Blame the baby boomers: We’re the most selfish generation in history and we’ve been given a free ride 518



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Yep, forget about us raising our family on next to nothing, or even how we lived through wars – we’re selfish.

Blame the world’s problems on us, because it’s our fault!

Let’s explain. Australian’s former Human Rights Commission Chris Sidoti said that the country’s social problems were caused by baby boomers, back in 1999. And now he’s reiterating his point and saying he still believes it to this day.

Strangely, Mr Sidoti has said this about his own generation, but nevertheless he strongly believes that we “refused to pay [our] share of tax”, have been given a “free ride” through tertiary education and are guilty of imposing enormous debt burdens on those who came after us.

“I don’t think there’s been a generation like this that has been so unwilling to pay a fair share of taxation to ensure everyone in the community the support that’s required and the services that are needed,” he told The Daily Telegraph in 1999, acknowledging that he himself was a baby boomer.

“We are now the people who are in positions of influence with the media, government, business and most walks of life, and it we are to say there are people in Australia who aren’t doing well, I think we have to look at ourselves as the people who are responsible for that.

“Young people are entering the workforce debt-ridden”.

Fast forward 16 years and he says, while things have changed in that time, “I stand by my views about the stinginess of my generation”, he told News Corp.

But if we were given a free ride many years ago, we are definitely suffering now. We’re living longer and the government can hardly handle it. We have our kids staying at home longer than ever before, and to top it all off, our pension barely covers our daily costs, and is below the bread line. We’d love to be self-sufficient but so many Australian seniors didn’t have superannuation saved to fund their retirement – and if they did, it may not have been enough.

“Baby boomers are caring for their parents who are living longer. At the same time, childcare needs are greater so we’re being called upon to look after the grandkids, too. Meanwhile, we’re also having to work longer.

“This generation that didn’t pay its way is now being squeezed by longer (working) responsibilities, increased responsibilities for frail parents and increased responsibilities for grandchildren”.

“They’re hard done by. As I said 15 years ago, the generations after us are graduating with enormous debt burdens and prospects are bleak. Couple that with increasing housing prices and you’ve got a real problem.

“The pressures on (generation X), and even more on the one after that, are even greater than they were 15 years ago.

“I see among the GenY and the Millennials enormous levels of idealism and community engagement but they’re under high pressure and it’s difficult if not almost impossible for them to come near to the expectations placed upon them.”

And social researcher Mark McCrindle defended us, saying we were lucky to be raised in good economic times, when an average house was three times less expensive than today.

“They inherited the times and they benefited from the times. It wasn’t their fault,” he said.

“If we look at what they’re doing now, they’re not selling off empty homes and living in luxury, they’re letting kids stay at home longer, lending their cars. In a sense, they’re taking on the cost of living for their children. The baby boomers have been more supportive of their children’s generation than their parents were of them”.



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  1. I totally disagree. We were the generation who worked from the time we left school to the time we retired and got no Govt. handouts or child care subsidies, etc. Paid taxes all of our working life. If we couldn’t afford something we went without. This makes my blood boil!!!!

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    • Mine too Margaret. I am not sure if it is a media beat up or these people actually have the hide to say these terrible things about us Baby Boomers. I am sick of it though.

    • All I can say is we were the working poor barely making our money last the fortnight we never owned a house till a couple of years ago and my hubby had to work two jobs as I couldnt go out to work untill the children were at school so all I have to say to you is we did it b!@#dy tight and as far as paying the price yes we do tend to have our children at home longer for when things go wrong we are always there for them like we have always been there for them.

    • I agree. I had a loan out for a car & was paying 25% interest. I worked from the time I left school until I had kids then went back to work. No super or handouts for me then. If we couldn’t afford to pay cash we went without ( exception being car & morgage)We had sheets up on the windows for curtains

    • Leave the baby boomers alone they worked hard and didn’t get anything for nothing not like the ones that now live on the dole

    • Totally agree Margret,we learnt to crawl before we walked went without until you could pay cash for it,settled for second best,if you couldn’t afford it you went without,appreciated everything,took pride in achieving a payment plan,life was tough back then but we were happy,jobs were a plenty,after school one would walk the streets asking each employer for a job(foot slogging )then have the dilemma of deciding out of five or six which one to take,nah the baby boomers were the last of the simple life generation,now they want it all before they begin making no sacrifices,I’ve had my say now.

    • agree totally with you Margaret!!…I worked from the time I was 15…only stopped to have children and my hubby worked to support us …I went and got a fulll time job when my second born was two and just out nappies…worked full time ever since (now retired am 65)….we never got child endourment or austudy etc for them we earned about $50 more than the limit….did everything the way your supposed to..and paid lots of tax!!…I also remember …I remember my mother.s neighbour said to me “you and hubby have such an old bomb car compared to your siblings”..yes we did…we saved the deposit for a home by going without a lot (but our kids sure didn’t)….

    • So of Us started work at 13
      Where did this Monkey Crawl out of.
      Crawl back in that black Hole.

      Another over Paid Idiot.

    • Couldn’t agree more Margaret! We worked hard, paid MORE than our fair share of taxes and sent our husbands and sons to war so this pr*ck can say what he likes without penalty.

    • Makes my blood boil too, and the fact he even referred to our own parents generation as well. They and us were hard working and supportive of others, but WE’RE TO BLAME???

    • Makes my blood BOIL too!!!!! What is it with these human rights people? 10cents short of the dollar or not a full quid.

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      • Totally agree, although I think you have overstated their worth should be more like 10 cents in the dollar but with their hand-outs, such as first home grant, supported child care, extended paid leave etc., they end up with benefits well in excess of the dollar. Don’t forget we had two weeks annual paid leave non (pro rata), three days paid sick leave (with certificate), five and one half days work from 8am to 5pm weekdays, at which time most of us went to second casual jobs so we could actually afford to buy things like a cheap secondhand car and we still involved ourselves in the community activities and we faced National Service but could not vote or borrow for that car until we were 21. Surely then we truly must be the spiteful generation and obviously we are to blame for the current mismanagement and inability to plan or build for the future because we cared too much, provided too well and gave too much to the following generations who now seem only capable of thinking in money terms and what is in it for them alone

    • I so agree Margaret. There was no going to university if you couldn’t afford it. We battled and went without

  2. What BS. No handouts for our generation. No super either (unless a public servant), which means we have the privilege of working until we drop.

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    • I was a public servant after I left school and there was no super then. The first time I got super was in 1985 when I started work in the public school system.

    • Most CPS employees (and I had been one) got superannuation. I was denied it for reasons they would never explain. Never got super until it was introduced by the Hawke/Keating government in the early ’90s.

    • No. It wasn’t available to many employees at all. I don’t have much super put away but I’d have nothing at all if the current mob had their way.

  3. Just blame the Boomers, the Government does , our big fault is still being alive, they would all be happier if we were dead

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    • I agree with Rozzy’s comment ! Yes I started work at 15 & worked night shift in between having babies & ALWAYS paid tax & no super .

  4. Started working in part time jobs at 14. Worked full time ALL my life even while raising a family. We lived in the worst house in a good street and started with all most No furniture and what we had was second hand given to us by our relatives. Not a cent was given for child care costs. We weren’t given a lump sum from the government when I had my babies nor did I expect one. We didn’t even qualify for what they used to call child endowment because we were both working. We never had a credit card and we didn’t buy things unless we had the cash….even new cars.

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    • Touchè Jenny! Straight to the point! I worked along the chook assembly lines at Steggles (Beresfield, NSW), shift work raising 2 kids then. Husband left me when I had cancer, roller coaster and muddled through life, yet eventually I graduated a Diploma in Govt Finance Mgt despite being a sole parent. To hear this makes me angry too!

    • What a silly old fool, what planet did he emerge from? No idea at all. I would like to see him working the heavy jobs i have had, even after having hip replcemens.

    • And even if you did get child endowment it was a BIG 50 cents a week. WOW what we could do with that.

  5. I agree with you Margaret Ross, my grand kids to me are the most selfish generation. That is probably our fault. I paid my taxes, I only had child endourment, I worked even though I had 4 kids at home. I built 2 houses. We either lay byed things or we went without. We skimped and scraped for everything. We were I believe the happiest of the 3 generations. I guess they have to blame someone.

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    • So many people put things on layby and those people probably have better budgeting strategies than anyone. My sister in- law introduced me to it and she was a fantastic housekeeper, Mum and mother. She could knit, crochet and sew and her husband worked two jobs. I asked her advice on many things.

    • Didn’t we have great kids too then?? Remember how the neighbours knew everything and we made sure our kids were well behaved and weren’t scared to give them a whack when they stepped out of line. You would never dare be picked up by the Police! We had discipline at school and kids knew how to toe the line until Spock came and Oh Shit!, That was the end of discipline for some. I figured if he wasn’t paying the bills he wasn’t having a say!!

    • Judith and Jan,I still have my Rockmans layby card in operation today from 1963 when I started my first job to buy my clothes for work,the credit value has stayed the same at 100dollars,the staff tell me to keep it valid as they themselves have tried to get one but they are no longer available but mine remains valid,just a little snippet for you girls.

  6. Hummm, we didnt get the dole! we didnt have paid parental leave! we didnt have all those handouts from centre link cause we ‘couldnt/wouldnt/amtoolazy’ crybaby generation had…we got up after having babies, fed the animals the kids dropped the kids to school and went and worked where ever we could get work…we budgeted real hard…we didnt have the money to waste…we didnt think ‘oh I deserve to have extra benifits from the tax payer’ ….we did not expect others to suport us through government handouts at all, WE PAID OUR TAXES…WE PAID OUR HOUSE OFF, WE SAVED BEST WE COULD, we gave the next generation a head start that we did not have…ungreatful lot some of them…this fool making clouds to pour shit on us should shut its mouth. You irritate me Mr Fool.

  7. We need a better class of Human Rights Commissioners, they don’t seem to understand what human rights are. We payed taxes and lived within the law, now we are being blamed for it. Without the Boomers this country would not be the Great country that it is.

  8. Yes, to a certain degree, we did get a lot virtually free, or nearly. We claimed most things off our tax ,everyone was waiting for their Tax return to buy a big item.

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    • I paid for my children, my wife an I had no handouts, I agree with Julia you must have immigrated here late in life

    • We never waited on our tax returns to buy big items ….. we didn’t get that much back, maybe because we didn’t cheat in our returns ! We always had to wait and save for what we needed.

  9. Really??? I remember 17% interest rates…NO paid parental leave, NO maternity leave..almost NON existance child endowment, NO baby bonus or monetary assistance AT ALL when having my children..NO subsidised child care…IS HE kidding??

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  10. Started working when I was sixteen. Still working at 68. Have paid my taxes and more the whole time. Maybe mr sidoti was overpaid and under worked! !!

  11. Well maybe HE hasn’t!!!! Certainly the billionaire tax avoiders aren’t but I think a lot of them are fairly young. Just another attempt to divide the community!

  12. This blame game directed at us never ends. And what do they hope to achieve? All it creates is hostility and angst. We won’t lay down and die so what is their next move? to euthanase us?

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