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Polarising senator Jacqui Lambie has started the ball rolling on her own political party: The Jacqui Lambie Network. ABC reports Ms Lambie has applied to register the party, a bold move.

One wonders who will join this party with the outspoken senator, but time will tell – Jacqui doesn’t need to have 500 members because she is already an MP. After leaving the Palmer United Party in November, it seems the Tasmanian politician has been working on creating her own party.

According to the ABC, the Australian Electoral Commission has put ads in Tasmanian newspapers this morning so that the public can lodge objections.

Rob Messenger, spokesman for Senator Lambie, said the party would first focus on fielding Senate candidates, but would not rule out contesting elections for other levels of government.

The party will also oppose the introduction of Sharia law in Australia, and try to establish a national apprentice, trade and traineeship system to help boost Defence Force recruitment, as well as attempt to introduce a financial transactions tax.

There’s more to come in this developing story.


Tell us today, would you get behind the Jacqui Lambie Network if it were in your state? Do you stand for what she stands for? 

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  1. God another Pauline Hansen both with the equivalent IQ of a rotten bannana. Australian politics wjth her and that kangaroo poo throwing Ricky Muir have to be the laughing stock of the rest of the world

    10 REPLY
    • And do you really believe that your post shows that you are intelligent with a decent IQ.
      I think not…..

    • I agree Ruth Hourigan. And even more to point does she believe the ones running our country are any better.

    • Ruth she is a rorter and as for IQ mine is 140 what is yours

      1 REPLY
      • Mine is 147 Pekens Jacob and i think you are an idiot.Yes i do have the papers to prove it.

    • Lambie assulted a fellow soldier she was found out on rorting compo she used the system to get a boob reduction then went out on compo with a bad back later proven to be untrue and you want to vote for this god help us she will have leglisation in plac for everyone to go on the dole forever

    • Dear June ever thought about returning to that primival muddy swamp from hence you once emerged happy to shout you a cask of plonk to take with you

    • I have no wish to make this any more personal that it has already become so, suffice to say, Pekens, through life I have met an occasional other with a moderate IQ with a similar inability to express their views.

    • it is so sad that a lot of people think the way they do…. ordinary people are the workers and small business operators. the politicians are the educated and join their party of choice when teen ages or are born into it…. they have meetings all the time on how to drain the ordinary and keep them ordinary… jaqui is an ordinary person . so what if she snotted some one who cares … thats why they go to the forces and get trained in self defense. but unfortunately too many people are greedy in parliament go in it for themselves not the people…To know what the people need and want , one has to have lived like and worked like an ordinary person…..LABOUR DONT HAVE A CLUE They white collar workers just like the rest of them… show ponies… sold us out and then expect us to go to battle to bail our the mess…..

    • So Ok Dianne its ok for her to hit someone but what about her workers compo rort was it ok also for her to rip off the system was it ok to also get a boob reduction compliments of the army before she tossed it in shortly after. So you are saying it is ok for us commoners to rip off workers comp come on Lambie is a drop kick who will now retire after 6 years with $180 thousand dollars a year pension for the rest of her life she is a waste of air space

  2. If somebody names a party after themselves it is not getting my vote. Too much about ego and the cult of personality. As I like Nick Xenophon last election I tried to get information on Nick Xenophon’s candidates but practically the whole website was about him. As much as admire Jacqui’s frank honest approach I don’t like many of her views. I can’t see this being a successful venture.

    4 REPLY
    • Give her a chance.She may not be a Rhodes s cholar like the Budgey Smuggler she is having a go and her inexperience will only improve if we, the public , coach and guide her and I also think that she will listen.If she doesn’t listen, she too will be out on her ass.xbaxy

    • Mkke here-I was under the impression that a certain pollie who was a Rhodes Scholar got it more for his boxing abilities than his academic abilities, could hzve heard wrong though.

    • Jennifer Baxter I much admire her as a politician of principle. I don’t share all her views but admire her fighting spirit. She like Ricky Muir muddled through their first couple of months in politics but they are a breath of fresh air amid the party politics. I just don’t like political parties named for an individual it detracts from the concept of equality and democracy, as with Clive Palmer the ‘party’ can be expected to follow the leader.

    • Any person who is getting THAT salary should be working for it. Her & Lazerus told the press, they will not even look at anything put up by Govt. unless it is about Tas. or ADF. Sack them both. She cant get along with anyone by look of it, gets whole Army off side, then Clive, and the other PUP candidate.

  3. She just keeps keeping on.
    Good luck to her.
    I’m not in Tasmania so I won’t vote for hwr. But if she is what the Tasmanians want, then she should be allowed to have a go.

    1 REPLY
    • Lambie assulted a fellow soldier she was found out on rorting compo she used the system to get a boob reduction then went out on compo with a bad back later proven to be untrue and you want to vote for this god help us she will have leglisation in plac for everyone to go on the dole forever

  4. Australia is a ‘democracy’ (we believe) so she is free if meets the ‘rules’ to begin a party. Not the party of my choice, but others may follow.

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