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He’s one of the most famous and successful celebrity chefs in the world, but Jamie Oliver might be forced to close his doors in Australia after a huge fail.

‘Jamie’s Italian’ restaurant chain is hugely popular in Australia, but due to the sudden collapse of the third party company that runs his restaurants here it could be about to go under – and Jamie is furious.

The Keystone Group, which is responsible for the restaurants owes $34 million in unsecured debt meaning Jamie’s eateries could be sold off in a ‘fire sale’ in order to pay the bills.

After spending years building his reputation and a solid name for himself in business in Australia, Jamie is reportedly fuming that his name is being “dragged through the mud”.

“Jamie demanded some answers and made it clear that he was not at all happy with the fact that his name has been dragged down into a mess,” said one of Jamie’s associates.

“He resents the idea that his ­restaurants, which he sees as the only profitable businesses that Keystone operated, are being touted as being the subject of a fire sale.

“He gets final say over who takes over the operation of the business and wanted to make it clear he was extremely unhappy with the way the matter has been handled.”

The drama comes just days after Jamie and his wife Jools welcomed the birth of their fifth child, a little boy.

It’s not known if Jamie will try to keep the restaurants here afloat or if he will pack up and close his doors in Australia for good.

Have you been to Jamie’s Italian? Are you a fan of Jamie Oliver?

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  1. Yes….in Perth about a year ago…loved it!

  2. I live in Melbourne, the restaurant capital of the country. Never heard of his restaurant here.

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    • Sheena, he doesn’t have a restaurant here in Melbourne
      There used to be one called “Fifteen” that traded under his auspices but it closed possible 8-10 years ago

  3. Did’nt even know he had restaurants here in Oz!!

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  4. We enjoyed Jamie’s restaurant in Adelaide city on New Years Day 2014
    We were in Adelaide for the first time and were there for a wedding
    Loved the atmosphere and the meals

  5. I went to the one in Manchester just before I flew home to oz. It was wonderful. I’d just buried my mum and my niece took me there to cheer me up. Fantastic food and service. The waiters name was mat and he was just lovely.

  6. I went to one in Richmond, London in 2010 and the food was great. I hope to go again next time I am over there.

  7. Yes we’ve been and it was fabulous but the prices are a bit hefty. perhaps that’s why they are not doing too well

  8. Yes I’ve been to Jamie’s in Adelaide, & going again in a few days time. Great place.

  9. I went in Canberra, food was good but nothing out of the ordinary and the service was bad on several counts. I sent them a review and no one ever contacted me. I haven’t been back.

  10. I was so looking forward to eating in Jamie’s Sydney restaurant as I am a huge fan of his and have all his cookery books. We were there end of May this year and was so disappointed with my steak dinner. The steak was tough and extremely fatty and whoever cooked it had no idea at all as I think he cooked it straight from the fridge and not at room temperature. I did complain to the manager who was very sympathetic and was given free dessert. However, we will not be returning as there are plenty of good restaurants in and around Sydney and I think Jamie would have been horrified at my steak dinner!

  11. I celebreted my September birthday last year at Jamie in Brisbane and loved everything.

  12. I celebreted my September birthday last year at Jamie in Brisbane and loved everything.

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