Cars, clothes, and your next overseas trip are all set to become more expensive 21



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The Aussie dollar has fallen sharply, plummeting towards US70 cents. Cars, clothes, and your next overseas trip are all set to become more expensive.

Every cloud has a silver lining though, and the upside is that we could end up paying less for petrol.

The Australian dollar plumbed a fresh six-year low yesterday, when it reached US70.44c, as it was hit by the global share market upset. That’s the lowest it’s been since since April 2009.

How will this fall in the dollar affect you? Will you be glad to see cheaper prices at the pump or has this news put your overseas trip in jeopardy?

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  1. Our $ had certainly fallen a good long way since this Liberal Government came into power, how much lower can it go? It will only be good for toilet paper soon 🙂

  2. Explore your great country. You probably don’t need more clothes. Or a new car. Your petrol is so much cheaper than it is here in the UK.

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  3. Well with the way our $ has fallen I can’t see them making much money out of online purchases, it will cost them way more to implement than they will make back by adding the GST to it

  4. Gee Rozzy what’s the Australian government got to do with this?

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    • These words ring a bell? we are in a budget emergency, we have a crisis ? They talked the Australian economy down and as result people stopped spending and down dropped the $. Heaven help us with this latest stock market crashed because this Govenment will not stimulate the economy and we will go into recession, we are already heading that way, unemployment is the highest in 20 years

  5. I think that the hidden disaster in all this is the super funds. They have lost so much value recently with the stock markets it is frightening. We have friends who are self funded and they have lost a lot of money.

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  6. We’re only getting 43 pence to our dollar now, a trip to the UK or Europe would be very expensive at the moment …. I hope it improves by this time next year.

  7. Yes the mess left by Labor for the Government to clean up certainly has impacted on the dollar. God help us if they are ever returned to power.

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    • Mike here-timeto get over ‘the mess left by labor’. What about the Global Financial Crisis left by the previous liberal circus?

    • When John Howard was ousted we were in credit. I know it is hard to remember but it is so. Downhill with all governments since.

    • Labor was responsible for the mis-management of the response to the GFC, which had almost zero impact on Australia and the rest of Asia, apart from a credit crunch. Labor’s response was to throw $950 cheques out in the street like confetti and spend the hard earned surplus. Their only worthwhile response was to guarantee savings, but of course that was at the suggestion of Malcolm Turnbull.

  8. Yes so true I worked to 70 retired now 6 years,76 & have only used a little of my super for overseas trips fit & healthy gotta a lot of living to do yet,have travelled for many years…yes some of us have super..

  9. Overseas trips will only become more expensive, if you travel to USD-economies. Many currencies are falling, thus Indonesia, Malaysia, and New Zealand, to name a few, will remain cheap destinations for Australians.

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