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Domestic violence is an issue that affects so many in our country – behind closed doors, in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, but also in our streets by strangers to random victims. It’s something so heartbreaking to all of us and until now, the Government has been a bit lax in their funding to stop the crime once and for all.

Today it’s been announced that the Federal Government has pledged an extra $4 million in funding for the 1800 RESPECT helpline for the victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison said there had been a surge in calls to the counselling service.

“The service was facing increased demand and the Government is responding to ensure we are able to assist those women who need it,” Mr Morrison said, reports the ABC.

Campaigners such as Rosie Batty, whose son Luke was murdered by his father, have raised awareness and started this important conversation and, in turn, more and more people are talking about it and want something done.

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, Michaelia Cash, said the Government was responding to increased awareness of the issue.

“With more victims speaking out about this scourge and seeking help to escape such violence, we are responding accordingly with appropriate resourcing,” Ms Cash said.

A plan to monitor domestic violence offenders using GPS technology is also in the works at the next COAG meeting held for the State and Commonwealth Governments gather for the next COAG meeting.

GPS tracking devices would be similar to the ones sex offenders have in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.


So we want to know what you think tonight: Should more funding than just $4 million be put into domestic violence, considering two women are killed every week in Australia? Is the GPS tracking device going to dissuade offenders?

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  1. We’ve got to start somewhere – but we need more than words and dollars. We need to follow through. We have to give the victims every support possible to ensure their safety. This is a very serious problem. It deserves very serious attention.

  2. So, it took public outcry to give an extra $4 million in funding……. and it’s a measly amount too. Why does it take the public to be so outspoken before Govt. funding is increased. It’s a national emergency and virtually rated zilch in last week’s budget. Maybe the Minister for Women should be a woman ???

  3. It is a start but the real need is in services that this helpline can refer people to. Most people aren’t just after a conversation when they call, they have finally made a decision to do something about it and we need funding in services that provide practical help and support.

  4. It is a start. My hope is more women will contact police and then we can stop this violence against women and children

  5. So he can pay 6 million for a car to protect him but can only find 4 million to help protect thousands of people who suffer from domestic violence. Yeah, sounds about right for the chicken livered ahole.

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    • Yes RUDD started it, But as this is a Support page NOW for ALP , never let a chance go by. I don’t know where the hell these billions are coming from you all want for every Tom Dick & Harry cause. Maybe people should take some responsibility . HOW much will it cost for HOUSING or shelters Billions from the TAXPAYERS

  6. At least he is doing something why didn’t Labor do something when they were in office.

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    • Labor did not go after the poor , the disabled and the elderly, that is something that solely Liberal..it is easy to finger point..we all can do it

    • They are so righteous! Sad to see the complacent women saying ‘it’s a start’ how patronising is that? Aren’t we sooo lucky!

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