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Do you ever wonder what strange and wonderful vehicles we’ll be driving around in the future? Well, Honda has given us a sneak-peek of the future.

The Japanese manufacturer has released photos of  two vehicles that will be making their first appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show, and “weird” and “whacky” are just two of the words that are being used to describe them.

Called the “Wander Stand” and “Wander Walker”, the two vehicles have been designed around the concept that people should “wander around freely”and “pursue the joy and freedom of mobility”.

Unfortunately the manufacturer only released the briefest of blurbs, but from the photos you can make out that the Wander Stand is a futuristic pod-type vehicle with a partial door and a two-seats.


Honda Wander_Stand_Concept

The controls are fairly minamalistic and the windshield works as a full-width head-up display.

Honda wander-stand-dash jpeg

The fact that a navigation map is being shown with message and phone icons in one of the graphics released would seems to indicate that passengers will be able to pair their smart phones to the car.

The inclusion of seat belts could also mean it is capable of road-going speeds.

The Wander Walker, below, looks more like a high-tech mobility scooter designed for those who cannot walk long distances.


Features include a wood or faux-wood trim, wrapped handles and a infotainment system.

Commentators believe the wheels can be rotated to extreme angles, which should make it easy to manoeuvre.

Speed can be controlled by twisting a handle like that of a scooter and there is an SOS button to help keep riders safe.

More will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, which will run from October 29 to November 8.

What do  you think? Can you imagine future you zipping around in one of these?

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  1. Fabulous…..we already have installed chair-lift at home but used mainly for groceries n plonk……wrists are arthritic…..can see myself on that stylish scooter on painful leg days

  2. Yes. My immobility had been wearing away at my life for the past 10 yrs. My world is far too small now.

  3. There need to be an upgrade on style and efficiency. .think how much we would save on rego, insurance, petrol and repairs if we all owned on of these

  4. These scooters give people back their independence allowing them to get around. Maybe councils will have consider scooter lanes for the future.

  5. The Wander Walker looks like the old Vespa, riding along in that, I’d feel like a 60’s teenager again, not an older lady needing mobility assistance! I could terrify all the kids on their skate boards.

    5 REPLY
  6. I’ll sign up for a wander Walker now. Don’t need it just yet but I can see me whizzing down Kiama”s bumpy footpaths in one.

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