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Well, it’s official, we have a new Prime Minister. However, has Malcolm Turnbull got what it takes? Isn’t it a case of been there, done that and found wanting?

The ABC looked at that and his strengths and weaknesses earlier this year and why the Turnbull leadership experiment ended the first time.

They attributed his failure as leader not one of intellect or principle, but an inability to lead and unite his team.

“Even against a man whose own team was fracturing under his dysfunction, Turnbull couldn’t maintain the support of his colleagues or of the public,” reporters Peter Lewis and Jackie Woods said.

Even when Tony Abbott’s approval rating dropped to 29 per cent, they said it was still four points up on Turnbull’s rating in the weeks before he was dumped in Abbott’s favour.

Only four in 10 people polled supported Turnbull during his end days.

The reporters considered it both a positive and a negative that Turnbull has command of complex issues and likes articulating his mastery.

“As leader, Turnbull rated very low on honesty. And while arrogance is Tony Abbott’s trademark, as leader Malcolm Turnbull trumped him, with 69 per cent of voters rating him as arrogant,” they said.

Let’s talk: Will Malcolm Turnbull do a better job this time around? After all, John Howard once lost the Liberal leadership only to go on and become a successful prime minister.

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  1. Well I don’t know about that, I am sure most people here remember Godwin Grench, what a disaster that was and if he gets Foreign Policy, or the economy as wrong as he did with Grench, heaven help the country

  2. Who cares Australia is a political laughing stock. We have no right to be involved in world affairs.

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    • well really I don’t think Australia is a political laughing stock — I think America has taken that honour.

    • The rest of the world is so consumed with wars, refugee invaders, turmoil and social breakdown that they haven’t got time to laugh at us

    • Yeh right James just read the worlds reaction to this latest fiasco. Maybe you could have a read as well Gayle.

    • As I said on another comment the sad thing is that my vote and many others counted for nothing. The money men rule.

  3. He is a liberal you can’t expect too much, lets just hope he is not as bigger liar as Abbott

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    • Lets have more massive debt, open borders and lefty bungles.That’s what to expect if useless labor get back.

    • James Rolfe The Liberals have already doubled the deficit, by the time Turnbull is out of office who knows how high it will be

    • James Rolfe the Greens gave Hockey an open check book, now you might not be paying attention but we all have been, thank God for the Senate, without them pensioners would be worse off

    • James you really don’t seem to be up with what is happening, THE DEFICIT HAS DOUBLED AND UNEMPLOYMENT IS UP, oh yes he stopped the bloody boats we all know that, he tells us every time he is interviewed.

    • I think Leanna you have also forgotten Julia’s Gillards lies as well ” there will be no Carbon Tax under the government I lead ” . Well that soon changed when she became Prime Minister and if that was not a lie then I don’t know what is.

    • Susan Fernance, the carbon tax beat up helped Abbott in getting into power. Trouble for him was that it’s been realised it was not such a bad tax after all.

    • Leanna in rely to your comments if you do understand what really happened is that the outgoing Labour Government made all these promises for education and health but did not provision for ongoing funding to continue to pay for these items. It is good to promise all here things but they still have to be paid for. You obviously don understand balancing a budget. No Federal Government can change the GST , only agreement by all state governments ! The ABC jus wasted tax payers money and they have to learn to live within their budget just like business . They actually used a $20,000,000 building just to park their cars. What a waste, I understand this has now been sold .

    • Susan Fernance in reply to your comment to leanna, unemployement is up, business confidence is down, the economy is in a mess , 800,00 are unemployed with little chance of geting a job because there are not 800,000 jobs out there, The Liberals have double the deficit, in short they have screwed this country

    • to bad Kay Littler he is all yours, when will he bring in gay marriage and a decent climate change policy ? and he is all for a Republic 🙂

    • To the liberal wingers stop playing the blame game with the labor party this government has been in for 2 yrs all that is wrong with this country is their fault and it seems they are no different to labor with their backstabbing and in fighting

    • Susan Fernance you forgot the rest of what Gillard said, which ws ‘but I’m determined there will be a price on carbon’. Howard, however, just said there will be no GST under any government I lead’. As for Abbott, he lied so many times I’ve lost count

    • The trouble with abbott he thought he could fudge numbers. He says he created 300.000 jobs maybe he.did
      But hell what is the number of businesses that went under the mining jobs lost and all the other unemployed.

    • Susan, don’t waste your time and energy on Leanna who is obviously an ALP Union cadre, if not something worse…. thick as a dunny door…could be SHY’s disciple…

  4. What makes him think that he can do better with his record. Look at the management and costs of the NBN. Good luck with that one

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