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“Hi!  My name is Kevin and I’m here to help.” is the opening line of Kevin Rudd’s TED talk this week “Are China and the US Doomed to Conflict?” and as the leader stands on a global platform for the largest streaming video programs of leadership thinkers, TED, creating “ideas worth spreading” we are taken back to the time that he was our Prime Minister.  To when he couldn’t corral his own team’s support and was torn apart by awful political blows.  His leadership is, in this video as clumsily eloquent as it always was and perhaps it is the first signal that Kevin Rudd is ready to give a little of himself back to an Australia that coldly rejected him as Prime Minister.  Or maybe, in this international stance he is raising the flagpole of wanting to step his aspirations outside Australia, to being a world figure, a place he was always keen to be seen in.

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Kevin declares in his video that the most important thing that China and the US are going to have to do is to listen more to each other and develop an approach of  “constructive realism”.  Rocket science it isn’t but pragmatic leadership the world needs at this time of terrible conflict, it might just be.

And so we ask how you feel seeing Kevin 07 back on the world stage today, possibly for the first time in several years?  What job do you think he is setting himself up for next?

Watch Kevin Rudd’s TED speech above.



Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Here to help??????? You gotta be kidding .maybe helping yourself kevin

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    • Short-sighted comment. If it wasn’t for his government’s policies of pumping money into our economy during the GFC, we would have suffered the high levels of unemployment and other side effects that Europe and the U.S. suffered. People in this country should be thankful we dodged that horrible bullet. If it wasn’t for unscrupulous people trying to make a fast buck, eg. (ie Lend Lease and co) which by the way, our state government was responsible for putting them in charge as ‘middlemen’, along with the other ‘fly by nighter’ pink bat installers, there would not have been the negatives. It was imperative that they move quickly to create a ‘multiplier effect’ to keep the economy humming and keep people in work. Imagine the extra Centrelink payments to the unemployed and the reduction in tax revenue with less people employed. The then opposition, headed by that ‘great orator’ what’s his name-Tony Abbott- and the Murdoch press did a great job of maligning the Labour efforts and keeping the Australian public ignorant.

    • The GFC was set up by John Howard before those two fools got in. It was because the economy and budget was in such good credit from him that got us through the GFC! Then the two back stabbing fools got to it and started throwing it around willy nilly to get the votes that got us into the debt that we find ourselves in now!!

    • Agree fully Christine! Some people believe in fairy tales I’m afraid. For them to believe that is incredible. I guess Julia told them?

  2. Who cares…..can’t stand the man.

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    • Of course, I can’t honestly say that I admire or like any of the current politicians, or for a long time past…sigh.

    • You should be thankful he was our PM at the time of GFC and Australia survive that very well can you imagine what state we would be in if that idiot we have now had been PM with his hopeless treasurer.

    • I have been a Registered Psychiatric Nurse for over 40 years. I’ve seen a few Personality Disorders in my time. He certainly does not have narcasistic traits. !

    • One of the reasons I voted for Rudd was his straight forward talking to the people, (not like others in the same line of business who talked Down to the people, could never answer a question honestly and straight. Who explained what and why he was doing things for us, and No would not back down on what he thought was Right and Just. I.e. The carbon tax.) the few other men that did this was Keating, and Kennett and they too got the boot. All three men were articulate, clever and could see into the future. Most others do what they do be caused they are coerced and are greedy. I was disgusted at what happened to Rudd and the way it was done. Rudd has at least turned this around and legislation has gone through that no one ever again can get rid of an elected Prime Minister by this foul and disgusting manner. As for Rudd, yes go on to the world stage, he is aptly and immensely capable in working with world leaders and advising/helping them to understand the intricacies of the Chinese. Our loss Australia but the Worlds Gain

  3. He is so irrelevant here he has to go overseas for his fill of attention.

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  4. Sorry.
    I am a staunch labor supporter but I can not stand this person. To me he comes across as rude and arrogant and a massive bully boy. I believe he singke handedly brought down the labor government with his greed for power. He and Abbott are identical. Their way or the highway. He will find life a bit harder in the real world where he isn’t protected by parliamentary privilege.

  5. if he has the capacity to help, then let him help..what can it hurt? He is not the PM anymore and we are still paying him..he may as well do something for the money. If is a US China conflict..I can’t imagine it would be much good of Australia.

  6. no matter what you say …. he is still the only western leader who can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. This man is a true blue world statesman.

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