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It’s just another day in Australian politics: tempers are flaring and no one is sure what’s going on. Rumours have been swirling that Tony Abbott could be given his marching orders soon, despite a spill motion being ruled out 3 weeks ago.

In New Zealand today, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop denied that the PM would lose his job and told reporters, “These are hypothetical questions and this is all based on speculation and rumour. I’ve not seen any source attributed to any particular member or minister. So it’s hypothetical, it is speculation, I don’t intend to add to it”.

Ms Bishop has abruptly tried to put an end to leadership spill speculation by saying both she and Mr Abbott are trying to focus on their respective jobs. She said, “I’m getting on with my job as Foreign Minister. The Prime Minister is getting on with his job as Prime Minister. We urge our colleagues to focus on the interests and the concerns of the Australian people. That’s what we were elected to do”. But is she trying to dodge the subject?

With the looming March 28th NSW state election, SMH reports that some Liberal MPs are nervous about the results because of Labor’s unexpected victory in QLD, despite current NSW premier Mike Baird’s popularity. Liberal MPs are growing increasingly aware that the Liberal Party across Australia is losing trust and quick, because of Tony Abbott.

There have also loud whispers that Malcolm Turnbull is getting set to take over leadership, but he continues to deny it, telling the media, “I’m a Member of Parliament so I talk to my colleagues all the time…I’ll leave you guys to speculate about all that stuff”. There are reports that he has sufficient numbers to challenge Mr Abbott…but it seems time will tell.


Do you think there’ll really be another leadership challenge? Would you get behind Malcolm Turnbull if he were PM?

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  1. Used to think it should be Joe, but on Julie’s behaviour since the LNP came to power, I think she would be better than any of them.

  2. I’m actually sick to death of hearing about it! Just saying!

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  3. As long as he goes on the dole and has to do the looking for work activities who cares? Oh that’s right he will get an over inflated pension and other perks, so who is really draining the coffers?

  4. It makes me angry , because we voted for Tony Abbot.
    But if it comes to a challenge I would prefer Julie Bishop.
    Can’t stand that smug Turbull.

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    • The people of Australia didn’t vote for Tony Abbot as PM. They voted the Liberal party into power.Tony Abbot was given that job by the Liberal part. He was NOT elected as PM by the Australian voters.

    • 100% correct Ken … we do not have an American style system where the public chooses the candidate as well.

    • Julia Bishop didnt give a crap for the asbestos victims when she was a lawyer for James Hardy so she isnt going to keep a crap for everyday Australians

    • I did not vote for the captain nor did I vote Liberal party but I can only tolerate Turnbull,

    • I agree, I did not vote for Tony Abbott, I don’t like nor trust him. I voted for the Liberal Party & their policies.

    • You can only vote for Tony if you are in his electorate, he got head of the party from the members so the members can kick him out

    • No. We DID NOT vote for Tony Abbott. We voted for our local member and the LNP party voted for Abbott. You need to learn how politics works if you want to make informed comments.

    • What about all the crap that went on when Labor dropped Rudd. It was written as some sought of crime that a Prime Minister could be dropped by his party in his first term of office.

    • People voted Liberal for their policies, but the policies were lies, expounded by Abbott and the Murdoch Press.

    • Julie Bishop looks good but any foreign affairs minister looks good. As I understand it, she has no economic credentials at all. Keep in mind Abbott said economics is boring. Hockey’s budget is shot and Pyne is appalling. It doesn’t leave much.

    • Robyn Caffel Milne: I agree with you 100%. But you left out that delightful one sided speaker of the house. God help us it’s like watching play school to watch parliament .

    • I did not vote for Tony Abbott, I voted for the Liberal member in my area, who then voted for the PM. The people in Mr Abbott’s seat voted for him and then the party voted for a leader

    • Abbott is gone ,don’t like Turnbull can’t stand Hockey just don’t know what’s going to happen ,,,,liberals for the rich Labour for the working people ,,,,

    • Lyn Da vis….you’ve got to be joking….Labour parliamentarians back their carts in for all the perks and benefits ..have you seen any of them distributing their pay rise to the poor.They are ALL looking to line their own nests.The idea that Labour is for the poor is a 1930’s-1960’s out dated notion . You’ve been brain-washed by propaganda!!!

  5. If they change leaders then they need to change their policies.

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  6. want tony abbot to stay turnbull is to city for us rural people wish media would just back off

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    • Helen Birt.
      Really you honestly won’t an embarrassment like Tony Abbott to stay. God help Australia. We’re doomed. At least Malcolm Turnbull looks the part is highly intelligent and makes a good PM. ABBOTT is like the goon show walks like a barboon plus is a liar.

    • I’m an x LNP voter and Abbott is a moronic twit. He is the biggest liar ever to be in charge of this country . He is to stupid even to be in charge of Ally School.

    • So the media should back off when we are being lied to, child abuse is permitted so long as it happens to asylum seekers, the woman who reports this is bullied, the debt and deficit crisis is manufactured by doubling the deficit, and the budget is grossly inequitable and cannot be passed because the glorious leader couldn’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag? I bet that wasn’t what you were saying when Labor was in power.

    • Robyn Payne no we were doomed when the Labour party put the country into this debt. Its not the PMs fault and Putting SMUG MALCOLM TURNBULL in is not the answer

    • Helen to my observation Tony Abbott has very little feeling for and even less knowledge of country folk why it took him a week to get himself to queensland to enspect the cyclone damage ……in a rural area.

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