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Over the last ten years, petrol prices have been creeping up and up. I can remember so clearly thinking, “what on earth is happening to the world?” when it hit the 100 cents per litre mark just a little while back. Ever since then fuel has become a major household expense – the lucky ones only using one tank a fortnight but some of the busier ones using up to two tanks per week have been hit hard by the excessive cost of fuel.

However, in some incredibly good news it seems as though Christmas may come early for any Aussie with a car as several sources suggest that fuel prices are about to hit a ten year low!

The NRMA yesterday listed the average petrol price across Sydney at $1.18 per litre with the lowest price in Sydney at $1.12 per litre. This was particularly exciting as the last time it was as low as $1.10 was before Christmas in 2009 but it rose significantly post Christmas. This year, the prices are expected to hold steady at these low rates well into the new year.

The cost of oil globally is forcing this down and it is adding some much needed relief for consumers. The latest BDO Australian Retail Index has showed that falling petrol prices have added to consumer confidence in Christmas spending and said the relief of cheaper fuel was a huge break for families and households. The BDO National Retail Lead Partner, Simon Scalzo said, “A fall in petrol prices is like a weekly tax cut.”

So tell us, has Christmas come early for you? Are you feeling the savings from the cheaper fuel prices? 

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  1. Well they may fall in all the metropolitan areas but if you come to Cairns and above you’re in for a shock. Still at an all time high in the high 1.40sh.
    It is a disgrace how we get the wrong end of the stick always. And it’s not just petrol prices either.
    If the big boys can get away with it they will.

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  2. then the oil companies will wack a 25 cent charge on it like they did a few years ago but didnt take it opp when oil went back to over a dollar a barrel

  3. Mike here-I live 300 km from Adelaide, getvused to transport being the reason for higher prices, I was always under the impression that any costs involved in running your business were tax deductible. Maybe somebody can assure me I’m wrong so I lose this feeling that somebody is double dipping, adding transport to goods then claiming transport as a tax deduction

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    • Mike again-farmers get a rebate too but I’m talking about the business which charges you for freight but is also able to claim tax deductibility for a business expense.

  4. Mike here-always know when there is a price rise on the way, highway clogged with fuel tankers to big company owned roadhouses, todays cheap fuel at tomorrows dearer prices.

  5. I would love to enjoy lower fuel prices, but unless i travel 100km up the coast i ain’t gonna get them. The joys of rural area petrol pricing/gauging

  6. Petrol prices may be falling in the south east of Qld, but here in Townsville it hasn’t changed still over $1.45 and blaming the prices on transport costs is unacceptable.

  7. We left with Brissie’s prices at 136.5. Two days later Sydney had it at 117.5, Canberra at 137.9 and then two days later Melbourne is 115.9. How can oil companies ever justify such discrepancies especially when country areas as we passed through had it up to 146.9. Disgusting and just plain greedy. Farmers are doing it hard enough as it is without this deplorable act and at Christmas especially.

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