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Rocking Rod Stewart will forevermore be known as Sir Roderick after he was knighted by Prince William at Buckingham Palace on October 11.

The London-born singer, who has had musical hits such as ‘Maggie May’, ‘You Send Me’ and ‘Fooled Around and Fell In Love’, was honoured for his services to music and charity after more than 50 years in entertainment.

“It feels wonderful, it really really does. It’s mind blowing,” Sir Roderick told reporters.

The 71-year-old crooner was accompanied to the ceremony by his wife, Penny Lancaster, and his two youngest children, Aiden and Alastair.

When asked by Prince William if he would keep touring and recording, Sir Roderick replied, “Yes, because I’ve got eight children, I haven’t got much option” to which the prince is said to have responded that his knighthood was “well deserved”.

“He congratulated me on my long career — and I said how happy this made me. I just wish my mum and dad had been here to see it,” Sir Roderick told the BBC.

In receiving the honour, Sir Roderick joins the likes of Elton John, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger.

What do you think of Rod Stewart receiving a knighthood? Do you have any well wishes for him?

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  1. I have never agreed with these Knighthoods. I am one of Cliff Richards biggest supporters and he has done a lot of good with his name for charity but still wouldn’t call him Sir Cliff, he is Cliff to me and the same with Rod Stewart, it’s nothing for them to give a slab of money or show up in a chauffeur driven car at a charity function. Look to all the people who stand and cook sausages in the hot weather at Bunnings to raise money for charity, my friend who does this with us stands 7 hours under a tent and never moves at Bunnings and he losestwo kilos each time, these are the people who deserve accolades the people who do it for nothing. !!!

  2. If it’s good enough for Mick, Elton, it’s good enough for Rod. Keith Richards next?

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