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When it comes to obituaries they’re usually a solemn and sad affair with little humour and colourful language. Not Angus McDonald’s though!

The 67-year-old passed away on Friday, but instead of tasking his family with writing an obituary about his life he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“So, the world doesn’t have Angus MacDonald to kick around anymore. I’m gone! The devil finally called my name. The grim reaper came for me on Friday,” he wrote.

After taking a moment to thank his family and much loved dog and rescue kitten, he went on to talk a bit more about his eventful life.

“So anyway, I think I was a pretty nice guy, despite being a former punk and despite what some people would say about me. What did they know about me anyway?”

He finished the letter by letting people know exactly how he feels about funerals.

“I don’t want a funeral, MacDonald wrote.  “A funeral is a waste of harrrrrrd earned and harrrrrrd saved money that my family can use now. I was a very private person in life, so I don’t want to end that life with people gawking at me while I lay in a coffin. I’m being cremated and my ashes are being scattered (somewhere).”

The obituary has received hundreds of comments from people around the world who were touched by his honesty and sense of humour.

“Did not know this guy but feel I have to comment. This is one of the best obits I have read in a long time. May you rest in peace Angus Brian MacDonald,” wrote one reader.

“I did not have the pleasure of meeting you, but you have inspired me to write mine, that was awesome. Scarlett is awaiting you. Rest in peace,” said another.

You can read the full obituary here.

Would you write your own obituary? Did Angus’ letter bring a smile to your face?

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  1. Yes, I will write my own obituary – people would expect that of me – I will make it as humourous as I can. I don’t want anyone crying because I’ve gone to a better place – I want them to remember how precious they all are to me and I will miss them all. I believe in the hereafter and am hoping to spend eternity with those who have gone before – they will all be waiting for me and I will be happy to be there with them.

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