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Just when we thought the “goings on” in Parliament couldn’t get any worse, they take a turn from the sublime to the ridiculous. Case in point: a parliamentary committee has been investigating how a 20-year-old, $500 marble table was smashed.

Given the amount we pay our pollies, that must mean it is probably the most expensive marble table in Australia. Just take a moment to add up the salary of Labor’s Penny Wong and all those who have been dragged into the “enquiry” – $10,000, $20,000 $30,000? Whatever it is, it is way beyond what this table is worth.

Okay, so parliamentary officials believe the table “may have been damaged by a person standing or dancing upon it” so it wasn’t just a normal accident and it is fair that someone should pay for it. There is a principle at work here.

But where do you draw the line? Should Parliament be spending its time debating such things?

Thankfully, the saga is now at an end, with ex-PM Tony Abbott volunteering to pay for the table top because it was smashed during a party he held the night he was toppled as prime minister.

The news has been welcomed by Labor’s ‘Waste Watch’ spokesman Pay Conroy, who said he was relieved this sordid affair has come to an end but disappointed it had taken a month to get to the bottom of it.

“I’m disappointed about the damage to the public property because all politicians need to be very conscious of their use of the public purse,” he said.

But mystery still shrouds who actually did break the table because no one is confessing. One politician who was in a wheelchair the next day says his injury was a running injury and hotly denies it had anything to do with the smashed table.

“This is really, frankly, a waste of everyone’s time,” he added, after repeated questioning on the subject.

What do you think? Was Labor right to pursue this matter, or does the politician who said it was “a waste of everyone’s time” have a point?

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  1. Enquiries such as this show the total disdain politicians have for the electorate.If the table was in the care of Abbott it should be him that pays for damaging public property .For the fucktards in the labor party that tried to get political gain from this there time would be better spent paying off the huge debts they accumulated while “governing”the country

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    • don’t appreciate the swearing and I be not be condemning the ALP , I would be looking at the source of this ruckus , they should never have been in there drunk and disorderly

    • if you don’t like the language don’t read my comments,and if it had been in shortens office some idiots in the liberals would have done the same thing.ALL POLITICIANS treat the electorate as mindless zombies and are a waste of air

    • Probably not Hazel from what I read a heavy man was dancing on it until it broke, Abbott should be paying for it, we have many PM’S lose their jobs icluding Howard but none have behaved as disgracefully as this.. you have no repect for women Tony Belcher, no wonder you vote Liberal

    • ho ho rosalind you are so funny ,but watch your language or you will upset libbi and that would be a shame

    • Get over it, get a life and constructively engage in a more positive attitude to the running of this great Country.

    • Goodness me Tony that is so accurate . If this was the ALP , can’t see them putting their hand in their own pockets , they would find some way of claiming it from someone else , that’s their thing .

  2. well, it goes to show the calibre of the politicians we have. not one of them could stick their hand up and say “I broke the Table, so what now.” A bloody $500 table and they all turn to water. what a bunch of cowards. Christ they could each of put in $20 and the table could have been replaced, no they had to lie about it, the method that comes most naturally to them all. You gutless pricks.

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    • It proved to me that they did the right thing by ousting Abbot not that I had any doubt, the behaviour was not Primeministerial was it Fred ?

    • Excuse me, last I read Abbott volunteered to pay for the damage out of his own pocket. Get a grip!

    • yes he did Marie and so he should because the person who broke it has not come forward, it is not thousands of dollars, compared to the money they make it is a small amount.. the person who broke it should be taking responsibility themselves and paying.

    • Abbott only offered to pay for it because it became public knowledge that it was broken. Why are they having drunken parties in Parliment House anyway?

    • The table cost $500 back in the 1980’s. Today it will be worth about 20 times that much. It is Italian marble which is nowdays a highly valued sort after material.

    • abbott didn’t break it fred he just paid for it because the d h that broke it wimped out

    • It cost me well over $500 for my coffee and sofa tables with glass tops in the 80’s …… so that marble table was a bargain. You’re right Ruth, it certainly will cost mega bucks to have that marble replaced. If someone sat on one I’ve my tables I know what I’d say …. so, apparently they had no regard for public property !

    • I know Abbott didn’t break it, but let me ask this, how many people in that room have, “The Honorable” before their name officially and how many of them are actually honourable. the answer in case you can’t figure it out is NONE. they are all pigs at the trough. everyone of them had salaries bigger than a Kardashian arse and they were all worried about $500, shit.

  3. Funny how Tony Abbott is now only offering to pay for the damage now the public knows about it. He should have done the decent thing and paid for the damage immediately. The property does not belong to them personally, it belongs to Australia.

  4. The politician who was in a wheel chair spent over $25000 on an overnight trip to Norfolk Island to tell them how to run their island, so he is not afraid to spend public money

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    • Just wondering if he claimed the injury as a workplace injury??!! No doubt the cost of his medical bills were covered by all of us.

    • Don’t worry nothing they claim could be more than shorten and all his cronies gave stolen from union funds .

  5. What disgusted me about this, is that sounded like a drunken party in our Parliament house. I read reports of Tony Abbott dancing shirtless around his office. If they want to behave like this, do it in their own homes

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    • I hope the Australian tax payers aren’t paying for the wild party !!!! I believe Rabbit is paying for repairs to the table …. just imagine being in that room on the night, I’d imagine a few four letter words were being thown around lol

    • I think you would find that taxpayers did pay for the alchohol, they sure paid for the cleaning bill

    • I wonder if there where any invited foreign bidders for the slices of Aussie on their books for sale?

    • You tell me don’t believe everything you read in News, This has been totally exagerated by the left . BY gee TA has gone and you rabble are still on about it,, give it a rest. ALL day in Parliament over a table, Bill Shortens M other in Law spent more on Flowers in a week . Thousands & thousands on flowers I suppose US taxpayers paid for them , Had to mention as some fool mentioned the bill for Alcohol , which may or may not have been paid for by taxpayers

    • Dawn Bruce Bill Shortens Mother in law was the Governor General of this county and she not engaged in a drunken stoush in Parliament House, That women has more dignity than Abbott and his crew will ever be able to muster. That table was paid for by taxpayers , NOT by The Liberal Party. But new one will be payed for by Abbott because what ever Liberal Politician hoisted his big fat behind on that table , were to they were to cowardly to admit they broke it..this will all go on Abbott’s record and in the history books

    • I love it when you get feisty Libbi. I want an “I love Libbi “tee shirt. And your right she was a wonderful GG.

    • Libbi WE still paid for flowers , A small fortune, That woman cost Aust a fortune & is still costing us with thousands on trips to O seas, Didn’t like her, too swarmy AND I believe she had a knowledge of papers being shredded on rape of Aborigine girls . Never liked her after that, kept quiet , her job was more important . A few others were implicated as well.

    • Dawn Bruce if you are going to keep trolling or I will block you, it is part of her job to have flowers for visiting dignitaries, if look at the current Governor General you will find his office also has fresh flowers. You may not have liked her but many in this country did and had a lot of respect for her, she was and still is always dignified

    • Dawn Bruce
      You have been listening to rumours that are a load of crap. How about providing real evidence of your claims and accusations rather than just trolling.

    • I read about it somewhere Beattie, GG, maybe Bligh. years ago, Do you people think I make things up , Of course I haven’t got proof I probably never owned a computer then, The papers were shredded as they were kids in care of the state . You bring up all this garbage about things happening 20 years ago .

    • Ruth Hourigan Too long ago wouldn’t have had a computer then , only had iPad for 4 years . BUT I do listen to news and read the paper each day

  6. I’m sick of the childish pranks of our POLITICIANS and I do mean all of them they are a disgrace.

  7. What an absolute disgrace and what about the sanctity of our Parliament ?and I bet taxpayers paid for all the grog they were guzzling

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    • Dawn Bruce it only happened a few weeks ago and has only just been bought to public attention now, I suggest you grow up by the sounds of it you are suffering from dementia, this is taxpayers property and was done in our Parliament and we all will have an opinion on it

    • Yes and my opinion of it is how come Abbott was throwing a party when he lost! Couldn’t go much lower Mr. Abbott, nice offering to pay for the table, how about all the grog as well.

    • I agree Denise, why wasn’t he home with his wife …… oh that’s right, he turned his back on her and his daughters on election night ……. I could call him an arsehole, but I won’t 😉

  8. Give it a rest u idiots he broke a table but they broke Australia.

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    • yep ad it will take years if ever for Australia to recover from Abbott and since your calling names to people you don’t know..when will you get you get into into your lame brain that everyone is entitled to an opinion without you name calling?

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