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Following yesterday’s news that Bronwyn Bishop would receive a $244,000 pension since resigning from the position of speaker, Pedestrian TV has reached out to older Australians to ask how they feel about the situation.

This short clip captures the reactions of a handful of people from outside the NSW Art Gallery in Sydney, and presents an interesting cross section of opinions.

There were a number of insightful comments, particularly from the woman in the purple scarf, and her friend Pam, as well as the lady with the sunglasses who wanted to make sure everything she said was shown in full.

So who do you agree with the most? The woman who says most business people have done the same (as in charging dubious expenses to work, not necessarily blowing $5000 on a charted helicopter), or do you side more with the women who says she doesn’t believe in any of the perks bestowed on retired politicians?


Watch the reactions and share your thoughts below!

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  1. I have no problem with her pension as she has been a politician for a long time @ she did work hard . She hasn’t done anything the others havn’t done. Labor went after her because she gave them a hard time.

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    • yes she did, she got caught out. she was in a position of trust & that trust was rewarded, does that deserve rewarding

    • She could have retired a few years ago @ be entitled to her pension. She hasn’t done anymore wrong than the rest of them @ at least she has resigned not like others.

    • So you think all theives should not be punished because others have stolen as well, she’s the one that was caught and got what she deserves, & others that are caught should get the same treatment..why should she get any less treatment than Slipper did.

    • Dawn she only resigned because she was forced into doing so by Australia & Abbott covering his back.

    • Well why hasn’t Burke then because the people are asking for his too.

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      • Dawn all Burke’s Trips were legal and within his entitlements.
        Even Pyne has said so this morning it is within there entitlements to take the family with them. WE may not like it but they are the rules.
        No one has said he did anything wrong, I must admit it is not a good look but they are the present rules.
        They only went after Burke because of Bronwyn, now she did really break the rules. Helicopter for a one hour by road trip to a fund raiser then the other two hired planes for two more Fundraisers really. there is no comparison .
        Now it has been said it was one of her staffers that own the helicopter and the planes. Smells like a conflict of interest to me.
        Hope they prove it so she gets a bit of Time in Jail.

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        • Then best we seriously change the rules and limit them to their legal wife/ partner and put a $ ceiling on that too. After all…. A PERK IS A PERK ,,,entitlement ? it’s just a flash name for a PERK

    • She has an appalling record of stupidity as a politician. And she stood proudly under the banner saying ‘ditch the Witch’ what a dreadful indictment on her . Now of course that pic of her comes right back at her, how ironic.

    • If we ask anyone to resign because of this we will have only half left !!! It was the extent and intent that caught Bronnie out . Lets calm down and have a good look at the whole thing . Those who have followed in her footsteps should be warned !!!!!

    • Listen carefully, no one is saying that most politicians are not guilty of similar offences against the wishes of the people. But Bronwyn has stepped so far over the mark for years and years, that her behaviour needs serious action. She is guilty of fraud. Peter Slipper was accused of bring the Speakers position into disrepute , but Bronwyn has surpassed him. He was not afforded the Minchin Protocol over $954! The Liberals denied him justice, the very justice their Party instigated. Oh the irony!

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      • Typically the 2 faced actions of the people in bothsides and of this particular age bracket, remember Abbott, Hockey, Gillard, Shorten, Pyne, etc etc , these are all the ”educated people ” trouble is there’s hardly an ounce of common sense let alone any self respecting morals amongst any of them.

    • We’ve all worked hard Dawn and now have crappy pensions. I worked and was a volunteer since l was 18. We now desperately need volunteers in so many areas but pensioners can’t afford to help as they can’t afford cars and petrol for things like Meals on Wheels..l know l no longer can. Bishop had a cushy seat she has been a lousy politician and a much worse speaker sending so many other party people out of Parliament but no Liberals. I’ve watched it and she was terrible and condescending. ..

    • She has resigned from the speakers job, not from parliament, she is still very much on the back bench, still part of the current government, she needs to be pursued with the same diligence that Peter Slipper was given… The rate she is going, by remaking in parliament, she is going to go to the next election, she won’t get to retire and enjoy her pension, they’ll find her dead one day on the back bench, thinking she has just dozed off..

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  2. These people didn’t talk about her pension at all. But for the record I think ALL politician’s pensions are ridiculously high, particularly when compared with those of other Australians who have worked just as hard, if not harder, all their lives.

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    • totally agree. they have performed public service, well, so too has a train driver. and so many of these people abuse the trust given to them

    • A lot harder they have’nt carried O/B blue gum up a ladder to make a roof in the old days ,doubt if they could lift up a pencil ,they are paid for nothing but taking the p mickey out of each other there are other minions doing the work who get paid normally.

    • Some have worked harder than most most but because of the means test., do not receive the pension… Soooo disgusting

  3. should be treated as any other wealthy Australian and be classed as a self funded retiree… and pass the assets test.

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    • Bronwen a thought occurred to me and wondered if anyone else thought of it too, that lady who said she knew Bishops mothers, that must have occurred in the depression years because Bishop is 74 years old, ingredients would have been scarce then and valued, no wonder that lady still remembered it. And Bishop is still scamming today, she learned not so many good things from her mother

    • I agree Bronwen they need to pass assets test.Every one else has to live on a pittance ,we just want pollies to come down to earth & be a little more realistic.If they cut back on their perks,imagine we could have more money put into health & education.

  4. I think its time we put a limit on how long they can hold elected positions. Maybe two terms as maximum. They all tend to become complacent and more and more arrogantly greedy the longer they’re in office. Abolish the lifetime perks, and maybe we might get the right people that are there to do the job, and not to fill their pockets with our gold.

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    • Excellent idea Wayne. Limit them to 2-3 terms, and you’re right, it just might attract the right kind of people.

  5. So Bronwyn gets her 29 years of service recognised because she’s in politics and will receive an annual pension based on that period of service. However my wife worked in TAFE for 27 continual years and after the Baillieu (Vic) government funding fiasco, she was asked to take a package. Only ten of her 27 years were recognised and paid on that basis. She lost out on 17 years pension because the government wouldn’t pay any more. One rule for them and another for the rest of us.

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  6. I have to ask Why do politicians think they work any harder than the every day person That they should be allowed these incredible pensions. I worked for 43 years and raised two wonderful children But now live on just the old aged pension No where near what our pollies are getting

  7. I don’t know Bronwyn and how hard she might have worked! Longevity doesn’t equate to excellence!, but I feel her pension is far too generous compared to many other hard working women who never managed to amass her kind of benefits! We should always remember that superannuation didn’t become mainstream until the 90s! However politicians always looked after each other were money was concerned

  8. What a wonderful country we live in .I worked for the best part of 50 years,did not rort the system,paid my dues ,raised 3 children all on no government handouts and now receive a pension of less than a quarter of Bisops.It makes me wonder if honesty pays,but at least I can lie straight in bed at night ,I wonder if parasites like Bishop can ?

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    • Well Peggy obviously I am not as affluent as you are because I do rely on the pension to exist.Howeveer I paid my taxes etc.all of my working life whichENTITLED me to a pension

    • Agree Tony im the same and if people are lucky enough to have plenty of money they don’t need a pension

    • Being on the aged pension after a life of employment, bringing up a family, being relatively healthy, being a worthy citizen, that’s something to celebrate… Whether you catch a helicopter or a bus to a party … doesn’t make it more enjoyable. Lorraine

  9. Bishop as served a long time on the job but has she given value for money? She was the Minister in charge when the elderly were given kerosene baths that led to death and how much has she rorted during those years?

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    • I WORKED a long time to a damm site harder than she i was told my paltery bit of assets did not qualify for a full pension i am sure she has so much more than i sg why no asset test

    • Same boat Cathy…l also think Mums should get paid maternity leave for a year …this could happen if pollies didn’t waste so much mobey..

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