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Britain’s Grazia Magazine is reporting that Harry and his long time love Chelsy Davy are taking things more seriously on the heels of his declaration of his desire to settle down.  They are said to be planning to spend time together in her home town in coming weeks.  It’s news that will likely have the world abuzz with royal-happiness fever.  The insider was quoted in Grazia as saying: “Chelsy will be in South Africa during the summer and Harry has decided to visit. They’re planning a safari, as well a scheduling in some time to spend with Chelsy’s parents. It’s a special place for both of them”.

“She’s agreed to attend several events with Harry later in the year, although whether they will arrive and leave together remains to be seen”.

“The ball is very much in Chelsy’s court. She knows what life with him entails, but they’ve been through so much together. Announcing that he is ready to settle down publicly is his way of showing her he’s serious”.

The magazine suggested that that pair are considering spending some official royal engagements together.

It comes on the heels of Harry declaring, whilst on a recent tour to Australia that he is ready to settle down and have children.


Do you love to hear stories of the young royal seeking his own happiness?

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  1. There’s another rumour going around that he’s under pressure from the palace to settle down. Let’s hope that one is not true.

  2. Why don’t we leave the poor guy alone & let him work his future out in peace. He is getting further down the line now, so what he does in private now shouldn’t be as important. I think Harry is a great ambassador for the royals but he should be allowed some privacy

  3. To me Chelsea doesn’t appear to be royalty material but in saying that if they really love each other I wish them every happiness.

  4. It’s completely up to him – if he’s ready to settle down & feels that she is his life time partner & she feels the same – then go for it.
    Always had a soft spot for Harry – especially with that big cloud over him of whether or not Charles is really his Father. I’m sure some DNA tests must have been done by now, but doubt that the results will ever be made public.

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