
    Cynically, I look for “the money trail” when discussions like this are raised.

  7. About time Australia caught up with the rest of the world. Australia pays too much for motor vehicles compared to other countries. The days of the taxpayer funded sheltered workshops, aka Car Industry, are over. There are Leanna’s and there are Lifters.

  8. I would think that the global manufacturers will want to be part of this and will act the way electrical & IT manufacturers have. They will offer a Global warranty. Truck manufacturers already do this. Computer & phone manufacturers do. Apple offers world warranties. The local distributor or seller may offer a better warranty and hence you will pay for that. Shipping & insurance are already handled by most suppliers, so it’s a fairly simple process. When a X5 BMW sells in Australia for A$125k and you drive off the showroom floor for A$75 in The USA you will see some very quick changes to pricing in Australia by the local distributors to retain their numbers or they just may allow it and capitalise on the new Worksop & parts opportunities from the imports. Can’t wait for it to happen.

  9. Then we will get another moan from the government bods. Revenue is falling we cant afford to look after all the old people who paid taxes so back to work you go.

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    • Should be no moans as a closing manufacturing car industry here will actually save the govt a $1billion in subsidies. Yes there are job losses but the importers will also need people, the world has to move on or we just stagnate.

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