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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is taking a well known and widely used painkiller brand to court over their misleading advertising. According to the Daily Mail, Nurofen markets a series of painkillers all targeted at different pain types (migraine, tension headache, period pain, back pain) however the active ingredient remains the same across all products.

The ACCC has found that each of these products contains the same amount of ibuprofen lysine at 342mg and that other than the packaging, there is no difference between these products. Therefore they allegedly believe this misleads customers.

There is a call for advertising honest right across the pharmaceutical industry as brands find loopholes in the advertising regulation to help them promote their product with dishonest promotion.

The ACCC have said they take everything relating to health and pharmaceuticals very seriously and they are particularly concerned as these Nurofen products are allegedly more expensive than the other standard capsules or tablets.

It’s a serious issue and we hope that it is the start of an across the board overhaul calling for brands to be honest about their products.


Do you take one of these types of Nurofen? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. Im glad! I asked my pharmacies about this when it first came out! He said its all the same stuff ! Misleading !!!

  2. You have to laugh at the actions of the ACCC. This very thing has been the butt of jokes, comedy routines and comment for years. 2015 and the ACCC finally catches up. If they are so concerned about misleading and false advertising when do they start on womens cosmetics? On the level of their incompetence probably about 2065.

  3. How does a tablet know that is supposed to target a certain area? Asked this question years ago when they first came out.

  4. I thought it was good marketing actually … you can use the same pain killer for headaches, period pain etc … They just put them in boxes saying “for ….. pain”. Clever. No false advertising there.

  5. The Checkout on the ABC had a segment on this and the price difference between the different packages. Almost double the price if you brought a box for a specific pain over the ordinary pain killers for everything.

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