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Australia has had many interesting Prime Ministers – some great, some not so great. However each year The Australian conducts a poll measuring who we, the people, believe has been the best.

As The New Daily reports, John Howard has been named as Australia’s best Prime Minister for the second year in a row, beating other popular Prime Ministers including Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke.

John Howard was in office representing the Liberal Party from 1996 to 2007. Although last year he held 39 per cent of the vote this year that dropped slightly to 34 per cent.

The other rankings were interesting with Bob Hawke ranked second, Gough Whitlam in third and our current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott received just 2 per cemt of the vote.

So today let’s talk – not bag people out, not be rude to others and not argue about a difference of opinions. But let’s share our own thoughts…

Tell us, who do you think was the best Prime Minister in Australia’s history? 
Share your thoughts in the comments below…


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  1. Big fan of Kevin Rudd.

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  2. You will never get a better Prime Minister than John Howard! Still has more brains, integrity and compassion than all the others put together!!

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    • His ‘brains’ were kept for lying… such as in the children overboard that never happened, but the gullible Australian voters believed him and he got another undeserved term in office before eventually losing his seat.

    • Oh Yeah??? “”” The GST is DEAD Buried and CREMATED,The people have spoken loud and clear”””‘?????And you weep crocodile tears about the carbon tax that would have seen the economy in surplus already. Real integrity there Christine,NOT!!!

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      • Howard went to an election with the G.S.T saying he would bring in GST and he WON a mandate to do so

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        • Actually Howard was asked if he would bring GST in and his reply was, and I quote “Not while I lead the Govt.”. Soon as he got in he introduced GST and gave all those with $1000 in the bank another $1000 tailing down to $1 to make up for GST and self funded retirees got $3000, far less that what the voters got for the carbon tax adjustment under Julia Gillard.

    • This is your opinion only of course! I don’t think it is a good idea to bring up lying Prime Ministers! We have been through that with the last lot!!!!!!!!

    • took our nation back to the 20th century and responsible for the shambles of corrupt and incompetent government we now have in this country making us the shame of the civilized world!

    • Incompetence was all with the last fools, I’m afraid! That’s why we are in the hole we have to drag ourselves out of now!

    • The hole we have to drag ourselves out of is the countries debt doubling with the incompetent jibbering fools that are in there now. The debt has gone up double to what the Labour Party had it, and what have they done?????? NOTHING. Abbott, Bishop, Pyne and Hockey couldn’t run a chook raffle. Get rid of them in Federal and State before we end up as a 3rd world country.

    • Sorry Peter !! 1) Stopped the boats-saving probably billions——2) signed trade deals with 3 countries——3)canned the unnecessary carbon tax——4) Now has the competent Scott Morrison onto the Centrelink rorts that were put in place by the last fools which will recoup billions more. Not a bad record so far. Everything else he has tried to put forward has been vetoed by the incompetent foolhardy lefties who seem to come out with no policies or strategies on what they will do. They just keep denying .

    • I think you’ll find Christine, that the cost of keeping asylum seekers offshore is running into the billions and will continue to do so. So much for saving billions. Some of the trade deals signed are detrimental to Australians in that they can sue our government if they feel any government decision impacts on their profitability. The carbon tax actually REDUCED the amount of pollution going into the atmosphere. Personally, Scott Morrison doesn’t inspire me with any confidence, I find him mean spirited in the extreme which is strange for a professed Christian. “Lefties”? I suppose you are talking about the cross benches and the Greens as well as Labor? We all have our opinions, which of course, we are entitled to. Cheers.

    • Cheers back at you! As I said this is a democracy and that’s why we can all put forward our opinions. It just depends what you want to believe???????

    • Christine ..
      Howard sold $71.8 billion of our assets, he ignored infrastructure , paid benefits to the middle class. Got us into a war based on a lie. As an ex PM he is the most expensive.

      $450,000 office refit in 2008/09 to his swanky digs in Sydney’s MLC building, which already costs nearly $14,000 a month to rent.

      John Howard was the top spending ex-PM with $319,000 in expenses over 2012-13.

      Spent $100K on limos in seven months.

  3. firstly The Australian is a Murdoch rag and most people who buy it are Liberal voters, secondly I don’t trust there polls, if they ring a Liberal electorate they will say Howard. They also conduct Newspoll and when you look at the Morgan Poll and Essential Poll they tell a whole different story. Howard lost not only the Primeministers job, he lost his own seat. He was so popular thousands got on the streets and marched about workchoices..The best PM in my opinion was Hawkie

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    • If I see something written in a Murdoch paper I immediately have to check with a least one non Murdoch news source before I give it any credibility.

    • Hawk was a larrikin,and while he was in interest rates were up to 17 % how would the home buyers like that , in this era , they wouldn’t know what struck them , he had charisma but nothing else!

    • Depends on what you call a best PM! I remember talking to Bob Menzies at a Highland gathering when I was a kid as I was wearing a Gordon kilt & also have had chats in a beach with Malcom Fraser! I also knew Gough and when he became PM he gave up his Cabramatta roots! All were good orators and all did a great job in office against great odds! Some of the earlier PMs were good and we tend to only think of current history but nearly every PM gave up a great deal to serve their country in what they thought was the best way! I can’t say one over the other, but we have to look at all PM,’s and say thanks!

    • I agree Kevin..the truth is I have a great affection for many older PM’s but Howard was not one.. I gave up my wages to march against work choices and so did millions of other Australians.. I named one because they asked for one but the truth is there are many

  4. John Howard got Australia in the black and a good bloke as well

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    • He wasted the income from the boom times when he was PM. Many of Australia’s problems now go back to the economic choices made during his time as PM. No foresight as the boom times were always going to end.

    • Mike. You OBVIOUSLY forgot 3 smallish items about the ‘GREAT”??? john howard. Gave us the GST ,which he said was Dead ,Buried and Cremated?? Sold Telstra AND sold 3/4 of our gold reserve whenit was about $300 an ounce.” I” could have done THAT!!!And NEVER forget,When the great Kin Beazley was set to sweep to office,the TAMPA sailed in and turned us into the biggest racist nation on the planet,lead by the “Greatest”???? PM in history according to the UnAustralian.

    • He sold the farm and gave the proceeds back to the people so they could buy billions of dollars worth of consumer products imported from China and Korea. Good bloke maybe but strategic thinker? No way.

    • What are you on? 40 dead soldiers for nothing, and we are still there ! You clearly don’t care about anything but money. Meanwhile Howard and the family unit are flourishing in wealth in Sydney. 40 men who will never get a chance of that. Never bounce their grandchildren on their knee. All because Howard sucked on the tit of GWB.

    • he lied about the children overboard to get elected, had values out of the 50s – when I was just born – and took our country back to racism and prejudice – against everything I believe in strongly!

    • But JH was at least true to the values of his era – the 50’s – and looks like a saint cf the current incumbent!

    • Howard sold $71.8 billion of our assets, he ignored infrastructure , paid benefits to the middle class. Got us into a war based on a lie. As an ex PM he is the most expensive.

      $450,000 office refit in 2008/09 to his swanky digs in Sydney’s MLC building, which already costs nearly $14,000 a month to rent.

      John Howard was the top spending ex-PM with $319,000 in expenses over 2012-13.

      Spent $100K on limos in seven months.

    • No need for nastiness you were only asked who was YOUR favourite, so everyone can say who they liked, you were not asked if you agreed or not, so no need for nasty comments please.

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