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If you find yourself gasping at the price of a shopping trolly full of fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods, you’re not alone.

A new report has found that healthy food is more expensive than much of the junk food on offer – especially for those living outside of the capital cities.

In Victoria alone, the price of fruit and veggies has risen 12 per cent on average making it harder for people to stock up on healthy choices.

Researcher Claire Palermo said the study found that the further a person lived from the city the higher the produce cost.

“The cost of food is one of the major factors influencing the choice of food, so if a healthy diet is less affordable it’s something people are less likely to buy,” she said.

“Another key finding was the fluctuation in price of fruit and vegetables compared to other food groups in the basket.

“When a food group is one week expensive and the next week not as expensive, people’s consumption of those foods may vary, and they’re obviously the two food groups we’re wanting people to have more of.”

It’s not just regional shoppers facing a price battle though, city-dwellers and those living all across the country are feeling the pinch when it comes to healthy eating.

Supermarkets shelves these days seem to be lined with cheap junk food options that are high in fat and sugar or healthy ‘fad’ foods like chia seeds and goji berries which cost up to $30 per kilo – a price that is simply out of reach for many Australians.

Studies have found that the price of healthy foods have risen in Australia over recent years, while similar junk food items have remained steady at a lower cost.

With Australia currently facing a dangerous obesity problem, it’s no wonder so many people are crying out for cheaper fruit and veg and other healthy options.

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