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In looking through the morning’s papers I couldn’t help but notice that Bill Shorten’s admitted lie to Neil Mitchell on 3AW seems to be big news. The front pages of the papers and the websites are all referencing his apparently huge fib to the morning radio presenter at the time of the Rudd/Gillard leadership spill as sacrilegious and the Libs are using it as a political card, saying that the misleading of the presenter on air is a defining moment that shows Shorten’s character.

But today we want to know what you think? Do you think all practiced politicians lie when they need to? Or is this a true test of character in your eyes?

This is all being stirred up after the highly controversial show The Killing Season aired again on Tuesday night and showed the breakdown of the Labor party at its worst.

In case you’ve missed the story on the cover of every paper… let’s set the scene before our discussion.

The Killing Season described a meeting between Mr Rudd and Mr Shorten on the night of the press gallery’s Midwinter Ball on June 19, 2013. According to Rudd’s adviser, Patrick Gorman, Bill Shorten had met with Kevin Rudd in Richard Marles’ office. Yet, Mr Shorten went on air with Neil Mitchell on 3AW two days later and argued firmly that he had not been asked to “review” his support for Julie Gillard before the spill.

According to the SMH, when specifically asked, Mr Shorten said on June 21 2013 that he had not spoken to Mr Rudd about the leadership.

But the moment everyone is now baying about is this. During his program on Wednesday morning this week, Mitchell could see the difference in the events and pushed the politician for his honesty.  Mitchell replayed the audio from The Killing Season and the segment from his program back in 2013, challenging Shorten to explain.

And he has, saying he lied. He has admitted privately to Mitchell that “he didn’t want to make an already diabolical situation worse”.

So today the discussion we want to have is not about which side of the political fence you sit on, but whether all politicians will omit the truth or lie to suit their political circumstances and how much heat you think Shorten should be taking for this? 

Please keep the discussion kind to each other.

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. I am not going to believe a thing Abbott or the media says, any small lie Shorten did is nothing compared to many lies Abbott has told and here is a tip..I am voting ALP with or without or without Shorten leading..anything is better than this Liberal Government

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    • my tv is fine I have 4 of them including one I am using as a computer monitor and I even have Foxtel 🙂 perhaps you should broaden your horizons Collen, you sound stagnated with Abbott

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      • If you have all those TV’s and foxtell there lies your problem. You know longer have the capacity to critically think about the world you live in.

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        • That does not mean I am a liberal voter . I dislike TA and the two main parties, I have no real hope in the voting arena.

    • I’m also with you, Leanna. I don’t even bother with Abbott anymore, the ONLY reason he can be as stupid as he is must be dementia from his years of boxing. He shames Australia, just shames us.

    • How wonderful, and unique, you are, Emanuela, to be so squeaky clean and NEVER to have told even a small lie in your life!! Abbott’s lies are killing people, relegating them to absolute poverty, soul destroying lies. Abbott’s lies affect millions of people, let’s get this into perspective, hey!!

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    • Everyone tells lies, be it a small one or a huge whopper. Regarding Bill Shorten, irrespective of the current saga, (and he didn’t actually lie at that Press Conference, he just avoided the question, so could be construed as lying by omission,) he should resign as Leader of the Opposition because he has too much baggage from the Rudd/Gillard saga which will dog him forever, hence Labour will not stand a chance of winning the next election with Bill leading them.

    • Believe me Libbi there are more haters of Abbott both here and worldwide than there are grains of sand.

    • Does anyone actually read the world press? Abbott is just ridiculed for his stance on just about everything from climate change, to our treatment of children being held illegally in detention, and why it’s necessary to brutalize already traumatized people! I get so embarrassed seeing how the rest of the world views this fool. The very worst is that ALL Australians are lumped under him, so it’s seen as Australia’s view, not just Budgie’s.

    • wake up Jan Schuller and smell the roses,.this is a political post.. omg some of them are mad as hatters 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • You should vote Labor. You obviously are happy about Shorten negotiating away workers pay for a couple of pieces of silver. You go girl!!!!!

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    • Shorten should be in the LNP group and your sticking your head in the sand. Stand up and make Shorten resign, it’s the only way to save the ALP

    • You are so right Leanna,
      At least Shorten admitted he lied and that was two years a go.
      Abbott lies every time he opens his mouth and can never admit to one lie.
      I hope he takes two sets of beads when he goes to confession , he will certainly need then the lieing toad that he is.

    • Pollies are mostly only lying when their lips move!


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    • So true Fred Just Abbott trying to bring down another Labor leader like his disgusting treatment of Julia Gillard Also the media lies and lies from them

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      • So if the media are telling lies and can’t be trusted why do you believe what they said about Abbott & Gillard? Not a great deal of logical consistency there.

    • If Lying Labor had not lied about the budget figures , would not have been a need to change mind . $90m

  3. I don’t give a rats behind what anyone says, This was not a lie to Australian public about Policy like Abbott did, this was internal party politics and it it won’t affect my vote in any way shape or form..ALP all the way

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  4. Is that a question that really needed to be asked? I don’t know why anything those low life politicians say is reported on.

  5. i think anyone who is proven to be a liar should not be trusted, whatever side they are on, it is a matter of trust and, once trust is questioned…let the “buyer” beware.

  6. Abbott is just trying to distract from his disastrous Government..Abbott is a liar, he lied about our pensions and stuff him, I don’t listen to anything he says now

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    • my perception is just fine but I must admit even though I never voted Liberal I did not think Abbott would be low enough to lie to get into Government..fool me once but never a second time I suggest you look at your own perception is very warped

    • Exactly Libbi. Every politician lies. “The Prime Minister has my full support” is something they all say . . the day before they topple him/her. To make a federal case of this one person denying his involvement in a secret deal two years ago is really clutching at straws. Especially when the current pathological liar of a prime minister is breaking promises right left and center!

    • Wow Libbi defensive maybe?? I agree Christine. I believe it was a comment not an attack. Some have such short fuses and want to push their political beliefs no matter what the forum, not everyone wants to hear them but we will handle it with grace not attack.

    • Libbis comment to Christine is honest..if you don’t want a response..don’t comment..we are not going to your posts..your coming to us

  7. Shorten. Short on character, short on the truth, short on ability. Just short.

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    • Unfortunately Linda Truskett your assessment of Mr Shorten equally applies to Mr Abbott in triplicate!!
      Mr Abbott is no intellectual and that’s why this country is going backwards. He only takes advice from his big time donors hence he rules for the rich.

    • It amuses me that Abbott and co are so good at flicking blame to someone else…what about taking responsibility for you actions

    • Bruce Mason Labor are still better managers than the current Federal Liberal Govt. who managed to double the deficit in 18 months!!!!!He lied his way into Government cutting pensions, health, education, TAFE,
      He cut funding for women’s health centres, funding to indigenous communities and not to mention the highest unemployment rate in 12 years!! Not to mention cuts to research and development, cuts to family payments, cuts to paid parental leave. One week we have a debt and deficit disaster the next week there is no problem!! How many more lies can this govt tell??
      Abbott should govern for all Australians not just for the rich who donate to his Party.

    • So how would you describe the non stop lying of the Government then, no character, definitely no truths, and humanity definitely no ability plus no forethought to our children’s and their children’s children by denying that their is no climate change

    • O there is climate change but guess what there’s been climate chang since the world started revolving it’s just an economist in Flannery who labor were paying 170 thousand dollars a year 4 & woopy carbon tax & labor r still 2 stupid 2 know the public don’t want it because it won’t do a thing other than put our prices up

    • These two people Lind and David have been banned. We do not allow disgusting language like that on our site.

  8. They all lie. Can’t lie straight in bed. No faith in any politians I’m sad to say

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    • Agree Lyn they are only there to feather there own nests no matter whose in Parliament.

  9. Let’s leave abbot out of this & stop trying 2 blame him 4 labor & shortens grubby tactics

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