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The Brexit results have polarised a lot of people and celebrities like Jamie Oliver do not like the direction that Britain is taking.

The celebrity chef is completing a two-year production on a new series that looks at parts of the world where diets help people live longer and happier. However after the referendum, he took to Instagram to give his opinions on the outcome.

While Oliver says he accepts the results of Brexit, he can’t help but feel a bit emotional stating “I finish my journey on the beautiful island of Sardinia, where at the end of the day’s filming, as the sun set – I looked back and saw the European flag. For me.. symbolic and very sad. But in life, you don’t always get what you want. So guys, whether you voted In or Out, we are where we are.”

Where Oliver draws, the line is in the push for Boris Johnson to become Prime Minster. Oliver made his point very clear on the social media page saying “But I beg you one thing Great Britain. Give me Boris f****** Johnson as our Prime Minister and I’m done.”

Oliver stated that he believes the Brexit referendum has already brought great unrest to Europe, its people, and divided the citizens of England. While he is happy to return to England and “work harder than ever to make this work” he won’t do it with Johnson as PM. After all the work that he has done in Australia with his restaurant, his Ministry of Food, and his ties to Woolworths perhaps the next place of residency could be down under.

A thought for Great Britain….. For the last two years, I have been filming all over the world in places where people live the longest, healthiest, happiest and most productive lives studying there food and culture. And now I finish my journey on the beautiful island of Sardinia, where at the end of the day’s filming, as the sun set – I looked back and saw the European flag. For me.. symbolic and very sad. But in life you don’t always get what you want. So guys, whether you voted In or Out, we are where we are. But at some point soon we all need to come back together and make the best of what will be a very bumpy 5 years. This referendum has fractured Europe, divided families and split the country. The divorce of our European marriage will be very costly and provoke a bitterness towards us as a trusted country in the world…However I do believe in democracy and Britain has spoken. In my own way I will now roll up my sleeves and work harder than ever to make this work. But I BEG YOU ONE THING GREAT BRITAIN ???? Give me Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister and I’m done. I’m out. My faith in us will be broken forever. So speak up people – let’s stop being spectators! We can not let this happen- share the hell out of this !! #BuggerOffBoris Trust and building relationships with other country’s is the only currency that really works. (Tune — #TemperTrap)

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Do you think Jamie is right about Johnson being the wrong man to lead Britain? Would you welcome Oliver as an Australian if he does indeed leave?

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  1. Dear Jamie
    I agree with you about Boris, however; when I lived in Britain, pre EU, it was fine! Well, it was fine until they changed to decimal currency! The point is, I think it will be fine again, once the dust settles , but you need good and fair leadership! You need James Corbyn.

  2. Basil Fawlty would do a better job than Fawlty Boris !!

  3. Welcome to Australia where you will only be welcome if you are perfect and if you are a racist bigot who would prefer to see people blown apart by bombs than to offer them refuge. Welcome to Australia if you are looking forward to a civil war brought about by the attitudes of selfishness that is sadly becoming the norm for what was once a great country.

    2 REPLY
    • Ann Wolski your name sound Europien so if you don’t like hear in this grate country please fil free……

    • Oh please get a grip and a passport out of here!

  4. dread to think what will happen with Johnson as the PM, of course Jamie is welcome in Australia, anytime

    1 REPLY
    • Yes jamie i agree with you.and i would welcome you and the family.💚 to Australia. ….would be a big move but well worth itl…ll

  5. Come on down Jamie and beautiful family we welcome you with open arms and tummies.

  6. There is a picture floating around with all these Bullingdon club silver spooners lying around looking like the ordained to rule set at some toffy University.
    They pretty much made it too. Cameron, Johnson, Osborn & the rest.
    If ever the cast of “Yes Minister” parodied anyone, it was these bunch of inherited pillocks.

  7. Jamie is right. Both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage have lied to the people of the UK and led them down a destructive, divisive and difficult path. Right now the break up of the UK is a real possibility and its place in the world has been severely damaged. So many industries rely on economic assistance from the EU that the future is looking very grim. While Jamie and his family would be welcomed in Australia, he loves his homeland and it’s going to need people like Jamie now more than ever.

  8. Come on down Jamie. We need entrepreneurs.

  9. Your more than welcome in Australia. Imagine what our world would be like with borosilicate Johnson as British pm and Donald trump as president of the us. Lord help us!

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    • Add to that the bottomless money pit of the Shorten party and we are doomed

  10. Come to New Zealand Jamie ..it’s beautiful..no stress ..we came from Scotland nine years ago ..never regretted it ..wonderful for bringing up your children x

  11. Jamie don’t act the spoilt child ” if your not playing by my rules l will take my bat an ball and go home” This is why the world is in such a bloody mess, everyone wants their own way, no one works together and the 1% think because they have the money it will be done their way. Sorry us peasants as the elite think of us have had enough and as we still live in a democracy we have a vote and with that vote as you found out we have a voice, and if you are leaving your country because the man you don’t like may be the new leader for maybe one term, l don’t particularly want anyone emigrating to my country for such a shallow reason.

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