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This morning while doing to daily news round up I read an article that made me think… A lot! It was written by Harold Mitchell in the Sydney Morning Herald and took an approach to the Intergenerational Report that no one in the media has taken yet.

He said that at the essence of what Joe Hockey is trying to say with the Intergenerational report is in fact, not what we’ve been focussing on. Harold wrote, “Hockey is saying that we have to change. Forget the politics for a moment. The fact is we have to and now. If we don’t we are all very selfish people stealing the future from our children.”

The Intergenerational Report is about educating us about the future. It tells us what the expected shifts are and how this will affect different parts of Australia’s economy. It is teaching us that as the population ages, the economy will change and so too will the way we run things.

So in the commotion are we forgetting to listen to Joe Hockey’s real message and think about our own legacy?

Do you want to leave your grandkids and great-grandkids an Australia that is broken? Or do you want to leave an Australia that helps them to grow? Are we being too selfish and short sighted in our reaction to working longer – which is unlikely to actually affect our own generation and it will affect our children instead.

Harold also made an interesting point saying that in order to leave the best Australia for our grandchildren and great grandchildren, five things need to be done. “1. Create valuable jobs for our children. 2. Build hospitals not doctor’s fee schedules. 3. Fill universities with students who will stay in Australia and build the country. 4. Make housing affordable. 5. Invest in environmental repair now so children don’t have the burden in the future.”

He also pointed out that politicians today are focussed on making change in three years, and change is never something that can happen over night.

So today I’m curious. Have we missed the point of the Intergenerational Report? Do you agree with Joe Hockey that we need to change? Do you think that we need political harmony and a focus on the bigger picture to get there? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. And we all need to learn to live within our means!

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    • We have to live within our means. There is no ‘learn to’ about it. We have all been living within our means. How many of us have million dollar houses, two late model cars, children in private schools, overseas holidays every year. Stop bling us!

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      • I bet Joe Hockey does and Tony Abbott, their financial future is fine, high wages and great pension.

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        • Too much is given to too many – some people are totally dependent on the country supporting or propping them up – it’s a me,me,me society & I’m not saying there are those who absolutely deserve assistance! I am in my 80’s – worked all my life & contributed to superannuation for my retirement & now because my single person income which is indexed annually has overtaken the allowance for C’wealth Seniors Health Card qualification I had to hand my card in 3 years ago – thankfully I am healthy so not yet worried about dealing with expensive medications etc – and I am still paying taxation as well as having all the usual household expenses, supporting myself in my own home. A friend in similar situation is 90 yrs of age & recently had her card cancelled but as she had not noticed & been over payed a certain amount she must now repay the difference – she too is still paying taxation. The qualifying allowance for this card has not been indexed for over 15 years! Many people now reaching their 70, 80 or more years will be deprived of this one benefit. I have come to an understanding of this but still find it a kick in the butt. Do I feel resentful when I see certain undeserving or demanding people being supported by the Government – yes, I do!

        • Pat, your attitude is the very reason we are in this mess. If Hockey and Abbott are so bad, why then did you not go into politics at the age they did and put forth your two and six. Read the intergenerational report and UNDERSTAND it and your grandchildren and great grandchildren may have a future. Get over yourself and stop being so jealous of those that “have”. Is it because you are one of those “that have not”? I am never jealous of successful people, if they have studied and worked hard and are successful, good luck to them.

        • yes Pat but they all ready had a house and a car before they came in to power and earned it just like you and I did , but not like JUlia Gillard she stole it from the Union fund which is now well know , but because she was Prime Minister she got away with stealing ……

  2. Hes not as stupid as the lefties keep saying , i think he is right in so many ways and this country better wake up and realise that labor did irrepairable damage that we may never fully recover

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    • No, love, they didn’t. That’s propaganda spread by Right Wing media. Labor left the economy in great shape, with Australia’s GDP one of the lowest in the world.
      PS – Joe Hockey doubled the budget deficit and National Debt within 7 months of taking office. Doubled it.

    • And sacked many public servants like myself. 3000 from the dept I worked in. The drain of knowledge was massive. I worked in compliance and now there is no compliance in regional areas, yes they fly them from capital cities. I understand some of the decisions in the public service and agree but others are just crazy.

    • It’s Labor who’s been spending as if there’s no tomorrow. Bunch of prodigals they’ve been. And the hostile senate now appear to be a rabble of haters and our kids will sadly pay for the senators’ vandalism. There are too many lefties here who blindly vote the way their parents have. Me? I’m glad I voted in the past for Hawke and Howard – because I truly like to think. Think!

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      • You’re glad you voted for HAWKE and HOWARD? So you’re a swinging voter then?

    • we think Terry, and we comprehend that we will NOT vote for this Government..not all who come here vote ALP, many vote for The Greens or Independents or they will be next election but the ones with negative comments , you can bet won’t be voting Liberal and for every negative comment in here , there are millions out there in Australia, who do not get online or come here

    • Great leaders give great speeches in times of difficulty to give their people hope for the future! All I can say is Australia must be doing GREAT as all we’ve heard for the last 18 months is doom and gloom!! No great speeches to keep us motivated! Guess we should pop along to the euthanasia clinic and free them from we learners??

    • Terry – Howard got his great surplus by selling everything not nailed down – including our Federal gold reserves at rock bottom prices. Then Labor had to come in a pay private companies top dollar for the infrastructure the moron Liberals sold!
      Let’s face it – Liberals are fiscally irresponsible vandals who pick the pockets of the poor to hand corporate tax breaks to their big business benefactors.
      Unless you’re a millionaire they don’t give a damn about you.

  3. Yes we all need to live within our means but so should retired :& working politicians. Cut the pension frills for them!

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    • Stop borrowing money to send overseas or to set up the boat people if we dont have available money that is not spoken for and already in debt than you dont borrow even more to help others outside of Australia

    • Serena agree with u.. stop all o/s aid … and stop giving welfare to illegals here… and stop immigration until we get back onto our feet… far too many get far too much when they come here… years ago everyone had to work to get anywhere in this country…

    • Ignorance is bliss isn’t it, since 2004 things have changed – go and read what retiring / defeated Politicians actually get – you maybe surprised.

    • mike here-they should get the old age pension affected by any single dollar you earn. Retiring pollies should get the same pension as aged, then only when they reach the seemingly unattainable age of retirement, which seems to rise on the whim of somebody eating his caviar for breakfast. Their super should not be paid until they have reached the retiring age & the pension should be reduced same as mine for what my savings earn. It’s not ignorance, it’s called fairness..

    • The politicians are and have been the ones that do all the over spending and give the go ahead to mining companies to destroy our enviroment for greed ,allow shipping companies to sail through our beautiful coral reefs , allow poison food into this beautiful land . Sell off our assets to foreigners , allow large plots of land ( farming land) to be sold off . Continue to pay retired politicians perks . They should go get a job just like every other person when they get out of politics not sponge off the people.who needs to stop being selfish I wonder .

    • Hey….these politicians won’t listen to the older generation because they ” think ” they know everything…no different to kids these days knowing more than their parents….they got a 40k payrise last year and thinking of another one this year….they all disgust me

    • They talk about us living with in our means…they should treat the taxpayers money the same….stop supporting other countries, are they supporting us….OF COURSE NOT

    • when the retirement age was set at 65 most men died within 2 years of retiring . Now most live 15-20 years after retirement Perhaps we should all .enjoy life study, and play, till we are 30 then get job and work till we drop .

  4. yes but its no good saving these things for future generations if we dont do something about climate change because we wont have a world for next generations to live on

  5. Starts at 60 seem to be pushing a Right Wing agenda here. I have a few questions though.
    Why should elderly Australians have to be the ones sacrificed?
    Why has Joe Hockey ruled out pursuing corporations who avoid paying tax in Australia by off shoring their profits?
    Why isn’t EVERYTHING or ANYTHING else being cut from the budget BEFORE we pick on the aged, the disabled, the unemployed & Medicare?
    Is there really no other fat to trim?

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    • I agree with you and if that is what is what they are doing it has failed me with me, all it does is make me angry and more determined not vote for them. We ceased to become of any value to the Liberal Government, on the day we retired and stopped paying taxes. Not content to just leave us alone, they have rubbished us through out Australia.

    • I agreed. Only weeks ago the senate was told that orderly population is a burden and costing in health and aged care must be cut. Hence older people must work longer. Start 60’s is being used to push political agenda . stop using Star 60’s to twist political agenda , we know the current government is not believable anymore!

    • Yes I do think the over sixties page seems to be pushing the liberals agenda in fact when I read the article I thought he we go again and yes Linda Allen such as could list a few that this government has told such no cuts to the ABC no changes to Medicare etc

  6. Wonder when joe hockey is going to take his own advise and start to change. Maybe he could give back some of his wages that he doesnt deserve and give it to a community project that would benefit do many.

  7. A few highlights from the International Monetary Fund regarding Joe Hockey:
    ” A report released overnight by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) shows in the few months Joe Hockey has been Treasurer, he has presided over the fastest budget deterioration anywhere in the advanced world.

    The report shows the effect of Mr Hockey doubling the budget deficit, adding $68 billion over the forward estimates in the Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO).”

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    • Richard Tolland, the Carbon Tax wasn’t just a convenient weapon to hit Gillard over the head with. It actually raised a lot of revenue from polluters (as well as actually reducing Carbon emissions, imagine that).
      Hockey handed Murdoch an $882 million dollar tax refund he’d been chasing from the government for the last eight years, and then created a few corporate tax breaks for the big business buddies who funded their campaign.
      Remember it’s those contributions that enable the Liberals to outspend Labor four to one in election campaigns. All that money has to be repaid – in cash or favours.
      Of course our budget blew out under the Liberals. It’s what they always do.

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