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A “working class” father of three who was angry at the way politicians used public money to fund holidays for their families launched a campaign on a crowdfunding website to ask politicians to pay for his family holiday.

Stephen Callaghan from Blue Haven, New South Wales, wrote on his Go Fund Me page:

“Dear Federal MPs … It has come to my attention that many of you have been using tax payers’ money to fly your children around on various holidays, fireworks visits, excursion and overseas vacations.

“I would appreciate it greatly if you were able to donate to my Go Fund Me campaign so MY kids can go on a holiday too.

“This isn’t designed to beg for donations from everyday Australians…. they have already paid too much for YOUR kids…. but I find that Australian people are generally amazingly generous and fair minded. I can guarantee I will get more from Aussie Workers than I will from Politicians on $200k (plus entitlements)… all I ask is that, in the words of our great Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, my children get a ‘fair go’.

“Please consider being a Lifter (not a Leaner) and lifting my kids aboard a plane or a train (or even a cruise ship if you give generously) by sharing the perks YOU get with 3 ordinary Australian kiddies.”

Mr Callaghan started the campaign to make a statement about the travel claims made by Christopher Pyne, Tony Burke and Joe Hockey, but has been overwhelmed by generosity, with the page surpassing its $5000 target.

“I’m surprised and overwhelmed and feeling a little bit guilty because I wanted the pollies to kick in, but instead a lot of ordinary people have,” he told the ABC.

One donor threw $2000 into the hat.

“I contacted the guy and said ‘that’s way too much’, he has to take it back,” Mr Callaghan said. “But he said he was single and well-off and thought we deserved it and hoped we had a good holiday.

“He refused to take it back.”

Mr Callaghan says he is disappointed the campaign, which has received extensive media coverage, was being completely ignored by federal politicians.

“I didn’t expect any contributions, it was just done in anger … but not even a comment? They’ve really just closed ranks on this,” he said.

Just one politician, Lake Macquarie city councillor Chad Griffith (ALP), decided to donate to the Go Fund Me campaign.

Mr Griffith said his $200 donation was not a political statement but that it would have “been nice” to see a small contribution from federal politicians.

Mr Callaghan will be donating $2500 of the money raised to children’s charity Stewart House. The rest will be used to make his family holiday that little bit more special.

Are you surprised that only one politician chipped in? 


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  1. No, not surprised at all that they didnt contribute. They’re probably all sitting back thinking how they can pull off something similar. They have no shame, they’ve all proven that, time and time again.

  2. Very funny good on him, this rorting has annoyed many, and it is great that Chad Griffith from the ALP contributed.and congratulations to the young man who gave $2000, your a hero and a thoroughly nice person 🙂

  3. what a surprise politicians only know how to line their own pockets and thieve from the public purse they don;t have any common courtesy among them.but watch them grovel when they want your vote

  4. I went to my local MP once for a charity donation, (I was skydiving for cancer) I’d worked for him as a casual…….he refused saying he was hard up, yet he is a famous runner and raises millions for charity runs from us taxpayers. I now have no faith in any politician.

    1 REPLY
    • Are you for real ?? Just because he raises millions for charity doesn’t mean he has millions for himself. If you worked for him as a casual you would know that there are lots of demands on his electorate funds and you don’t know all his personal commitments or how much he has already donated from his own pocket, so where is your reasoning in this ?? It is impossible for politicians to donate to EVERY cause or give to every request. Some perspective please !!

  5. It’s time for us as taxpayers to get something back a holiday away with the family is a rather good idea , preferably not on a bus, just a holiday flying overseas would be nice it doesn’t have to be first class either,look how much less there would be left in the cookie jar not enough to tempt the polititions so that would start to make them honest. Good idea yes l think so

  6. What a nice dad. Not surprised no response from the pollies. Australians are generous and congrats to the young man for his large donation. Well done dad also for donating some of the money

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