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He’s the oil magnate with big plans and big cash, but there’s something about Clive Palmer. He speaks without a filter, and seems to answer any question fired at him. So naturally, some youngsters from Buzzfeed Australia interviewed him and got some pretty good juice.

He made sure to update any supporters on Titantic II, his epic idea that has come to life. “The truth about Titanic II is that about three months ago, we finished building the cabins on shore, to see what they look like before we went ahead and started building the ship”, he told Buzzfeed.

Clive hopes the ship will be ready to cruise in 2019.

He also revealed that rural independent Cathy McGowan was his favourite MP because “She’s low key but she brings all of her community up here to see parliament… So I’ve got a lot of time for her”.

Palmer also doesn’t mind being likened to Donald Trump – hey, they’re both rich and disruptive – as “we both have a common denominator in the sense that we both think the current groups of people running our countries are hopeless and they’re not addressing the real issues.

“A lot of things Trump says, I wouldn’t agree with. But he is raising issues that are of concern to the community”.

On marriage equality, he won’t share his views but did say that the Palmer United Party’s official policy is for everyone to have a conscience vote. “This is not something where you can force people to change what they really believe,” he said.

But perhaps one of Palmer’s proudest achievements is helping kids get out of detention.

“You can imagine having kids, nine and 10 years old, 40 of them unaccompanied, being locked up for three years. I mean that’s something you can relate to individually”.

And before anyone asks, he will be standing at the next election, and his vision is to serve the community, get politicians’ snouts out of the trough, and keep taxes low.

Finally, Clive finished the interview by reciting a poem he penned himself for the upcoming Queensland Poetry Festival.
What a piece of work is man. How noble and how evil
How infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable
In actions how like an angel, In actions how like a god
The beauty of the world. A paragon of animals
I have a place where I live my mirth
This goodly framely seems to be just a promised story
This majestical roof pent with golden fire
It seems no other thing to me than a foul and pestilent congregation of vapour
What a piece of work is man
Oh how the Liberals tried to end his beauty
Oh how Labor tries to end his beauty
Walking in space will find the purpose of peace
The beauty of life we can no longer hide
In this whole world we re-discover creation.
In this whole world we re-discover ourselves
My eyes are open. My eyes are open. My eyes are open.
Why? Why die!
What a piece of work is man


Tell us, is Clive a better politician or poet?

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  1. Okay Clive your poem stinks but you tried, no Banjo Patterson are you , but as far as the issues we need sorting out are being ignored by the present Government you are right on.t he button there


  2. Clive has teamed up with Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm and Family First’s Bob Day to form a voting block in the Senate. They will rubber stamp everything Abbott wants and David Leyonhjelm is the man who just done a deal with Abbott to allow the Adler Shotgun here. hope Clive is not planning on re-election 🙂

  3. He is as bad a poet as he is a politician ,I can’t see him getting the Poet of the year award

  4. I wonder why Tony didnt get this guy in jail like he did Pauline? O yes i forgot he has a lot of money.

    3 REPLY
    • I wonder why Tony didn’t go to jail considering he put together the slush fund with the single purpose of getting Pauline into jail. Lets have a Royal Commission into Tony’s slush funds and the Judge should NOT be the one who voted in Tony’s Rhodes Scholar selection or who Tony has picked to head other Royal Commissions – at $4,000 per day.

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