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Our Foreign Minister, the government and the opposition has done just about everything they can do to try and save the lives of two Australian citizens on death row in Indonesia. The crime they committed occurred over a decade ago and they have been put in limbo for months on end, waiting for their executions. The government has pleaded with them and tried to strain the relationship between our two countries in order to save these lives but the Indonesian government hasn’t budged. In fact, overnight they decided to threaten us.

According to the New Daily, Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno, threatened on Tuesday there were more than 10,000 people seeking asylum in Indonesia, many of whom could be on their way to Australia.

The Minister suggested that Australia has been pressuring Indonesia to stop the executions by raising the issue of the $1 billion Australia gave to Indonesia as aid for the Boxing Day tsunami. He said that as a nation they deter people from coming to Australia by boat, but if Australia doesn’t stop trying to bargain, they’ll stop preventing the boats.

“If Canberra keeps doing things that displease Indonesia, Jakarta will surely let the illegal immigrants go to Australia,” Mr Tedjo said on Metro TV.

“There are more than 10,000 (asylum seekers) in Indonesia today. If they are let go to Australia, it will be like a human tsunami”.

At this level of political disruption in the relationship between our two countries, will there ever be any going back?

In 2013, the Australia – Indonesia trade relationship was worth $14.9 billion. Could it get to the point where we actually stop this in spite of what they’re doing? And if we did, what would we have to endure from them?

It’s become a game of politics – not a serious plea to save lives. Last week I teared up watching Julie Bishop and then shadow Foreign Minister Tanya Pilberseck giving two of the most heartfelt speeches about the matter I’ve ever seen.

It shouldn’t be about the politics. It should be about the fact that the way they’re treating these men and the fact that they aren’t being given a second chance, despite proving that they’ve earned it, is inhumane.

If Indonesia don’t want to take a moment to see that and instead want to keep on a political crusade then I hope that Australia responds with as much strength. A country without compassion is one that we wouldn’t want to support anyway.


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  1. All aid should stop, Australia should stop being the underdog to a nation of thugs

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    • We can never stop Aussie tourists going to Bali tho why they go baffles me when there are equally better places!

    • Agree with all the above, BUT if we stay close to them we can keep a watchful eye on the,m …300 million Muslims on the doorstep!!

    • Jude Turner Because Balinese are NOT really Indonesian, They don’t like Javanese turning up taking jobs from their people. If you haven’t been to Bali you can’t make a coment as to what it is like . They are not Muslim .

    • why did they stop these guys, didnt they want them to take the drugs from their own country. They should have been arrested at this end. something smells. I worry a little bit what might happen if we tell Ind. to go F*** themselves. They have a huge population and a big defence force. It may be strange but I remember my grandfather who died more than 55 years ago, saying “one day we will be working as coolies for these people” it frightened me then at it still frightens me. (please excuse the F word)

    • Hindus but that’s not what this is about. It’s their whole country as a nation that we trade with, not just Bali

    • You solve nothing by reacting so xenophobically!!! Are you pleased to contemplate USAs history of capital punishment? (I do not agree with what is happening to these two young men ).Indonesia is an important neighbor and out biggest trading partner regardless of this tragic event

    • We wouldnt need them if our own government supported local trades and companies and stop privatising everything. We can do without there trade.

    • All aid must be better directed so that it is only used for its intended purpose to assist those in genuine need. Infrastructure, education and health measures must be increased to help earn more respect from our nearest neighbour.

    • There are more places to holiday than Bali….we need to boycot the whole of indonesia, they do need our tourism business! Fiji is nice too!

    • We can’t afford to ‘war’ with them, but let if be known this shall affect relations with them. Religion shouldn’t come into it. I hope they mellow in time.

    • “underdogs” is the word here, but we are also American underdogs and some American states have the death penalty and I am sure some innocent people are killed. So is this Indonesia about politic, then it is a dangerous game the government is playing

    • jude Turner, you wondered why people go to Bali. Here is one reason I know. A chap we met when we lived in the Kimberly goes there. When he has his kids from Perth for the holidays, he can not afford to stay in the Kimberly (his accommodation is not suitable) and he can not afford to stay anywhere in Perth with them. Bali is where he goes with them, because that is where he can afford to be with his kids.

  2. Oh – and you’ve just discovered what a corrupt regime the Indonesian government is? Let them go their own way and save Australia millions of dollars in aid. It’s clear the Indonesian government doesn’t appreciate what we’ve done for them.

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    • Absolutely, enough is enough, we have far greater need here on our homeland, how dare the gov pander them, and continue to turn a blind eye to desperation here

    • You must also consider the fact that there are 250 million people in Indonesia compared to 23 million in Australia. They have up to date military power and consider Australia as their mother land.

    • Let em look after their own, on their own.
      Tell em to start handing out condoms to keep THEIR population down!!!

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      • How true – & there are many other countries who should be given aid in condoms instead of money as well !!

    • Sorry, but even with a much bigger population, we would crush them under our boot very easily with the military power we have… Especially when Japan, England, USA etc would aid us straight away.

    • Blackmail thats all it is and you could tell it was that when the Exections were being held up..right from the start…

    • Oh stop already! It’s our Governments past and present who send our hard earned Tax money over to help this nation. And we say look how good are we! And because we have done this, we say you Indonesia owe US. No they bloody do not! And we are all riled up about two bloody Drug Runners, who knew what they were doing! Kill shits and get it over with! And move on to something more meaningful, help our own Nation first, we as Citizens, Governments need to look after Us First, mind our own business. It’s their Country not ours. And while they are about keep all those would be illegal immigrants, we don’t need them nor want them till our own are looked after appropriately

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      • Absolutely !! This should be seen as a warning to all the other idiotic drug runners here who think they can make a quick buck by smuggling filth in & out of Australia. Indonesia has a zero tolerance & the punishment has always been made very clear. They are not in the wrong. These drug runners obviously were not doing it for the first time & knew the consequences should they be caught. Tough – they finally have been. How come Shapelle Corby wasn’t treated the same way?

    • Australia needs to look after its own first before helping others. So many people from the elderly to the young need help that is not given

    • Magoo , it our money that finances them . That is what aid has to do with it . You don’t bite the hand that feeds you ! How dare they threaten us ?

  3. Indonesia gave them 10 extra years, ok they changed, but they would of kept doing it if they weren’t caught.

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    • I agree they would still be smuggling drugs and destroying lives here – for monetary gain! Try being indignant for the wrecked lives they are and would continue to be responsible for. They knew what they were doing, coerced others and i suspect their ‘rehabilitation’ is a plan to escape the penalty.

    • I understand herion believe me, lost lives and lived by its domain! ! ! These two men Yes did wrong, punished Yes, life in prison, but have reformed their lives and the lives of the prisoners in the indonesian goal. U can buy any drug in Bali, Seen it myself. But they don’t advertise that! ! They are trying to put our country in our place by executing these two men

    • Will reiterate what I’ve said before, that the AFP would have caught them on arrival, and, those drugs would never have seen the light of day in our streets! The supplier of drugs is INDONESIA itself! Why do you think more foreigners travel there often? Not for the love of it’s beautiful scenery, I assure you, as from what some travellers have told me! And, with CORRUPTION so rife there, who’s to say that those seized drugs will not slowly filter out to the “drug dealers” in their community?

    • Well said Susan beck, we all are born with a heart and soul, people don’t always get it right for many reasons it was meant for them to be caught, so they could turn another corner and find the path that would hopefully change their lives and others. I think they have succeeded because they had the chance 10 years 10 years a whopping 10 years

    • So you know this how?? I can’t see that far into the future, so can you share with the rest of us how you know that Dianne

    • It’s not that we are asking them to be release but they can do so much for others so why stop that and I am against drugs

    • Why take drugs there in first place, you can but the stuff on every street corner over there!
      Shapelle Corby should be with them too.
      Just sayin

    • It’s more than these two boys! We do need to try and save them because! Killing is wrong! Those bastards are not God! They don’t have the right to Kill anybody full stop! The Boys need to pay for what they tried to do no question about that! But to pay with your life! We need to stop the death penalty. If the boys or when they are murdered at least there legacy maybe we’ve forced the hands of the world to STOP THE DEATH PENALTY!!! And have brought it once again to the forth front!

    • Well I think Australia should bring in the death penalty for any incursion into Australian waters by boats manned by Indonesians.

    • Users choose their path. No dealers no customers. No users no dealers. Vicious circle. All are to blame!

    • The barbarity of placing two people in front of a firing squad is equalled by the barbarity of asking seven people to strap hard drugs to their bodies

    • And where did you get this information from Dianne Larner and Pam Stevenson??
      You never made a poor decision in your youth?

    • Mary there is a saying two wrongs don’t make a right! Most people and Australia are against the death penalty. Why would we bring in the death penalty for Indonesians coming into our waters?

    • I don’t agree with what they did and have 3 immediate family who have been hard core drug addicts for 20+ years. Bali 9 where smuggling drugs from Bali to Melb – Aust federal police and aust Government were advised by Scott Rush’s dad that his son was involved in drug smuggling from Bali to melb. Aust Fed police knew they were coming so should’ve allowed them to be arrested here. Hence why Aust Politics are fighting so hard for the 2 “ring leaders” lives.

  4. Stop all money & travel they are using two men’s lives to their advantage liars & theiving little bastards.

  5. 10,000 boat people or two drug smugglers lives, I know which one i will pick.

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    • What are you doing on an over 60’s page that’s for us oldie’s, and no I don’t think it’s right that they are trying to bully us, but I am also sick of the amount of money and attention is being spent on drug smugglers. They have their laws we should butt out. By the way I do not appreciate being called a fool.

    • Sorry wrong Sandra. Which I’m very pleased about as the Sandra o’donnell I know wouldn’t call me a fool. Thought that a bit odd.

  6. The Indonesian President is very much enjoying flexing his muscle and exerting his power over this.

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    • Yes Lindy, I was very tempted to say that it’s a p..sing competition but I’m trying hard to be nice!

    • Pres. Widodo is trying hard to show his citizens that he won’t kowtow to ANY “demands” from any western gov’t!! He has said that he’s trying to stop “corruption” in his country. He must be seen to be doing exactly that, using the 2 members of the Bali 9 as pawns, as well as the other foreigners earmarked for execution, along with a sprinkling of his own citizens!

    • Mike here-his power over us is the stopping the boats call by our pm. We are paying for the Inonesians to keep the boat people there rather than let them sail for the promised land. Stop the money, stop tge sailing restrictions & they hane 10000 illegals waiting to come here.

    • The government have pleaded diplomatically for their release. The Indonesian president has simply ignored our PM for well over a week and hasn’t returned his call. I think it’s high time Australia demonstrated that we are a sovereign nation and won’t be threatened…but that will never happen thanks to the bleeping left. Let’s just keep appeasing a nation that is not really our friend by giving millions in ‘aid’ so they can continue to threaten us and kill and torture the West Papuans.

    • Perhaps if he wants to stop the corruption they should stop using OUR money to buy out their own people off death row in other countries then.

    • Oh Alanah Robinson I wondered how long it would be before someone brought in the “left” or bleebing left as you referred to them. What a closed mind… obviously do not understand how politics actually works.

  7. Boycott drugs not Bali…who are we to interfere. We don’t want them to tell us what to do so why are we trying to tell them no I dont like death and I don’t like drugs I do not believe all Australia’s pleadings is doing any good at all. They will not want to lose face

    3 REPLY
    • yes indeed – we may as well accept this and keep quiet dignity. Someone close to their president should play the religion card – ie: such mercy would reflect well on the Muslim religion throughout the world and win many supporters as well as accolades for the hero President who achieved great glory for Muslims worldwide by giving mercy – our Govt’s approach is all wrong!

  8. This story saddens me, I have never tried drugs, they never interested me, I don’t even drink, I like to be able to think clearly. But I have made mistakes in my life and I went on to never make those mistakes again. I feel they are toying with these 2 young men’s lives, it is very sad for the families to be given hope then have it dashed repeatedly

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