BREAKING: Gable Tostee has been found not guilty of murder 5



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If you’ve been following the trial of Gable Tostee the 30-year-old accused of murdering his Tinder date, Warriena Wright, who fell off his 14th flood Gold Coast apartment balcony in 2014, the verdict is in.

Tostee has been found not guilty of murder or manslaughter. He is now a free man.

The jury had been deliberating for more than 12 hours since retiring to consider a verdict on Monday, October 17.

It indicated it was struggling to reach a verdict, asking several questions over three days, but were informed by Justice John Byrne that they had to persevere to reach a unanimous result.

Tostee had pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering New Zealand tourist, Wright, 26, on August 8, 2014 after she fell from his balcony in the early hours of the morning.

During the trial the court had heard that Tostee had restrained Wright before forcing her out onto the balcony and locking the door on her because she threw decorative rocks at him after the pair had engaged in drunken sex.

When the verdict was read out there were gasps heard throughout the courtroom.

Presenting himself with his lawyer after leaving the Brisbane Supreme Court, Gable Tostee had nothing to say to the media.

What do you think of this outcome?

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  1. Dear god – he could have thrown her into the corridor rather than on to the balcony – this is a grave mistake and shocking example to young people

  2. I agree,he could have forced her out the front door,not locked her out with no escape on the balcony.

  3. the right decision…he should have been charged however with false imprisonment by locking her onto the balcony. THIS he should and would have been found guilty provided he did not put her there in his own defence. no obvious INTENT to kill, merely to get her out of his hair…maybe, until she was able to control herself.

  4. This is the right and only verdic, she had only met him had sex got drunk trew things around his apartment, he had been drinking and I think if he had been sober, he would have put her out in the hall, but he didn’t and it was her decision to try and climb down, she should have just sat and sobered up silly silly girl, but sorry he does not deserve to go to jail let’s hope young kids learn by this terrible tragedy

  5. Wrong message to send out to some of our youth of today ,as it seems some show little respect for the females now a days pity ,

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