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Former Liberal treasurer Joe Hockey will say to farewell to Parliament later this week after a career that promised so much but fizzled out after a tough budget and comments like: “The poorest people either don’t have cars or actually don’t drive very far in many cases.”

It’s a sad ending for someone who was at one time the heir apparent to the Liberal leadership. Remember him in the “Big Guns of Politics” segment on Sunrise in the early 200s debating Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd? Mr Hockey came across as an avuncular uncle and their humorous debates made the driest of topics interesting. In fact, up to 30,000 additional viewers would tune in specifically for that segment.

At the height of his popularity, many Australians thought Mr Hockey would make a good prime minister. A news poll in late 2009 placed Joe Hockey at 33 per cent, Malcolm Turnbull at 30 per cent and Tony Abbott at 19 per cent, when voters were asked who would be the “best person to lead” the Liberal Party.

Mr Hockey challenged unsuccessfully for the leadership in a three-way ballot with Mr Abbott and Mr Turnbull later that year but lost in the first round. Re-grouping, he went on to be treasurer of the Abbott Government from September 2013 until September 2015.

But his tough budget in 2014, based on a large deficit, was widely criticised as “unfair” and his popularity plummeted after some insensitive comments. Who can forget his comment during a discussion of housing affordability when he advised first home buyers to “get a good job that pays good money”?

Despite this and continued calls for Mr Hockey to be replaced, then Prime Minister Mr Abbott remained loyal, saying he had every confidence in his treasurer.

After the spill, Mr Hockey was offered a different position in Cabinet from incoming Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, but declined it and announced his intention to resign.

“In each and every ministry … I have sought to do my very best for the people of Australia,” he said, in announcing his intention to resign.

“It was a great privilege to serve on the front bench. I will have more to say in due course, but for the sake of my young family – to whom I owe so much – I have decided to bring my parliamentary career to a close.”

His resignation means there will be by-election in the seat of North Sydney, but exactly when is not yet known.


Are you sad or glad that Mr Hockey is quitting Parliament? Did you ever think he would be prime minister one day?

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  1. its a bit late he has already helped stuff up this country looking after the rich & robbing the poor

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      • You are special mate. Fair dinkum. Real special.
        Never mind the rest of the economic world, stick with the rusted on tin eared loyalists, It’s all about winning mate.

      • So you have forgotten that we sailed through the meltdown of financial systems by the good governance of the Labor Party.
        And you are very rude Graham Fraser to call people imbeciles.
        Joe made a complete hash of the budget with more money going to the rich and the poor being punished at every turn.

    • Sadly Rudd and Gillard were the ones that robbed from the poor and gave to the rich and now we’re in a $750 billion dollar hole . Unless all the poor are feeling $750 billion richer . I’m guessing they aren’t . The hypocrisy is staggering .

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    • Actually Rick, you are wrong. It was Rudd & Swan who were credited with saving Australia from the GFC with the steps they took to stimulate our economy, which kept us with a triple AAA rating & we were the envy of the world. Swan was voted the worlds best Treasurer. The only other Australian Treasurer to receive that accolade was Paul Keating. No hypocrisy here.

    • Judith Strahan Not really, the exercise cost Millions more fixing the problems. Pink batts, T Abbott had to pay compensation to businesses, deaths !!!!! School halls , a disaster from what I herd & now he is in NY being kept by us . What a jerk

    • “sad end to a career that promised so much” You must be joking! The man’s a liar, (remember when as a student getting a free university education, he organised protests against fees?!) he’s completely out of touch with Australians, believes the poor and vulnerable should balance the budget when big business receives $40 billion a year in subsidies and it was the greed of the bankers and corporations that caused the GFC! Holy moley, this man’s a gaping hole in common sense. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Shame he’ll never actually have to do an actual day’s work for the entirety of his useless, wasted life.

  2. I liked Joe Hockey I thought he was doing alright as treasure sad to see him go

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    • Unfortunately when we bring up to 17000 refugees in the country a year you have to look after them so the bill goes up. Interest rates on money u borrowed goes up.You can only get things passed if you have a Senate that agrees with your policies. I’m not saying he was a good treasurer but I am saying he should have remained on as treasure until the next election so should Abbott. The third budget is always the friendiest budget and I deon’t think Morrision knows how to continue the budget set by Hockey so I don’t think there will be another budget until the next election.

  3. I do not wish any negativity to Joe, he is a human being, look at shorten going after Turnbull about the cayman is, well shorten and other labor politicians got caught with their pants down as they also bank there.

  4. I dont think he was that bad a ‘polly’ at all…. we have had worse and compared to some others he is a likeable man. If its time to move on then maybe thats the best for him personally with a young family.

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  5. Early in his career I thought he was a good politician. He lost his humanity and became the working class’s worst nightmare. No second chances from me,I’m glad to see him go.

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