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Immigration minister Peter Dutton has confirmed that the first 200 Syrian refugees are being processed and should arrive in Australia by Christmas.

But the immigration minister insists that the process will not be rushed and that no one coming to Australia for permanent resettlement will do us harm.

We’ve identified about 200 people already, and we’re going through security and health checks,” the minister told Macquarie Radio, as reported by The Guardian. “We will look at those most in need, including persecuted minorities.”

Australian officials are working with the UNHCR and the minister insisted Australia was not going to be “slack” when it came to security and background checks.

“We are going to do biometrics testing, we are going to do some DNA testing otherwise, and we are going to search databases to make sure that people who come to this country are not going to pose a threat,” he said. “We offer a helping hand, but we aren’t going to inadvertently let people in who are going to do harm to the men, women and children of Australia.”

Fingerprinting, is standard practice for people resettling in Australia. The DNA tests will be used to confirm family lineage, to determine age and to counter child trafficking, it can also later be used for family reunion visas.

While the immigration department hopes to have the first group resettled by Christmas, that will depend on how long it takes to complete the tests.

There has still been no word of exactly where these refugees, along with the remaining to come from the 12,000 Syrian and Iraqui minorities Australia is committed to, will live.

Do these health and security measures make you feel safe? Do you trust that Australian officials can test stringently to ensure we only take genuine refugees? What else can Australia do to ensure the people coming here cause no harm? 



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  1. Here we go Australia the dumping ground again tell the rest of the world to take them we have enough troubles here

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    • Well this is our current farmers situation. No doubt no one will be settled in these areas…..they will be in the comfort of the cities on handouts, while ours are suiciding because of their situation, that has been going on for years. Banks also are foreclosing and selling out to foreign companies.
      All the do-gooders should get off their backsides and take a trip out there before they open their mouths. I am sick of them all. Plus our Nationals should have a bigger voice, and either show some teeth, or pull out of the coalition. They are just poor relations, handed some scraps to shut them up.

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      • Well said Helen Lee, unfortunately it will not make a blind bit of difference, I believe the situation is now hopeless.

    • Imagine if it were you and your family in this terribly sad situation. You would be desperate for someone to help you. I don’t know if you have suffered in your life from circumstances outside of your control but if you have, I think you would have a different opinion.

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      • I have suffered a lot in this life from circumstances out of my control and no we shouldn’t be bringing them here. No work for our own people.

    • I live in a rural area and we would gladly welcome some refugee families into our community. It would boost our numbers meaning another teacher would get employed and maybe another doctor or more staff at the local supermarket.
      I would hate to be in their situation and know that there are people in this world who want to see my children starve and suffer disease simply because a group of terrorists choose to bomb my home.

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      • I live in a rural area too, and there are no jobs for the people growing up here. They have to move away, so no we don’t want them.

    • Ruth Hourigan the trouble is they do not want to be in Rural areas they want to live in the big cities I know that for a fact.

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      • Really Allan Porter,you know it for a fact. Well it is a fact, that many families from Cambodia who came from a persecuted minority group have been happily living in a rural community in Nhill, a rural town in the Wimmerra, so successful has the transition been , a factory was reopened, and employment oppurtinities rose because of the increase in population. The towns people have welcomed them, and they have settled in well. Additionally there have been many Somali people who have settled in Shepparton for years now. So next time che ck your facts.

    • Hilary Elizabeth Edwick If you think I am negative then nearly all of Australia is as well when we are over run in this country with refugees just like England is then you will probably be negative then you should take off your rose coloured glasses and take a GOOD LOOK AROUND ‘

    • I haven’t spoken to any refugees personally but maybe you have Allan so I can’t tell you if they want to live in the city or not. I’m assuming you feel that these people are going to hurt you or take away something of yours. Why not assume that these people may bring skills and attributes that we could learn from. And thank you for the compliment. I am proud to be called a “Do Gooder”.

    • Allan Porter
      So you know every single one of the millions of refugees and exactly what each and everyone of them want!!!!!!
      As for people being “do gooders”. Is that really a crime in your books.
      Hopefully you won’t ever need some “do gooder” to call an ambulance for you or to help you up after a fall or to help you carry something. But then, I’m sure you would simply say to that “do gooder”; go away, I don’t accept help from fo gooders……

    • All I can say is the whole world is in a mess!!!! I wish we could turn back the clock to happier days when human beings lived by a certain code of ethics & displayed compassion You only have to watch these sick reality shows on TV to see that it is becoming normal to be bitchy & with no character to either win at all costs or bad mouth those who are doing their best I fear that society is loosing its way !!! God help our grandchildren

    • It’s not the people that is a concern, it’s their religion and what their religion requires of them.

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      • Their religion is not the issue Tony, it is the Imams who change the meanings within the Koran for their own agenda, the extremists who want nothing more than to destroy anyone who has the audacity to believe in anything other than their beliefs. Islam is as has been stated previously a peaceful religion but has been interpreted by extremists to stir the pot and cause trouble. I am a baptised catholic, no longer practice because I can no longer believe in a religion whose god allows innocent people to die. It is not what we believe but how we practice that belief. There are many Christian religions that spout fire and brimstone for just getting out of bed on the wrong side, they are also extremist in their beliefs.

    • Allan Porter, refugees can prove to be amazing citizens of any country. Just read the bio of the Governor of South Australia as one example. There are many good people out there, as well as rat bags in every society and ethnicity. Australia has an abysmal record in this area in these latter years. I also live in a rural area and would welcome some migrants.Many of the doctors in this town are from the middle east and we would be in dire straits without them.
      We cannot imagine the despair these families have been enduring for so long , we must help.

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      • Good for you Sandra – you have said it as it is.
        The Allan Porters of this world are holding our country back.
        We are a richer, more culturally aware part of the world now.
        We can thank our migrants and those who came before us for these gifts,
        I remember as a child the term “New Australian” was scorned.
        Bring them in, with care and compassion.

    • Good on you Allan Porter.We DO NOT NEED any of these people in OUR COUNTRY.We have so many homeless AUSTRALIAN families,singles and children in this country and NOBODY is looking after them as it is.Send these people to the rich nations of the world who are not taking any of these people.To my way of thinking,to take on these people is going to do OUR COUNTRY more HARM than good.

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      • Neville, OUR country you say,
        Well no, it isn’t we , our forefathers invaded OUR, country and stole it from the aboriginals who were killed by our. Diseases, Guns, &Poison,. Hundred of thousands died, there homes were destroyed, the land they had cared for for thousand and thousands of years has been destroyed by mines, over grazing, etc.. Did not your ancestors come here looking for a better life. . .? And the dumping ground as Allan Porter Described us is how we Australians started, the dumping ground for convicts, Huh.

    • The rest of the world IS taking these refugees and many more. I would be ashamed if we did not do our bit however small.
      This is a humanitarian crisis never before seen since World War Two.
      We welcomed many refugees then and they are who contributed so much to this once insular and backward country.
      I find that attitude Allan, to be archaic and narrow minded.

    • This is tragic watching TV last couple of weeks in Europe all they said was we want to go study get help none of them said we want to work, learn the language and be productive, yes everyone deserves help but a lot of them dont like us or our values but they come and believe we got change to some of their way, why this is Australia and who we are, and go to work learn the languge not straight to centrelink, will see some are already saying bring all our families over really

    • Pauline Fioretti
      Read the bible and see how it promotes violence, hatred, child brides, segregation of the sick and elderly, racism, etc etc etc.

    • Hello Alan Allan Porter. I know you & what you want. You are a racist bigot who wants everything for himself. You conveniently forget that most Australians are immigrants, starting of course with the convicts – most of whom were just poor disadvantaged people, screwed over by the rich and greedy upper classes in England. You could evolve into a civilised human being if you try hard. Please give it a go!

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    • I’m sick of being called a do-gooder because I have compassion for other human beings. Am also fed up with intolerance, fear-mongering, ill-informed prejudice and downright selfishness. (Note Germany has taken over 200,000 refugees.Australia has offered to take 12,000).

    • BIG DEAL YOU ARE A DO GOODER IN 20 YEARS TIME YOU WAIT AND SEE YOU WILL BE REGRETTING THEM COMING HERE your children and grandchildren will be paying for your ignorance they will be converted to the muslim way ask the town folk of cardwell on how the muslims kicked up a stink to the council about christmas lights they got their own way now people are not allowed to put up any lights what so ever .

    • Allan Porter there is nothing we can do about except whinge , blame The Liberal Government, instead of the 10k others were asking for Abbott decided to allow 13 k here but despite that they should be welcomed here

    • Alan, that story about the Christmas lights is ……wait for it…..A HOAX. This never happened, so don’t use that as an argument.

    • I care and I think we would be better off without liars , bigots , racists and fear monger… You should treat people how you want to be treated

  2. We SHOULD ONLY take genuine refugees from camps

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    • From what I saw on the ABC last night, a lot of these so-called young male refugees are fleeing because they don’t want to fight. Just imagine if our servicemen fled because they didn’t want to fight.

  3. I agree with you Allan , the Government should look after it’s own first,take a look and see how many people here in Australia need help and can’t get any, what about all the young men trying to get in , they should be trying to save there own country, not trying to take over our country

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    • I am in total agreeance with you, Rose and Allan Porter too. Look after our own disadvantaged. God knows, we have enough of them that need desperate help and a roof over their heads……..

  4. I do feel an element of safety from knowing that care is being taken about who gets to come here. But it doesn’t ease my concerns about where they are going to live. Also, about how much financial help they will need. They will have to be housed, fed, clothed, educated, find jobs, get medical aid. A lots of these things are not available to our own people. We pay and pay, for everything. Some of us are living in severe poverty. There are children going to school with empty tummies. Why can’t we care for our own first. Our elderly have to fight for every cent they get. Fill in endless forms, have to give proof of birth, (well hello, I’m here.) Prove they are Australian, list all their assets, subject themselves to the queues at Centrelink and be put through the 3 degree by people a fraction of their age and none of their life experiences. We should care of our very young and our elderly before offering care to others.

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    • Our social problems are our own doing and no worse than many other western countries who are taking refugees. Nothing will change here as long as there is that big division between our social classes and crime continues to escalate. Until real strategies are employed, our under-privileged will remain and multiply. I don’t buy that argument at all.

    • Julie, I’m not here to argue, or to try to simplify our problems, which I acknowledge are enormous. I was only expressing my view on the subject, which I hold to.

    • They are unemployable so how will they ever gets jobs. The children are then led to believe that they have a right to welfare. We have enough of our own who think this as well. The only problem Julie with class division in this country is that we have to many people who think they have a right to welfare. Stop welfare to everyone and these people will have to find jobs or starve it is the only way. Hard lines are needed in this country NOW. In the 50/60 no one handed money out to us and my family lived very well and happy on one wage.

  5. It does not matter if we want them here or not, The Government made a commitment and they are coming here

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    • Libbi if this government pushes for us to sell our homes I’m sure that even those right wing liberal voters will get the message and FINALLY stop voting for them. The government must start collecting taxes from the big end of business they must stop the loop holes that Howard enabled for big business to dodge taxes the government must stop forking out to these businesses with very generous subsidies. If this happens then Australia would see its way out if debt. Even this money that they poured into domestic violence yesterday what a joke. They cut funding to many support organizations last year seeing many a refuge close its doors. It’s good they finally got the message but heh how many had to die before they relented. Because of the closure to these resources instead of expanding the services that did exists they are going to have to start all over again so the money is a drop in the bucket. This government has no idea it is wasting our money while acting like bullies.

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      • I listened to Ken Henry the other day, His message was if we keep taxing the big end all the time , eventually the big end won’t be earning enough to fund the Welfare bill. There are so many Thousands upon thousands who will never pay tax and the numbers will only increase as people age and don’t have enough super to keep themselves and jobs become scarcer

    • I agree with you Bea, and anything half way decent they do now is all about vote buying, they have 2 years to find some sort of solution to domestic violence, instead they ignored it and cut funding and yes they are bullies

    • I don’t think that is right Gilly Bowyer-Braby , I think it is more a case of this Government not wanting to pay pensions and they think they can solve the housing problem by us all living in tents or on the beach somewhere and kill us all at the same time due to exposure thus getting rid of the problem they seem to have turned us into

    • I think it is not as simple as that Gilly Bowyer-Braby , here are only 13k refugees and millions of Boomers this all about revenue and their lack of regard for boomers

    • Gilly Bowyer-Braby the government is targeting the boomers because first they are very much the prop of the liberal party secondly the liberals see them as a supportive group and because they won’t go for what is REALLY creating our economic crisis BIG BUSINESS and TAX evasions they are delusional enough to think that you will support them. Howard’s loopholes Howard’s protection for big business must be reversed and while the liberals see that it’s ALL the fault if refuges blaming them for our dilemma then they will continue to take what we have from us. Big business are to blame for this crisis and government need to take it by the balls and make them pay taxes just like everyone else

    • It takes most nearly all of there adult life to pay off there mortgages, so as soon as we do they want us to sell it so we can put some of it back into the economy 🙁 makes sense to me ……….. Not!!

    • Time We elected workers, every day folk into Parliament, these modern day pollies have no regards for anyone but their pay and their perks.!! And as for real time experience, none of them have had any .

    • Leanna Stephenson I saw one of Abbotts firs commets on bringing these refuggees into the country. I believe he didn’t want to bring these people in but the World leaders were putting pressure on Countries to do so. I only hope the people who we bring in get told that any religion that believes woman are second classs citizens and can bash them and treat them like dirt and do not live by our rules will be deported.

    • totally agree with you Libbi Elliot this Government has its priorities skewed, they want to punish the baby Boomers for working hard and Cheryl Siddon thank God Abbott is gone but Turnbull is still sticking Abbott’s bad policies, that will undo him too

    • totally agree with you Libbi Elliot this Government has its priorities skewed, they want to punish the baby Boomers for working hard and Cheryl Siddon thank God Abbott is gone but Turnbull is still sticking Abbott’s bad policies, that will undo him too

  6. I hope so, this Government will be more diligent and thorough in its scrutiny of these refugees than the previous Labour government ever was.

  7. Now the govt has to find the funds for this. Are they going to take some from the pensioners again to fund it. Indeed Morrison the jerk off treasurer wants over 60’s to sell their homes and spend the money to get the economy going. As i said before, i worked 80 hours a week to get my home so fuck off Morrison you low life.

  8. After seeing the news this morning no wonder they want to leave. 700 people dead. We need to get things sorted out here before we bring any more in. If these people are christians are they catholic jewish anglican or is it something else?

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