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Here on Starts at 60 we read many comments about Tony Abbott’s performance, but it does lead us to one important question – if Tony Abbott wasn’t our PM, who would be?

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has a decent but not great approval rating and it could boil down to the fact that we don’t know what his agenda is. It’s common knowledge that Australian politics often consist of a lot of mud slinging instead of real conversations about what each party can provide us.

Yesterday, a call was made by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton for Bill Shorten to inform Australians of Labor’s position on asylum seekers and boat people.

“Bill Shorten demonstrated his complete inexperience when it comes to border protection and national security issues over recent days”, said Mr Dutton, implying that he thinks Mr Shorten’s recent response to the Manus Island protests was irresponsible.

In the press release from Mr Dutton, he also said that Mr Shorten’s calls for information to be released at sensitive times when operations were underway to end the protests were dangerous.

Mr Dutton said, “Mr Shorten must give a direct answer to a simple question. Does he support stopping the boats or is he another Kevin Rudd who will throw open the floodgates at the border?”

Tony Abbott was criticised but also praised by some for his hard line on asylum seekers who arrived by boat. One of his first jobs as PM was to turn back the boats and disallow anyone found from settling in Australia, instead being sent to detention in Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Recent protests by detainees brought up the issue of border protection – so is it high time the Opposition Leader proposed a different plan?

Bill Shorten has remained tight-lipped on whether he supports the Liberal government’s tough measures or if he’d scrap it should he become PM in 2016.

It also comes down to what we Australians want in a PM and what our own views are. Do we show understanding to those who enter illegally via our waters and settle them here in Australia? Or do we either turn them around or process them for a life in Papua New Guinea? Do we take a humanitarian approach or is it more complicated than that?

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  1. Shorten does not to to tell anyone anything for now, NO opposition reveals it’s policies this early in the election cycle. What I feel they need to be doing is making that policy now and testing it as they best they can before they become elected. And he wants to make sure that what he promises before the election becomes fact after. We don’t need anymore lies..

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    • Labor do not want to reveal their policy to help in the conversation NOW BEFORE the election because either:
      (1) They don’t have any or
      (2) They think it is better for their election agenda.
      But wait, they want the security plan of the country to be revealed?
      How many illegal refugees who entered Australia that have become Australia’s national security threats? How many “refugees” have become parents of terrorists who have been radicalized and gone overseas to fight WITH IS? Are Australians crazy and have lost common sense? #justwalkboys #noshariainaustralia

    • You need to go and do some research..No opposition be it Liberal or Labor will tell you there policies this far out from an long have you lived and voted in Australia? You should be aware of that and The Terrorist in Sydney was settled here when JohN Howard was PM

    • How many Aracell. It’s easy to throw that out there, but if you know so much. Give us the numbers and give the federal police the names. Plenty of refugees settled here were done so under the Howard liberal government. Not every single refugee was settled under labor.

    • Man Horan Monis came to Australia when Howard was PM, he came in the front door, he wasn’t a boat person, Howard was stopping the boats but bringing Muslims here legally by plane !!

    • OF coarse he does!!! or what the hell do we know what we are voting for ??? Duh !!! We need transparency, what has happened in the past obviously does not work

    • well they could always lie to us like The Liberal Party did Patrick Johnson but I think after seeing the distrust and hatred The LNP has got that they will take a more measure approach

    • don’t tell such lies Patrick would not be voting for the ALP anyway your a feral old Liberal voter..toddle off

    • Patrick is not right.. go do some research Jana and try the English version.. Bindy is right about Patrick and won’t matter what Policies Labor has you won’t be voting for them, so why would you bother even knowing !!!!

    • on Melbourne radio is a Liberal supporter realling telling Abbott off, he said he doesn’t like Abbott and Abbott is handing the keys to the lodge to the ALP.

    • Show me a politician that doesn’t tell “white lies” & will show you a “pig that flies”, maybe! Am a-political & votes for a candidate with “policies” for the good of all citizens; lists the pros & cons of each policy announced, then cast my vote. After winning office, found most “promises” broken, then come next election that candidate & his/her party will be off my list. The prospects for employment comes from the private sector & small businesses, and the country doesn’t need an ever burgeoning “public sector” top jobs that are mostly unproductive (paper shufflers, i call them); excluding those @ the coal face: nurses, teachers, doctors, police, firefighters, medicare/Centrelink staff, to name a few. We don’t need anymore commissions established (quangos) for they’re costly, as the “coffers” isn’t a bottomless pit!

  2. The situation with that poor people on Manus is heartbreaking to watch, I hope the ALP acts with more humanity than this Gestapo like way it is being run now

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    • they were not being killed there under Rudd.. never forget Reza Bearti and the other that were maimed there..lost eyes ect..under this Liberal Government

    • We will never really know the truth of those incidents because we weren’t there. Given the tantrums thrown by so many moslem males in the past, I tend not to believe how they are so ” poorly done by.”

    • SHANA BILLY: Their injuries are self inflicted to try to force the government to let them into our country ! How is the Liberal government to blame for their injuries and how did the Liberal government kill them ? Please explain your comment and justify them !

    • your an ignorant man Bryan L Abrahams.. ever heard of Reza Beratti..the Liberal Government put him in detention..they had a duty of care

  3. Regardless of whether or not these poor people are admitted to Australia it is a national shame that we put them in concentration camps, and even return them to torturers!

  4. I still get shocked when I turn on the news and see the appalling situation in our concentration camps, I can’t believe it is Australian detention we are talking about, it is cruel and inhuman and we are given no information much at all

  5. Our detention camps are deplorable and shame us as a nation. Whatever happened to giving every one a “fair go”, or does that stop at our borders? There has to be a better and quicker way to process and deal with those who risk everything to come to us for help!

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    • What about those who enter in the front gate? Terrorists also risk everything including their own lives to enter Australia to kill, hate and install sharia law? Remember Martin Place seige in Sydney? Only two people died. He was not a lone wolf. Was he an illegal refugee or not when he first entered Australia? Who else are in the refugee camp that we could release and become citizen to die as terrorist? Well just asking… #justwalkboys #noshariainaustralia

    • And they are the ones we should be worried about! Terrorists aren’t risking their lives to get here, they come via the “front gate” with all the “right” paperwork (could be false) to make sure they get in to achieve their aims.

    • They have their papers when they enter other countries on their way to ours. They choose to dump those papers overboard before they arrive in our waters. Therefore THEY slow down the process of identification. They pay big money to get here via the back door. Economic refugees. Queue jumpers. Get in line and come via the front door like the others and you’ll be welcome. Logic

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      • I am amused at people calling them concentration camps and prisons. They even have mobile phones to contact outside. Who provides those and maintains them ? They have access to computers and are well fed and I am sure dressed if need be, as many would only have minimal when they arrive. They knew the situation
        before they bribed people to come here. The vast majority are single, experienced men trying to hold us to ransom with their behaviour. This country needs families to come here and they should be given priority but not as boat people.

    • I take it you have personally seen every detention centre in Australia and off shore to make such a statement…..yes or no???

    • Actually terrorist do risk their lives, they use anyone and any means, a friend of mine who works at these detention centers has said that these people are better taken care of then our own people, they are promised everything by the smugglers and told to cause trouble, she said just the violence among themselves daily makes you wonder if they should be allowed to walk our streets and their hygiene is non existence some are serious criminals, and all have broken the law, very few are fleeing horror, but the assessments by government take a long time due to the lies and you would want to make sure they let safe people in, many say they are under age to gey preferences now bone tests are done, and guess what add at least 10 years mostly men. becareful what u wish for, I am all for helping but I want to know that the person is not here to use and abuse my country and people

    • They need to process them quickly and get them onto a place that wants them..they have committed no crimes..even without papers DNA testing can tell where they are from and things like bone marrow can even tell you the diet they had before they came here

    • As for fair go …. what about the ones that are here to whom we gave a fair go? Some are plotting to kill us so I am all for detaining them until they are correctly investigated.

    • No I haven’t and I didn’t go to the Nazi concentration camps either! I don’t have to personally visit them to research them.

  6. Well done Peter Dutton definitely not desperate enough to vote for Bill Shorten that is for sure

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    • Dutton has been in the job for a few minutes and look what is happening, he is as bad as The Grim reaper Scott Morrison…Dutton was voted ..worst health minister the AMA they put him in charge of these poor peoples lives..and look at the result

    • Rather ironic that Dutton and his lot voted against the ‘Malaysian solution’ because the refugees wouldn’t be safe there.

    • And your point? Malaysia is not part of the refugee convention. These people on Manus are trying to blackmail our Minister so they can come to Australia the land of welfare and free health care. Of course they don’t want to be re-settled inPNG no welfare there.

    • The Malaysian solution would have been better. Both sides have to stop voting against everything the other side proposes. Just stupid and childish.

    • The Malaysian solution would be much better than people being murdered and maimed in our Prison camps

    • I feel that if people leave their own country and come to Australia for safety reasons, then they should be glad to be on safe ground regardless of where any Australian government puts them whilst being processed. It naturally takes time, too long sometimes, but better than being back in their own country and risking torture or death. It is a difficult all round for any government.

    • Christa Caldecott, I agree with you completely and that’s why I’ve always maintained that they are not genuine refugees. If you are genuine you would go to the first safe haven, not try to get to the land of milk and honey!!!

  7. How do we know whats really going on with the boats when this government refuses to tell us anything but lies

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    • The current government is not perfect but people voted them and they should do their job. If Labor wants the job what would they propose to help? Maybe they will install sharia law? #justwalkboys #noshariainasustralia

    • The current government were voted in on lies. While in opposition they refused to pass anything and wonder why the people dont trust them. As for your vomment on sharia law how do you know that this government wont introduce it. They will only lie if you ask them.

    • I find it extraordinary that someone with your name would be wanting to deprived others entry into Australia Araceli, there was a time when did not want you here, times have changed thank heavens, and we want these people treated humanly

    • He was well known in the media for saying no no no no . I cant believe that people still get sucked in by him.

    • What lies. They stopped the boats…..that was the objective……they are processing off shore……you are obviously in some bubble as there has been numerous calls and preaching to end democracy and install sharia here…..I don’t want that for my grandchildren Do You?

    • His followeres will always believe the best of him. Scare mongering about a radical branch of a religion does not make for good politics. Keep religion out of it.

    • Labor didn’t tell us anything either , so why do you keep referring to THIS GOVERNMENT DOES NOT TELL US ANYTHING ! what did Labor tell us ?? Actually what did they do ? That wasn’t bungled ? Or anything for that matter .

    • Kathy green , you need to educate yourself ! That comment is so ridiculous , that it would be hard to take you seriously

    • Must be hard for you Carolyn if you think this government is so wonderful. Do you agree with hitting the poorest people to help out the wealthy and change the education system so only the well off can get an education.

  8. Peter Dutton is vicariously libel for the deaths and the misery that has been suffered by inmates on Manus Island. And therefore, he should be charged for these crimes.

    14 REPLY
    • Did Rudd get charged for the lives that were lost at sea
      U have a poor and one sided view Ruth

    • Those lives lost at sea were due to nature and faulty boats, these people on Manus have been killed while under our protection

    • Labour changed the policy of the Libs. 50,000 came in by boat because of Labour causing the deaths of 2,000 people. Shame on Labour and all that vote for labour. Still sucking on social welfare.

    • What rubbish , good grief people can be stupid ! Good one Ruthie ! These people destroy their indentification and pay large sums of money to people smugglers , that’s planned . They by pass the nearest safe ports to get to Australia . Why ? Because we treat them like kings , give them money get them jobs , let their way of life take over to be more portent than
      ours . Do tell me ! Are we certain that these ILLEGAL. Boat people are not terrorists in disguise ? what were they before they paid to come here illegally , ( yes ! Illegally ) because a true refugee would go to the nearest safe port . Not by pass several countries to get to one in particular . So if they are violent while in camps why would you even consider letting them in . Let’s not forget to mention that they could be bringing in diseases if they are the little people with no money no food no health care living in dreadful conditions , then they may have serious health issues right ?
      If people ( do gooders ) are not happy with these arrangements , why don’t they house these people in THEIR HOMES while they wait ! And YOU will be held accountable for their actions at this time ! Good idea ? I think so ( hope they don’t murder anyone while you have them ). Good luck

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      • Yes, why do not the do gooders house these people in their own homes ? I have three people of different nationalities in my own home but they all came in the right way. It frustrates me to see our own homeless people unable to get houses, while people are running after these people who bribed their way in. They say “We have to help them”. Okay, offer to take these people in your own homes and give them a start. Leave the public housing here to our own Australian poor. It is they who are are being penalised by available housing being given away and also the jobs they desperately need. Because of language problems, most refugees would be competing for non skilled jobs against our struggling people. I don’t think these people would be advocating for these people to come here. It is mostly well heeled people who would not know what it is like to be at the bottom of the heap.

    • Well said Carolyn, these are the thoughts of our older generation who are also very wise and don’t look at everything politically or through rose tinted glasses !!!

    • I’m with you Carolyn, why do they destroy any identification!! It takes a lot of investigating to find out who they really are, that’s why they remain in detention, maybe if they had gone about it in the correct manor, and went about it the correct way maybe they would be settled in Australia by now instead of jumping the queue. Protesting and stitching their lips together won’t get them anywhere.

    • Ladies & gentlemen, there is no point slagging one another off. As an Australian currently in the UK you need to all look at the facts and basically control immigration to ensure the vast majority of “economic” migrants are kept out especially if they are coming from Muslim countries. Here, over 90% throw away their passports and then lie about where they have come from. They are NOT genuine asylum seekers in most cases” but they are well taught what they can claim before they get here to enable them to bleed the benefits system. I’m not saying they are all like that, but unfortunately the majority are. Once they’re here they then attempt to get their big families in and the majority do not assimilate at all and create large ghetto’s where ever they live. Recently an entire WW2 cemetery in Libya was decimated and every stone was destroyed by hundreds of Muslim extremists and every cross smashed. These were Commonwealth & British soldiers who died fighting against Hitler. It’s ok for so called moderates to keep saying they are extremists, but this is happening everywhere now on a daily basis. They all complain about a few cartoons, but when they destroy an entire cemetery that’s ok is it? Remember also that according to the Muslim Hadiths & the Qur’an their founder had numerous wives aged less than 12 yrs old and that his favourite wife Ayesha he married at age 6 and consummated the marriage at age 9. These people revere this cult formed by a rapist, murderer and a paedophile!!!! If you don’t believe me look it up in history books!!! http:/embed/RtgbvotqVFE?rel=0 Everyone else assimilates here. I have mates here who are Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Atheist, Christian and from many different countries, and just because they disagree with you they don’t try and kill you!!! Whoever is in government has to control the immigration, so that you get decent people who will work, follow the ethics of Australia and not abuse our systems & laws. Also they should definitely NOT try and impose their cult on the rest of us. Halal certification for one!!! Jewish people have never imposed “Kosher” on anyone else, so what right have Muslims got to tell us to????

  9. I remember when the refugees from Vietnam came by boat to Australia and New Zealand in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In those days Australians showed some humanitarianism to these people. As for the current crop of “illegal immigrants” who, if they can afford the huge costs people smugglers charge, they must be first and foremost recognised as economic refugees and as such, should really hold little fear for their own lives if sent back home. Such an argument is a nonsense. much more could be done to encourage intermediate countries whose borders they cross, you must cross many countries from Iran or Iraq to get to Australia, to halt this flow and channel these people into the right and accepted path of immigration to Australia.

  10. Bill Shorten need only say as much about his police as the two immigration ministers, Tony Abbott and the rest of this lame government tell us about anything. The government needs to be accountable to the public, NOT the opposition. Minister, you are a wanker.

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