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It could have been your mother, father or relative… what Roger Dean did was unforgivable, but it seems he doesn’t feel that way – he’s appealed his sentences.

The disturbing and achingly horrible 2011 Quakers Hill nursing home fire was no accident… it was deliberately lit and started by Roger Dean.

He plead guilty to 11 counts of murder and eight counts of causing grievous bodily harm, but is now appealing those charges, much to the shock and upset of family members of the victims.

“The tension, the stress is so great, just because he wants what he wants, no consideration for the victims and the families,” Elly Valkay said. Her mother Neeltje was one of the victims.

ABC reports Senior Counsel Tim Game said sentencing judge Megan Latham had referred to his client knowing there was a “probability” people would die or that this was “the probable result”.

Mr Game said Justice Latham was “overstating” what happened and had engaged in unsound reasoning.

And he knows this sounds absurd to the layman, but apparently “being finicky about language in this context is essential”.

Barrister for the Crown, Maria Cinque said the sentence imposed was neither unreasonable, nor unjustified – two of the victims were “literally incinerated in their beds”.

The needless and senseless loss of lives was to cover up Dean’s theft of medication from the nursing home, causing enormous distress throughout the wider community. Many of us know someone in care and know the trust we place in those nurses to assist our loved ones.

Dean lit the fires to cover up his theft of medication from the facility.

He lit two separate fires in beds while firefighters were fighting the initial blaze.


The appeal judges are expected to make their decision at a later date, but in the meantime we have to wonder just how callous this man was, and how the victims’ families must be feeling to have the nightmares of that day brought up again.


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  1. Sadly this person had no thought for his elderly victims who could not defend themselves. For these folks to die in such an agonizing way at the very end of their life is nothing short of incomprehensible and what for his drug habit. It just shows how the drug addled mund can think of nothing else but their own needs. He will never understand or comprehend the enormity of what he did. I do not agree with money being spent on appealing and if he was granted legal aid i disagree even more that public money if this is the case be used.

  2. This creature, I can’t call him a man, because men do not do these horrific things and incidentally either do animals, should be in solitary for the term of his natural life and never be released

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  3. I’m tired of these convicted killers appealing their sentences. You do the crime you do the time. If you appeal you pay every single cent of the costs yourself.

    4 REPLY
  4. I don’t think these killers have the brains to think of appealing, I think it is these money hungry Lawers that see it has a bonus on top of their fees after the trial has finished

  5. How does he have the right to appeal after what he has done to those people and also what a waste of money. What he did to those dear old people should be done to him!!!

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