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Greece is officially in default today, having missed a €1.6 billion payment to the International Monetary Fund. It is the first developed country ever to fall into default with the global crisis lender.

A last-minute bailout is looking unlikely.

But one young man from the UK reckons all that’s needed is a bit of a whip-round from the citizens of the European Union to get Greece back on its feet.

Thom Feeney, a shoe-shop employee from York has launched a crowdfunding campaign via IndiGoGo to raise the €1.6 billion needed to repay the IMF debt.

His campaign has already raised half a million euros, donated by more than 30,000 concerned citizens.

Mr Feeney writes on his page, “All this dithering over Greece is getting boring. European ministers flexing their muscles and posturing over whether they can help the Greek people of not. Why don’t we the people just sort it instead?

“The European Union is home to 503 million people, if we all just chip in a few Euro then we can get Greece sorted and hopefully get them back on track soon. Easy.”

The 29-year old has responded to concerns his campaign is a joke, or a way for the crowdfunding platform to make money from its commission.

“I can understand why people might take it as a joke, but Crowdfunding can really help because it’s just a case of getting on and doing it,” shays Mr Feeney. “I was fed up of the Greek crisis going round in circles, while politicians are dithering, this is affecting real people. While all the posturing is going on, then it’s easy for the politicians to forget that. I just thought, sod it, I’ll have a crack.”

With crowdfunding campaigns, it is typical to offer rewards for your donation. Rewards for contributing to the Greek Bailout Find include postcards from the troubled country,  a bottle of ouzo and Greek salad.

It seems the idea is to use the money to stimulate the Greek economy rather than actually pay back the IMF.

“Pledge €3 and get a postcard sent from Greece of Alex Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister. We’ll get them made and posted in Greece and give a boost to some local printers and post offices.”

Will it work?

“OK, it might be a short while for the cash to get fully into the Greek economy,” says Mr Feeney. “But hell – what is there to lose? Another Tesco Meal deal? Ah well. We promise that all profits will go to the Greek people and all products will be 100 per cent Greek.”
As with most crowdfunding campaigns, if the ambitious total amount is not met, donors are not charged.

“I hope very much that the campaign will reach the target, I think it will be a victory for people power,” says Mr Feeney.

What do you think of this idea – could people power save Greece? Would you consider chipping in? 


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  1. Thousands of Greek people are headed here using the family reunion scheme, I am waiting for Abbott to stop the planes

  2. It’s silly really. This would only help temporarely. What they really need is to remove causes that brought them into this situation not sympathy.

    1 REPLY
    • Yes, but is such a humane thing to do. I like the idea.

  3. The Greek loss may yet be Australia’s gain. They have generally been excellent ‘New Australians’ prepared to work hard and well.

    7 REPLY
    • australia / melbourne has the most greeks living there outside greece itself and has done for over 50 years

    • The Greeks are great hard working people & have been in this country for many many years,wish the lot they are bringing in now were half as good as the Greeks,but unfortunately they are not…

    • Well said John, I believe we are all hard working people….but where are the jobs? Mate manufacturing is dissapearing overseas, everything made in China, less jobs and employment for the next generation, let’s bring in more people to live on the dole.

    • So WHY all of a sudden , Greece is broke so more people with no money can come to Australia , and live off us !!
      If labor get into power here , we will be in the same boat , anyone concerned about that ?
      You cannot live a life of wasting money , giving away free money, billions actually for people who don’t want to work , because they get more on welfare than any pay check they could get .
      And all the freebies everyone keeps screaming out for , all the financial aid we provide to countries who bad mouth us at every turn , all the do gooders who think we should give up some of our life style so the bludgers can live better , the greenies who think we should go back to leaving trees alone and wipe our A%^*# with what ? bark and leaves our hands ? the ALP idiots who think big business , ( who provide work / pay checks ) should be put out of business because the make to much money . And to all the whingers and whiners wno are ALWAYS complaining about tax , and how the ( financially responsible LNP ) are trying to make cut backs , take a good look at
      Greece . And thank yourselves lucky we have at least ONE political
      party that can at least understand the importance of NOT overspending and having bank A/C in the black .

    • A different generation too… A lot of the younger ones want the ‘good life’ without putting in the hard yards first, everywhere is the same.

  4. I agree Greece has to get to the real cause of its woes
    I actually don’t know but its biggest money earner would be tourism and we all is it only takes one incident and that can be wiped out
    The Greek community came to Australia to be rid of the treachery , dishonesty , bribery and deceit from people in power over many decades
    They need to fix

  5. It sounds good but it is just more money coming out of the working class pockets to give more money to the banks which already control the world.

  6. this should have never been alolwed to happen was it the unions ,the people ,or the stupid government of the day,because this almost happened in australia when hawke / keating and the unions ran the country back in 1988/1989 banks/ building funds went broke and we all still pay for their fuckups today.EOS

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  7. Good idea in theory but I can see problems arising from this venture. Hope they have some success at least so that the Greek people can actually see something being done to bring their economy up to scratch.

  8. the PIGS & I (Portugal , Italy , Greece , Spain & Ireland ) have been in trouble since the beginning of the EU .
    They had the heaviest loss on conversion to the Euro from their currency’s as apposed to the German’s French Dutch & Belgium .
    I have very little sympathy for them , when I was in Europe & Ireland in 2002 & 2006 the governments of those countries were spending
    borrowed money like it was going out of fashion and nobody had any idea of paying it back and nobody even questioned it , when we
    discussed it with the locals even in Ireland everybody acted like it never had to be paid back , the Italians had the view that it was their right to take the money in payment for what was done to the loss on the Lira .
    No they got themselves into it , let them go back to the Dracmah and lose again .

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