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It’s hard to believe but Eastern Australia is in the world’s 11 deforestation locations and together they will account for 80 per cent of global forest loss by 2030, according to a new report.

New South Wales and Queensland bear the brunt of the lost forest and between 3m hectares and 6m hectares of rainforest and temperate forest, could be lost between now and 2030.

The cutting down of forests not only affected our diverse landscape but it impacts on species of wildlife, water, topsoil and air quality, reports The Guardian.

Deforestation in Australia is a part of a much larger loss across the world, including in the Amazon, Borneo, Sumatra, the Congo Basin and East Africa. These are places that should be preserved and taken care of, yet are being cleared or disturbed to make way for more livestock, mining and logging.

It’s shocking to think that around 70 per cent of our eastern forests are not in their natural condition or protected.

According to the WWF, the dissolving environmental protections by the Campbell Government in Queensland sparked a rise in land clearing…275,000ha of forests have been torn down in the last year and we’re losing vegetation at a rapid rate.

Despite a new Labor government in Queensland, the NSW government isn’t planning a big enough scheme to protect plants and animals.

“We are deeply concerned about NSW. These are laws that have been shown to have been effective in saving hundreds of thousands of animals, so it’s important that biodiversity continues to be protected”, said Dermot O’Gorman, chief executive of WWF Australia.


So tell us today: What do you think should be done to stop deforestation? Why don’t governments care more about our natural environment? 

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  1. We have so little bushland area in Australia, it is just a narrow strip.. none of our bushland should be chopped down, it should be left for future generations to enjoy. If they keep chopping it down many of our animals may become extinct and what a tragedy that would be for us all. We have a Liberal Government in N.S.W and Liberals Federally..our wild life has little chance

  2. The Liberal Party in N.S.W allow men to go into the bush shooting supposed feral wild life,of course they could be shooting would we know? Chopping the bush down is just next next on their hit is a disgrace

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    • Have you seen the destruction that feral pigs and goats do to the environment? They are taking over forests and national parks and need some control

    • can you guarantee that these men are not shooting native animals? This should be left to Parks and Wildlife. Your obviously a Liberal voter who has no concern for our Native Wild life

    • Lynne Lewis I agree with you, however I believe that we must employ professional eradicators, not weekend heros to do the job.

    • I wonder do any of you live near a state forest or national park, I do and we live with the feral animal population that is growing at a fast rate because of lack of eradication measures by the authorities. We are continually trying to eradicate ferals on our property which have a safe haven in the forests.

  3. It’s always been my view that global deforestation is THE biggest threat to our oceans and climate. But all the cynics know better, the biggest one being Mr Abbott. It will be a lesson learnt the hard way, alas.

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  4. What a load of rubbish, these days you have to get permission to touch a tree in your own backyard let alone forests

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    • Why would you say I have tunnel vision when I am stating fact. Am I not allowed to put forward fact.

    • I apologise Lynne and have removed my comment here, because I admit I misread your comment. Proof of “recent” deforestation in Australia is proving elusive (except maybe in WA), so this article may/may not be true re current activities. However, I still stick to my first comment re global deforestation, but see where you’re coming from.

    • Mr Bob Carr turned half of Australia into National Park, out west of Sydney This had been gazetted as land for a future freeway through to Gosford, by passing suburbs. No freeway as roads aren’t allowed in Nat, Parks . Logging is the way to go, done with laws. Now trees are taboo in NSW, we just wait till they damage the suburbs & the poor people suffer. Insurance companies are the clear winners for trees

  5. Have a look at what happened in the Pillaga fires

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    • Australia has always had fires, our trees do not propagate without fire but the bush comes back..chop it down and it won’t

    • I agree but they have to be managed fires so wildlife is not threatened not wild bush fires out of control which is happening too often.
      So where are the forests that are being cleared?

  6. We will pay( well the the ones coming thru will) eventually. I’m glad i’ll be gone when the worst of it hits. I think gaia is telling us so. With these massive earthquakes ( Nepal) volcanic eruption ( Chile) and so much else.

  7. This report doesn’t seem right. Permits are required even on farmland.

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    • Government can legislate whatever they want..The Tassie old growth forests and heritage listed but that did not stop Abbott from wanting to chop them down

    • When were they chopped down? Wouldn’t the Tasmanian Government have had to legislate for that?

  8. Lynne – have you seen the destruction mankind has done to most things — nice to put your energy into trying to do something about that x

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