MURDOCH CALLS SNAP ELECTION; says country’s ungovernable 297



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He’s one of the most recognisable figures in the media world and even Rupert Murdoch has had enough: he’s called a snap election.

But why? Well, some of what he says makes a bit of sense while the rest, we’ll leave up for you to decide.

In a series of tweets today, Murdoch has said “Country almost ungovernable with any Senate majority impossible for either side to execute. Bilateral agreement to change urgent if unlikely” and said it may be the only hope for a country that is almost ungovernable. Would you agree?

Controversially, the newspaper mogul displayed his political leanings by clarifying that he was a Liberal voter and despite some blind spots Tony Abbott was by far the best alternative.

“[The] only hope is [a] new poll with govt of all the talents ready to work together with clear mandate for reform, bringing in new, young able people”, Murdoch tweeted. “Australia is a beautiful country with large problems”.

He went on to talk about jobs growth, the China FTA and drugs.

Looking at the polls today, Tony Abbott would win if there were a snap election. But who knows? Maybe he might hold on based on his biggest fan.


Take a look at his tweets and tell us, is Murdoch right? Do we need a snap election? Who would you vote for right now if you could and why?

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  1. I would vote Labor in the lower house, and voting below the line for independents or a minor party in the Senate. I think this current government is hopeless. I like that the Senate is not controlled by the governing party. I think it puts in a greater control against bad legislation passing

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    • $7 co-payments was one. Making the young unemployed wait several months before receiving unemployment benefits another. The list is long, unfortunately some of the things that got through I wish hadn’t.

    • Could have borrowed a few more billion dollars could have solved the short term problems for the welfare system. What we need is more people paying taxes instead of bluffing on the system…

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      • You are so right John , the more people working the more revenue there is.
        So why does Abbott not see that? He has put thousands out of work and because of the way he wants to run the country there will be more.
        It is a no Brainer.
        He scraped the carbon Tax which was bringing in revenue.
        He scraped the rent tax that was bringing in revenue.
        We now pay companies to pollute out of revenue??
        Nothing he does makes any sense.
        He has not lost his way, because he was never going any where.
        The three word slogans are running out of puff

    • Couldn’t agree more John Plummer…..about time the rich paid their fair share of taxes. I have certainly paid my fair share. The pollies could also stop bluffing on the tax system too. If everyone did pay their fair share then we wouldn’t have such a deficit.

    • Read The Senate’s role in The Constitution, you may be surprised to see that what they are doing is not their role.

    • Start jailing them for all this rorting, only trouble is the jails would be full and Bishop would have prisoner number 1 marked on her back

    • So with the senate powers one can blame the senate for just about everything as it is they who allow and disallow

    • Patricia how are they not performing their role. What section of the Constitution are they not complying with.

    • John, both the Senate (House of Review or Upper House) and House of Reps debate and pass bills, scrutinise the government of the day, and represent the people of Australia by keeping a check on things. Without this system we would have a very dictatorial government. Not good.

    • Ha it’s easy to pass bills when you have the money!

      Trying to pass bills that MAKE people tighten their belt is totally a different scenario… and one the left hate, they would rather borrow the money than make people go without their hand out.. including having policies that never plan to repay the money…

      Australia is not in the lefts best interest. The left cannot and never in my 60 years on this earth have known how to budget…

      The whole world is in debt! Financial disarray.. Really it’s just a matter of time b4 catastrophe, financial crisis… It’s at the door.

      We MUST be self reliant and that can ONLY be achieved through the sound financial management of the LNP government…

      You will either do this now or you be forced to live in a depression worse than we can even imagine.. And it will be your fault…

    • Excuse me John, “easy to pass bills when you have money”….what on earth has this got to do with anything? And whose fault will it be…..mine or the lefties? Australia is not in the left’s best interest!! What a load of nonsense this statement is. Would you like us all to leave? The left can’t budget either…..Well, this current government are pretty hopeless if you ask me. We shall just have to agree to differ on some things. Your entire statement has me baffled…..if I wasn’t a lady I would say you are talking out of your backside.

  2. He doesn’t have the right to comment at all ..he relinquished his Australian citizenship when he became a US citizen. He has too much influence via his media empire.Maybe that influence is being threatened ,eh? That being said I would vote Labor .

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  3. Great lets have an election and then we can get rid of the lies and this rancid goverment, bring in the greens instead they could not do worse than either party maybe even make this counrty great again a renewable future

  4. Murdoch should but out anyway, I try my hardest not to buy or support anything tarnished by the Murdoch name.

  5. I do agree but whats the point if daffy and donald duck get elected again? Well just have the same selfserving bigoted views and desicions

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