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In honour of parliament resuming for its spring sitting, social media users took to Twitter in force with the very funny hashtag #TonyAbbottAsAMovie.

Some of the offerings were funny, some were pretty clever and others, well, we thing they’re pretty funny!

A couple of suggestions based on the 1989 Rick Moranis film Honey I Shrunk the Kids include: Honey, I Incited the Racists and Hockey! We’ve Shrunk the Economy.

We love the simplicity of this offering:

And this version of My Best Friend’s Wedding:

Here are some of our other favourites:

Which do you love, which do you hate and what suggestions do you have? 

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  1. As Australia’s leader I think there should be a bit more respect shown to him than there is.

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    • He should be respectful of OZs too! Not taking us to be illiterate – when it comes to climate change and ‘rubbish’ Renewables.

    • Judith – he was due respect as the holder of the position of PM. But he has, for many people, lost that respect and now needs to earn it back.

    • He was elected by the majority of Australian and this is childish and disrespectful no mater who is in power

    • And how many pensioners, disabled. educators, university students, ABC/SBS staff scientists, would vote for Tony “no cuts” Abbott ever again? Tony The Great Liar got in by lying about Everything.

    • You have to merit respect before it is due.

    • he was not elected by the vast majority the ALP got more votes than the Liberal Party, The National’s and Independents preferences , people like Palmer got the Liberals over the line, bet it is a different outcome in the next election 🙂 respect is earned and Abbott has earned none

    • If he had bothered showing respect for previous leaders he may have deserved respect or are you another LNP stooge who only believes LNP leaders deserve respect.

    • Primeminister is but a title…then you earn respect for that title by way of your work for the people of Australia…All tony abbot has done is disrespect the people of Australia…..I am still waiting to hear about all the good things he has done for the people of Australia,by the people who are defending him…..Please tell me cos I can’t think of any!!!!!

    • Respect the people and the people will respect him, not happening, the only respect he has is for how much he can rip us off

    • your welcome Victcoria 🙂 , a few minute on the net would give everyone the same result, but most just rattle off the misconstrued ideas they have and don’t do the research

    • I would show him the same respect I would extend to a funnel web spider….and for the same reason

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