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Just when the idea of more compassion than dehumanisation was being put forth after the devastating details in the Nauru files, the opposite seems to be the case according to what one German politician has to say.

The head of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) says Berlin should send rejected asylum seekers and illegal immigrants to islands outside Europe and turn its refugee office into an emigration bureau.

The influx of over one million migrants last year fueled support for the AfD, which now has seats in eight of Germany’s 16 state assemblies and is expected to make a strong showing in state votes next month in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Party leader Frauke Petry made the suggestions in an interview with the Bild newspaper published on Saturday.

“Illegal migrants and asylum seekers whose applications are rejected will be accommodated on the two islands outside Europe that are protected by the United Nations,” Ms Petry added, without naming the two islands she had in mind.

German media has interpreted Ms Petry’s remarks as a reference to the detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, where Australia funds facilities to hold asylum seekers and refugees. The United Nations Refugee Agency has called for the transfer of refugees and asylum seekers out of those centres, describing the policy as “immensely harmful”.

“I propose the transformation of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees into an office for emigration, which ensures that all illegal migrants leave this land as soon as possible,” Ms Petry added.

The refugee office has been overwhelmed since last year with hundreds of thousands of asylum applications.

Known for her fiery speeches to AfD supporters, Petry sparked an uproar earlier this year when she called for German police to be allowed to use firearms against illegal migrants.

Most of the more than one million migrants who arrived in Germany last year are refugees escaping war and persecution in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

What do you think about this statement by the German leader?

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  1. Where do your figures coms from that justify your statement “Most of the more than one million migrants who arrived in Germany last year are refugees escaping war and persecution in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.” ? Most of them appear to be young men . Where are the women and children?

    4 REPLY
    • Absolutely right. The women and children are back in those countries while all these able bodied men run like cowards. They should be sent back to be part of the solution to fix their homelands.

    • I agree too, women being raped all over Europe by these guys, Swedish women dying their hair black – enough is enough.

    • Notably most of the men are relatively young and the German intelligence body has stated that many are sleeper cells for IS. Merkel should be charged with treason.

  2. Something has to be done to protect the genuine proven people, by barring the suspicious ones, even if it seems harsh.

  3. Another lefttard article. Fact is the Germans are just waking up to the scam Merkal ran on them. They now know these are not refugees but invaders and need to suffer the consequences of their criminal deceptions. Additionally, the Germans are suffering from the ingrained contempt these, let’s call them people because you will block the proper description, have for women and non Muslims.

    Starts at 60 wanders through a touchy feely world of dogooder attitudes and tries to blinker the rest of us with their PC claptrap. See how you enjoy the Muslim touchy feelies when they dicover PC correctness has gagged the truth and enfeebled a once happy and respectful Australia.

  4. Germany will now become a “Basket case ” due to the shortsighted politicians …..oil & water will not mix …the German tolerance will surely be tested…by these … Financial invaders …they have little or no respect for the ways of other nations …and will be parasites on the German Economy ….Australia needs to be vigilant about these Grubs ..and come down very hard on those that oppose OUR way of life ….there are good and bad in ALL societies ..we do not need to import a culture that is Alien to OUR way of life …we are a nation of Abbo’s,Poms ,Spicks .Polack ,Wogs .Slopes ,Krauts ect ect …you name it we have got it …what we do not not need are those that have no respect for our laws ,our ways ,our strange culture …..the Politicians may not mouth their abhorrence of cultures that are an “I’ll fit ” and are more than aware of the public’s thoughts And mood …..fools to themselves if they do the wrong thing …………..

  5. Most of the thousands who flooded into Europe are invaders sent to Islamise the West. A cunning move by IS.
    Criminals were once sent to an Island called Van Diemens Land and that worked out okay. Perhaps the German invaders can set up a sharia-based utopia on the islands.

  6. This thing is an alien and is only visiting earth for the first time without any knowledge of the human emotions of Empathy,Compassion, and most of all Love. I implore her to make hast in her return journey to the outer limits of space where she can further her self indulgence among her own kind..

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