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Tony Abbott might be our Prime Minister, but it seems that his backbenchers want to pull the strings and decide whether he has what it takes to continue leading the Liberal party through to the next election.

This week the PM has come under fire for his decision to knight Prince Philip in his Australia Day honours.

According to The Age, Liberal backbenchers want to discuss the “direction of the team” after the controversial knighthood.

An unnamed MP told The Age that “if the captain made as many bad picks as Mr Abbott had, you could expect the players to want to call a meeting to discuss the direction of the team”.

Apparently his party members are “deeply embarrassed” and “are turning on Tony Abbott”.

So who would take the top job if Tony Abbott were to be replaced? Some say that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was a likely choice, followed by Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbull, although whether there is an imminent challenge is not yet clear.

There are calls for Tony to start listening to the community and “change his leadership style”, said another government MP.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann told ABC Radio, “I don’t agree that there are growing concerns about the Prime Minister’s leadership…The Prime Minister has got the strong support of his party room. The Prime Minister’s done an outstanding job for Australia and as leader of the Liberal Party now for more than five years”. Do you agree?


With another ‘captain’s pick’, can Tony Abbott’s team get behind him if he pulls another fast one? Or is it time for a change up in the government? Could it cause the problems of the Labor government? Should we ride it out with Tony Abbott as PM?

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  1. tim e to depart has no idea what he is doing

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    • I wonder if he ever thinks how the people feel when he is making all these cuts and then he goes and spends $6.3 million on 9 armoured cars. Surely one would have been enough, and he could have transported it to other states in Australia via the RAAF.

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      • You are so right Pauline re the 9 armoured cars. What a blatant waste of our money to big note himself. His illusions of grandeur will hopefully be short lived. We are not a violent nation to need mirriads of submarines and new jet fighters. Every bit saved could reduce the so called national debt.

  2. Abbott has become an object of ridicule. He must go. But then perhaps so should the LNP government. By all means change the team captain but that does not necessarily fix the team’s problems. We need a new team.

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    • They have destroyed the Liberal Party brand, young kids today who will go to vote for the first time, won’t vote for them, all this rubbish with the universities and not wanting to pay under n 30’s for 6 months if they can’t find work will ensure they don’t vote Liberal

  3. I think Tony should go but they have no credible alternative. I once would have supported Malcolm Turnbull but Fraudband instead of Broadband has put me off him, Joe has no clue, the others have portrayed themselves as out of touch heartless fools. Julie is the best of a bad bunch but Australia showed itself as too immature to have a woman as PM.

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    • the cuts to the ABC that Malcolm was a party too, will be not be forgotten either, he is another one who lied to is all sad

    • No, Gillard was too immature and incompetent to be PM. Julie Bishop would be a great PM.

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      • Gillard was and is a highly efficient, competent and mature individual capable of more than holding her own.

    • I would have once supported him and on the Broadband issue, too, however, some towns are still waiting for broadband and or reliable communications which has thrown the place back to the 50’s.
      Re: Abbott: he has learned a new word, lol:
      ‘This is a very serious situation and what we have got, Neil, is, if you like, a METASTASISING terror threat…’ It certainly doesnot belong with the rest of the sentence and or para. ‘what we, if you like et al…yes, it becomes more and more ridiculous by the second.
      In short, an absolute embarrassment.

  4. I think his rescue idea is commendable as Labour has put us in deep financial shit… But the avenues he has attacked were too harsh… The elderly ,the poor, the unemployed…. I think we need deregulating and I think politicians and high ranking CEO s and managerial positions need big cuts in their wages. I think also that lurks and purks need cutting out. I also think borders have to be closed indefinitely and a lot of the scum released into our country need deporting. The cost to the tax payer is over bearing…I also think we need cuts in vehicle registration costs. Big cuts.

  5. It hurt Labour to change leaders, whilst in Govt., however, I think that Tony Abbott has become a liability, and the LNP Govt. will not be re-elected, if he stays.

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    • I think that social media will pounce on anyone who runs this country.. I sure as hell believe Labour are gunna finish us off… We can’t continue going down this destructive path. We are loosing everything, land water ,health, manufacture, housing, education… Labour is not a good alternative… So we FU.ked

    • Remember we didn’t vote for Tony – the electorate of Warringah voted him in as their representative/member. It was the party that elected Tony as PM. I agree with earlier comments – neither party has anything going for it at the moment. The Greens are useless, Palmer is a minority … who’s left?

    • LNP is already finished, the day that budget came out, was the day they signed there own death warrant in Parliament, all that backflipping over medicare and this knight and dames rubbish has finished them off..they are a joke and everyone wants Abbott to do as he promised and call a DD

    • I agree with judy I voted liberal but he is an embarrassment now but as you said we don’t need labor the greens are the biggest mistake ever and there is palmer who is left we are in big trouble all that’s left is to pray

    • Berndt, I agree with everything you say except the word think. If ABBOTT stays it’s a given LNP will be voted out.

      I did not vote for Tony Abbott because I felt blind Freddie on a galloping horse could see all of this coming. There’s something not quite right with him. That being said the LNP have done themselves further damage by sitting back allowing this to continue for no other reason than fear of emulating the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd debacle given their stance on it at the time. It was ridiculous, everyone saw that. But that is no reason to allow this country to continue to be run by a narcissistic lunatic a minute longer. They’d be better off and gain more respect from the people if they stood up, admitted they’d made a mistake in their choice of leader, apologised, elected a new leader and moved on.

      I suspect it’s not going to be too much longer before Julie Bishop takes the reigns.

      When ABBOTT goes cormann and hockey need to go with him.

    • I believe that Mr Abbott has become a liability to the Liberal Party. I also believe that Joe Hockey is not the sharpest tool in the kit. I also think that J Gillard has made it a whole lot harder for another woman to be elected. Maybe Mr Turnbull would do a better job.

    • Well, I certainly think that Rudd was a petty, vengeful individual! No argument there
      Berndt..but in my view, Julia’s whole problem was the despicable way she was treated, especially by ABBOTT!

    • I agree Valerie, she outshone any one else, if she wasnt treated so poorly and tainted by Abbott, and allowed to lead properly, Australia would be in a better place than we are now

    • Berndt, your last comment re. Gillard and the Unions is pure hokum.
      Go ahead and vote against your own interests again and put the lying, useless LNP back in and be wingeing about them 5 minutes later.
      Some people have no knowledge of history and are doomed to continually make the. Same mistakes.
      Have a look at the history of the Liberals, and you have to realise that they have NEVER done anything for Australia, yet lazy, uninformed individuals continue to vote these incompetent morons in.
      I hope you people who voted this disastrous government into office are suffering right now.
      Maybe it will teach you a lesson you really need.

    • John, you seem to forget that the best prime minister and govt. that Australia has had in recent times was John Howard. My comment about Gillard and the trade unions was not opinion – just fact.

    • Berndt: Yes, he is a liability and we will all continue to experience and realise this through daily living. However, he is taking what he can while he can. Politicians should NOT be given huge payouts and fringe benefits (car, office, secretary et al.) upon retirement and for the rest of their lives – ie be supported by tax-payers for eternity. When others leave a job they leave a job. They are not consulted walking down the street, jogging across the road and they are not interviewed for their opinions etc. Similarly, politicians, who upon their retirement leave their positions – simply vacate their positions and are no more.
      This also needs to change.
      I don’t see anyone objecting or doing anything to lighten the load of the taxpayers’ burdens that affect the entire economy and living standards of the whole country.
      I watched my grandparents struggle upon retirement at the hands of a self-interested system. A system that has only changed for the worst, not because taxpayers donot meet their responsibilities but because politicians have bitten off more than they can chew and has helped every other country and its people – but its own.
      Just look.

  6. I will always be a Liberal voter, and up to now, was supporting Tony Abbott. Now I think he is too much of a Lone Ranger. Not what the country needs right now. I would like to see Malcolm Turnbull, or Julie Bishop as leaders. I hope Tony Abbott realises what is good for Australia right now, and steps down, gracefully.

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    • He hasn’t got a chance. The damaged done by Labour is far too hard to fix in a term. The economy is far worse than we can imagine.. Anyone who still has a business are just holding on by finger nails before too much longer the nails will break for them. The taxes and government charges and the escalating greed is ludicrous. Bank rupt like other countries.

    • If Labour caused all these woes how come this godsend LNP hasn’t lifted one single finger to start ridding the Country of the real woes? They have had enough time. Because their “policies” continue to smash the worker, the taxpayer, the average struggling family etc etc while the rich just get richer (mining companies etc etc). Australia really used to be a wart off the behind of the good old USA now it is descending into the pits of the English serfdom system!!!!!!

    • I think Julie Bishop would make an excellent replacement, so why not wait until next election date , NO Joe Hockey, Malcolm Turnbull would be my alternative choice but please let us not do a Labor act and change leaders now, Tony will not be re-elected so why not wait it out? He has made some good changes and is not 100 % bad .

    • Trumbull is a multi millionaire what would he know about being on a pension the struggle to pay rent electricity food medication etc and those on low or medium incomes with kids are doing it hard . I don’t think Julie Bishop would be any good I think she would take more off those that can’t afford it . With the Libs the rich get richer and the poor get poorer but I must say I don’t like Bill Shorten he is a backstabber

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      • Turnbull is self made. He didn’t come from a rich family.

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        • Malcolm Turnbull would have more idea than most in Parliament .Had to work for what he has. Better to change leaders now than to lose another election to Labor. There is time for a new leader to show their mettle.

    • Your right jan who do we put there we really need some one who really under stands how the every day Aussie lives and how much pensioners struggles to barely to survive I use to like joe hockey but he is a bitter disappointment and Abbott is useless and bill shorten is a dick head turn all is like Rudd to rich and stuck up to care how I said about how the average person lives or understands so guess what we are buggered

    • And when has he been a back stabbed? Get real and not as stupid as that stupid Abbott. Certainly don’t want two Bishops either. Bill Shorten is not a backstabber.

    • What happened to the days when your left hand did not know what your right hand did..?
      What happened to the days when your vote like sex and other private business was not made public?
      Private domain is private domain. Public domain is public domain. While there is a grey area; a margin, private domain is not public and public isnot private.

  7. Get real you are only playing Labours game. Dirty tricks to undermine authority. Learn it all in the Uniion

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  8. Abbott haters are hoping , it’s a storm in a teacup who give a rats arse if he knighted the whole LNP front bench it’s just a media beat up , gee he punch a wall 30years ago , walks like a ape , winked at a street walker now the vicious criminal knighted Prince Philip

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    • yes he did all those things and much more..but we don’t want him anywhere other than he is as PM, he is losing the next election all by himself

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