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It’s not shaping up to be a great day for the Prime Minister. In addition to Glenn Lazarus, aka the “brick with eyes”, threatening to get him in a squirrel grip over coal seam gas, it looks like Malcolm Turnbull could be strategically positioning himself as the “rational” voice of the Liberal party.

The communications minister used markedly different language to the prime minster while talking about the threat of Islamic State extremists at a gathering last night.

“Just as it’s important not to underestimate or be complacent about the national security threat from Daesh [a derogatory name for ISIS], it is equally important not to overestimate that threat,” he said.

“Daesh is not Hitler’s Germany, Tojo’s Japan or Stalin’s Russia,” added Mr Turnbull.

He also pointed out that those with a common goal of defeating terrorism could have widely differing views on how to achieve this. This is in stark contrast to Mr Abbott’s comments that Labor “rolling out the red carpet” to terrorists by expressing concerns about the citizenship-revoking legislation.

Mr Turnbull said calling those who question the effectiveness of new national security measures as “friends of terrorists” was counterproductive.

“Denouncing those who question the effectiveness of new national security measures as friends of terrorists is as stupid as describing those who advocate them as proto-fascists,” he said.

It should be noted the minister was defending the government’s draft citizenship laws so he is still technically on the same page as the Prime Minister.

But while Tony Abbott has started to come across as being obsessed with terrorism, Mr Turnbull’s call for rational debate on the issue shows he’s not quite onside.

This comes just a day after Mr Turnbull kept silent on whether he would appear on Q&A despite the Prime Minister banning frontbenchers from appearing on the show. The Australian reports today Mr Turnbull has since said he will not appear on the show if the boycott is still in place.

Tell us, who would you prefer as leader of the Liberal party: Malcolm Turnbull or Tony Abbott? 


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  1. tonys doing. A great job just let him do it

    3 REPLY
    • You really can not believe that???
      I have always voted Lib but never again he is a national Disaster.
      .A complete Idiot.
      He only got in because he kept telling everyone about the LIE Gillard told about the carbon tax.
      Now have a look at him he just lies and lies and lies.
      If they do not through him out I will never vote LIB again.

  2. I beg to differ. Isis is as bad as hitler murder is murder they kill innocent people in their own country. What part of that is not what hitler did

  3. He cn join the Labor Party if he wants , won’t worry him if they wreck the country, he will keep his millions.

    1 REPLY
    • My wife and I will not be voting for this party no matter who leads, you may be wealthy but we are part pensioners and they caused us nothing but worry, at our time of life it is a disgrace

      1 REPLY
      • abbott is anti everything that pensioners fought a p art pensioner I will probably lose it when I have w orked hard and saved and never asked the govt for assistance.If turnbull revokes abbotts pension plan he,s my man

  4. The damage to our country under the present leader is unacceptable. Parliament is a disgrace.

    10 REPLY
    • Sad to say I have to agree Parlt is a disgrace. Question Time a waste of time and as for Bronwyn Bishop she is an utter disgrace as Speaker.

    • They will get no vote from the wife and me, they cause us a lot of worry about these pensions

    • Well plenty of others who have scrimped and saved and don’t need to rely on a full pension, I am not wealthy. we have lived on my incomes for 45 years. and we managed to have life and save a bit. No 2 incomes for us.

    • Nobody’s having a go at you Dawn Bruce. Yes I worked from the time that I was 16, had 2 children once we bought our first home, continued working even though I had young children, bought three properties during my marriage ….. but circumstances change unfortunately for some people. Are you asking for a medal ???

    • Lord help us all if labour was in govern. And as for stupid turncoat Turnbull, he needs to be in the labour or greens. but wait- he already tried that didn’t he and labour didn’t want him!

  5. Turnball needs to go back to the Labor party, his views are not that of a Liberal.

    17 REPLY
    • Malcolm is a Conservative ie do pretty much nothing, except that which benefits big business interests, farmers, miners and Private Health providers.

    • Possibly, Rosemary, I think he being a Catholic would have been probably more drawn to the now defunct Democratic Labour Party

    • Helen Smith I don’t know how you can say the libs are supporting the farmers. Right now they are doing their utmost best to run them off the farms so that the chinese & the miners can walk in & takeover.

    • You do realise that there are catholics in the labor party Lorraine. Religion has nothing to do with politics in this country …. or shouldn’t.

    • you will be happy to know then that wife and I will not vote Liberal if Malcom is leading nor with Abbott leading, as matter of fact if Donald Duck is the nominated leader of the Liberal Party, much as I get a chuckle from Donald I would not vote for him either. We don’t forget the lies they told to pensioner that easily

    • And David I haven’t, along with many others, have not forgotten the debacle of Rudd/Gillard/Rudd and back stabbing Shorten. God forbid we go through the deaths and mismanagement of funds under Labour again.

    • I had my say Lorraine Watson and nothing you can say will make me change my mind, I will be voting ALP and so will my wife, she is very sick and we don’t need to the added stress of this again, I am not interested in back and forth arguments with you that will achieve nothing

    • as with you I am also allowed my opinion, dont assume your wife is the only one who is sick. you have no idea of my circumstance.

    • Adding to my comment about farmers being forced off their farms.

      The Liberal Party’s minister for the Environment (mind you) has just announced the Chenhua Opencut Mine will GO AHEAD on the prime food bowl of the Liverpool Plains in NSW. Shame on him. Allan Jones is on holidays so just like Newman Greg Hunt makes his move.

  6. Malcolm Turnbull for Prime Minister. Yes.

    10 REPLY
    • Tony only got the job by ONE vote over Malcolm and don’t we wish a couple of the libs could have been sick that day. Wonder how many regret the way they voted?

    • Say no to Malcolm, no more of the same old same old, we need new blood. Parliamentary leaders not party followers.

    • What’s wrong with you people Malcolm had the leaders job and he stuffed up and the Libs gave him the arse ,Malcolm is for Malcolm look at me syndrome, if the labor party hadn’t stuffed the country up with there high spending you would all think tony Abbott was the greatest since sliced bread,I wonder how many of us could balance the books to get us out of the shit we are in

    • Labor isn’t an acceptable alternative. Seriously, can you imagine Shorten managing the country and what’s left of our funds???

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