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Footage from a live feed from the International Space Station has gone viral overnight, with some claiming that it shows multiple UFOs leaving the Earth, followed by NASA abruptly shutting the feed down.

There’s all sorts of (probable) holes in this story. First, the video has been uploaded to YouTube by a ‘MisterEnigma’, a character known in the past for his hilariously bad UFO videos.

Second, it’s not clear that this was actual footage from the very real International Space Station. It does indeed have a live video stream, and it does on occasion have the feed stop. When it does, it posts this message:

Please stand by. The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station.

Third… well, it doesn’t look at all convincing to me. Just another example of NASA being the fall guy for hiding proof of aliens from us, a fine tradition going back more than 50 years.

It’s been a busy night for the UFO spotters. There was also a reported UFO sighting in London, while the group Blur were playing a concert in Hyde Park, along with another hovering over Stonehenge.

The video is below… what do you think? Real or bogus? Have you ever seen something that you thought was a UFO? If yes, did you tell anyone about it? Why not tell us here, we’re all friends!

Without further ado, here’s the ‘damning evidence’ of UFOs leaving our planet recently:



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  1. Anything is possible but why would aliens want to come here ?, we are very violent species and sensible alien would run million of miles the other way

  2. A lot of poor photo shopped birds flying and planes taking off !

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    • For all I see it could be an out of focus moth flying in the path of the shooter

  3. If it is a craft is probably USA OR Chinese made, they have a lot of technology we don’t know about

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    • I agree David. Having worked for a sub section of GCHQ years ago, I always say to my husband that all these UFO sightings are just the Russians spying on everyone.

  4. Quick Ethel, grab the daggiest camera we have n take a foto of that ufo while i finish this bottle of moonshine.

  5. I believe the UFO landed in the Logan Hyperdome car park. About 10 sec later, some one piched the wherls off it n sprayed it with graffiti. They left.

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