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In a rather comical moment, the man most Australians are shaking their head at, Mr Clive Palmer, spent Question Time in Parliament counting out his money in the full view of entertained news photographers.

At a time when My Palmer’s former employees from Queensland Nickel are left with bare pockets, Mr Palmer fingered his way through the notes, enjoying their texture and stopping on the $20 note to ponder wistfully.

A poignant moment for Clive, to remind Australia he still has some perhaps?  Your thoughts?

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. There doesn’t seem to be any $100 or $50 so I am not envious. My husband saw him at the Brisbane airport a few months ago and he was flying commercial with the rest of us. No private jet. We wondered about that and recent events have possibly offered an explanation. So you never know you could be lucky enough to rub shoulders and everything else with Clive on a commercial flight. Something to look forward to.

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  2. Oh c’mon, I think we should all dig deep and take up a collection for this pathetic excuse for a man, who has hidden his money and now claiming to be broke.

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  3. How can you even show your face you certainly have no shame hope those nickel guys take you for everything

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